My first sexperience

I am presently 21 years old. I am 5″9′ and got a cock 6 inch long and fairly thick as well. This incident happened when I was in the 12th class I knew a bit about sex and like any other young guy, was desperate to experience some fun. So, as It goes It was my summer vacations in school. So, I had gone to my maternal uncles place to spend some time with his family. It was me and my mother out there, with my uncle, my aunt, my three cousins and my grandparents. Now, as the house was not pretty big, so I had to sleep with my uncle in the drawing room. I had already slept on the single bed and my uncle was going to sleep on the couch but my mother told him that It may cause backache to him so he should instead sleep with me on the bed. I agreed and shifted to the edge of the bed after a lot of persuasion my uncle agreed. We slept at around 10.30pm and the lights of the whole house were out by 11.00. Now, back at my place I had a habit of sleeping while hugging my pillow sometimes so in that same way I hugged my uncle and slept but unluckily or I’d rather say luckily, my uncle took it for something else. I had one of my hands on his belly and a leg on his legs and my limp cock was touching his thighs. After around 15 minutes I sensed some movement in my uncle he was rubbing his thighs on my cock. I didn’t move, just to check what he was up to but soon his speed increased and after 15 more minutes of this rubbing he turned to face me and so I sensed his hands entering my shorts. By now my cock was erect and he caught hold of it. He was sizing my cock from to bottom. After he was done doing that, he took his hands out my shorts pulled them down and kissed and licked my dick. I still wasnt moving and was pretending that I am sound asleep. But, just when I was enjoying all this a lot, he stopped. put my shorts back on and went to some other room. He came back after about 10 minutes and slept with his back facing me. As I was enjoying all this a lot, I that I should rekindle the fire in him, so I put my hand back on him and was hugging him from behind. My palm was positioned on his lower abdomen and my cock was lurking around his ass crack. 10 minutes passed this way then uncle stirred a bit and shifted my hand from his abdomen to his cock. It was erect and I cud feel It from the top of his lunge. I pretended that I was asleep but still I held on to the length of his cock and was giving it very slow squeezes. Soon, uncle understood what I was doing and he took off his underwear from inside his lunge and put my hand on his naked cock inside his lunge.

With his other hand, he was caressing my cock and after about 20 minutes of this hand job, he suddenly turned around and asked me “masti karni hai kuch? (You want to have some fun?)”. Now as I was a bit shy then, I didnt say anything’s just nodded my head in approval. He smiled at me and pulled down my shorts completely. Now both of us had our cocks out and suddenly he climbed on top of me and started smooch me. I had decided to make him equally happy, so I smooch him back. We did this for 5 minutes after which he stated to move downwards towards my cock kissing everything that came in the way. Soon, he was sucking my cock which I was enjoying like hell. He did this for 10 more minutes after which he scooted around and we were in 69 position. Now, I was reluctant to do this I simply kissed his pubic area and his testicles but sucking his cock wasnt something I was ready to do. But apparently, my uncle was determined to enjoy that night so he forced his cock into my mouth at first I did nothing but soon I got into the mood of sucking his cock We did this mouth fucking session for some 25 minutes after which he took his cock out of my mouth and went between my legs and put my legs on top of his shoulders’ had no idea as to what he was doing but soon I sensed something wet near my asshole. He was licking my asshole and I would say he was doing It with a lot of expertise. He was literally tongue fucking me.

He made my hole all wet and slippery and most of all a lot wider. After that he left the room for a while after which he came back with a box of petroleum jelly. Now i knew where it was going. I said “no uncle not this please “But he said” just try it once i promise, youll enjoy” But i retorted back “i can’t do it no!” and started to pull up my shorts but he was determined and took them completely off. He told me that he would tell my mom anything about me and she would definitely believe him. So, i had to give in to him and i agreed. He applied some jelly on his fingers and inserted those fingers deep into my hole though it was a bit painful, i was enjoying it. He lubricated my hole properly and then applied some lube on his cock. After doing all this stuff he positioned himself between my legs and slowly inserted his cock into my hole. I was expecting a hell lot of pain…but it slid in painlessly. Soon he started pumping me while his hands were working on my cock. He gradually increased his pace and all the while i was trying hard not to make a noise. He fucked me like that for about 15 minutes by when both of us were on the verge of an orgasm. He had both, hand job and fucking pace on the max then. Soon he made a little sound like aaahhh and he ejaculated in my ass itself. But hearing this and feeling his hot cum inside my asshole really send currents thru me and with a little moan and a huge breath i let my cum out as well. I can surely say that the amount of cum i released that day was more than any other day. After that we lay in that position for a while and then cleaned ourselves up. That one great experience but unluckily or again rather luckily, everyone in the house wasnt sleeping then. But that again is another story.