Cousin’s naughty game

Hello, I am robin my age is 28; I am new in this site. I want to tell you my true experience with my cousin Russell. It happened 6 months ago. I study in a college in 12 classes, and live in college hostel. My uncle’s house is in the same town of my college. My parents live in village. In every weekly holyday i use to go to my uncles house. Russell is only 6 months younger than me. So we are like friends. Russell did not continue his study after 10. He helps his father in his business work. Beside his main job he passes his time with sports, body building and with girls. He has a lot of girl friends. He can attract girls easily for his very good outlook. He is almost 6 feet tall and having muscular body. His face is also good looking and he is jolly in nature. Everything was in him to attract girls. But he did not like to do any brain work except convincing a girl towards him finally for sex. He was my very good friend. Although, we are different types. I usually spend most of my time with my study. I have no experience with girls. Russell tells me everything what he does with his girlfriends. Every night before weekly holidays we spend together having lot of talks and jokes. Russell told me a lot of thing about sex, as i have zero experience i love to hear that. Sometimes i feel excited too. One night, when we went to bed for sleep, russell told me that he tasted every type of experience in sex. I was thinking yes he is really lucky; he is only 18 and got a lot. But he continued “except one thing”. I asked “what is that?” He answered me “i never fucked an ass of a boy”. I thought he was joking, so i was laughing and asked “had you fucked any girl in her ass?” He replied “many times”. It sounds a bit strange to me; i asked him “how did they allow you? Is not it painful?” He told me “listen man i know art of sex, i know how to make my partner hot like a crazy bitch, she then allow me to fuck her every hole.” I said nothing as i believe he can do it really. Then he came back to the previous topic, and said “but i am really serious about that”.

I could not understand at first and asked “what?” He laughed and answered “i want to fuck a boy to enjoy its taste.” I said to him “but why a boy will let you to fuck him?” He then laughed again and said “because you cannot avoid my any request, can you? Will you not let me to have some fun with you,” i was also laughing and replied him “naughty boy, don’t think that” i was thinking he is still joking. But he suddenly came near me, grabbed me with his right hand and whispered in my years “please, let me do, i assure you will enjoy too”. I was laughing and saying “no”. He was rubbing his nose on my years and saying “please only once”. I was enjoying his close touching and caressing, but i was determined that let him to fuck my ass was impossible. He was rubbing his lips on my cheeks and softly kissing. I got a sweet smell from his face and frankly to say i was enjoying. He then slowly placed his lips on my lips. I was lying unmoved. He was kissing on my lips. For a few minutes i held my lips tightly closed. Then after some times i also responded and gave some soft kisses on his lips as i was enjoying it too. At this he got his green signal and started his action with double courage. He switched on the light. I asked “why?” He replied “i don’t like darkness for sex”. Let me tell you that i am not a bad looking boy. From my childhood i used to hear that i look very sweet. I am 5’ 10” tall and slim. I and russell are almost same in height but he is slightly taller and stronger. Now russell was kissing my lips passionately and my whole face. He was kissing my neck and shoulder too. Upper part of his body came on me and i grabbed him by my two hands. He then started to put off my t shirt. I did not resist. He also put of his own t shirt and exposed his muscle full nice body. He was kissing my belly and chest and came near my nipples. When he was sucking my nipples i got a great pleasure and i began to be excited, my penis was erecting. I was wearing only a cotton trouser without any underwear so i was feeling shy that russell could notice my hard on. I could not follow his lower part of his body as i was lying, but he could easily notice my tent. He suddenly touched my penis and i resisted him. He laughed and said “relax man don’t be shy”. Actually i was never naked in front of anyone before. So i was still shy and covering my penis with my hands so that russell could not touch it. Russell then said “i am showing you everything”, he then stood on his knees and now i can notice his tent. He put off his trouser and showed his penis. It was long and thick like his body. I heard before that muscular men don’t have big penises but i was wrong. Russell’s penis must be 7” long and well thick. Before that day i thought that i have a big penis. And i measured it when it is hard is 6.5”, but russell gets everything better than me physically. His penis was not only big but also it was looking nice, well straight and making small angle with his body pointing high. I was watching his penis and he was smiling, he told “now your turn”. He then pulled my trouser and my hidden thing was exposed. He then put his on it. I felt his hand on my hot penis and it felt nice. For the first time someone is touching my penis. He then started to give me some hand job. After 2 minutes he stopped and started to kiss my nipple again. Oh my god what a pleasure it was. He then took his face near my navel and started kissing. Slowly he put his lip on my penis head and started kissing it. He then took my penis head inside his mouth and started sucking. After my primary reaction of feeling astonished i started to enjoy, in fact enjoy like haven. After 3 minutes he suddenly stopped and was about to take his mouth off my penis. But my gun was feeling heavy load, and i was not in a position to let him stop. So i tried to force his head closer to my penis. But he is stronger than me, so he took his head up and took it near to my ear, he was smiling and whispered “i will not make you cum; otherwise you will not let me fuck you”. I understood that he made me horny to fulfill his desire. And i must say he succeeded because i was ready to let him do that. My breathing was faster and hotter, my penis was hard like iron rod and jumping, my ball were tight, i was totally aroused, so which was abnormal in normal situation, seems like quite possible now. I was finding some pleasure to think the picture that, russell is swinging his buttock and moving his penis in and out of my asshole. Russell could read my mind i am sure, he knew that i was ready to be fucked. He was able to make a boy’s ass ready to be rammed. So he was continuing his action, he was kissing my necks, nipples to make me hotter. He then took his penis near my lips; it was standing with all its glory. He touched my lips with his penis, but i was hesitating to take a private organ into my mouth as i never did.

Russell smiled and said “ok my penis was sucked many times before, i don’t need more, please show me your ass”. I obeyed as i was very much eager to know about his plan. I turned to lay on my front showing my face up. He suddenly gave a splash on it and said, “really robin, your ass is so beautiful, round, smooth and hairless.” I was feeling shy to hear all this. I was just lying with closed eyes. I felt he was kissing softly on my ass. After some minutes russell left the bed. I opened my eyes to see his action. He took a bottle of lotion form the shelf and backed to the bed. Then i felt his finger on the opening of my asshole. He was putting lotion in it. He was inserting his finger it softly. From his action i understood that he is quite expert about anal sex as he did before with girls and now he is preparing my asshole to fuck. After a moment i felt the head of his penis touching my asshole. Probably by this time he lubricated his huge tool so that it can enter easily. I am now feeling a pressure against my asshole and getting a mild pain. I understood his penis is going inside my ass. It was his full credit that he could make such a big thing enter into a asshole smoothly and with bearable pain. Then he paused for a second and has a mild jerk. As his penis is big it was not entered fully in a smooth way, so he took a slightly rough action. I felt a sudden pain and screamed, “aah!” Then russell whispered into my years “now enjoy some pain”. He started to stroke with gradually increasing pace. Now i can feel the pain to be fucked and find no way but screaming loudly. But i had no way to escape from a strong youngman, when he was grabbing me with his full body. Within 2 minutes russell started fucking me with full pace. I could hear his thigh are clapping with my ass and making sound. The bed was moving with a rhythmic sound. After about 5 minutes all my pains were bearable. Russell told me to get up a doggy position. So i became a bitch for him. Russell got stand on his knee and continued fucking. This position was allowing his penis fully entered. Russell became really wild. He had been fucking for 20 minutes but to me it was like 20 hours. Russell was breathing fast and told “i can fuck quite long, but i am trying to cum as early as possible as you are getting pain.” So he made his speed very high and taking full his penis out and in very fast. After about 30 minutes i heard russell was screaming mildly. I thought he was about to cum. He then told me to go back my previous position. So i lay on the bed again putting my ass up. Then after 5 minutes of vigorous fucking, russell released his load inside my ass and lay on my body. His fast breathing became slower. After a minute russell came down from the top of my back, withdrawing his tired penis from my hole. Now he lay beside me and said “now my turn to finish yours”. My penis got soft by this time while my ass was tortured. Russell took my soft penis inside his mouth and very soon it erected. Then he gave me blow job for five minute. When i realized that i was to cum i told him, “it is coming out”. He then took it with his hand and let my load releases with hand job. After all this finished russell told me “thanks to allow me fulfill my desire, if you don’t enjoy it try to forget this night. But i could not forget, i got pain when i was fucked but i don’t know why i get very hot whenever i think about the scene, russell was fucking me wildly. This is my story let me know how it is,