A Night Well Spent

Hi, my name is Vidit. I have been a regular visitor of the ISS and enjoyed many stories written by all of you. Have always wanted to write about my own experiences but was always shy. I am 26 years old and I also have a very beautiful girl friend, but somehow I have always been inclined towards the gay sex as well. It is not that I do not enjoy it with my girl friend, do not look, or get tempted when I see a hot or beautiful female but there are times when I would want to do something adventurous or may be gay sex.

I do not know how many of you find yourselves in the same predicament that I am in but I always thought that there is nothing like a bisexual – it is either straight or gay, but now even I am confused. I cannot imagine life without a girl, all the emotions, the love, the sex or the caring part of yourself that you explore and the way girls make you feel like a real man when they cry keeping their heads on your shoulders or when they moan and show that satisfaction when you penetrate them with your dick. Then there are days when I feel dressing up like a girl, wearing tight T-shirts and stuffing them to look like a girl in my room, a big huge dick in my hand, circling my tongue around it, being treated like a slave, etc.

Well… I have living with this identity crisis for I do not know how long and if I get any more sentimental I will probably end boring everyone. So that briefly is what kind of spoiled brain I have. I will not shy this time from admitting that I have had many encounters with both the sexes but today I am going to write about one gay encounter I had when I was 19 years old. At that time the only gay sex I had experienced was with a childhood friend of mine, which may be was a part of hitting the puberty or lack of sex education, which propelled us to explore different things with each other.

Well this incident happened in July when I was in the second year of my college. I had a girl friend like every other decent looking person in colleges and she used to live in the hostel. We had a long weekend off at college and she decided to go back to her parents for the weekend in Jaipur. I was obviously madly in love with her so I offered to accompany her in the state bus until Jaipur and catch the evening bus back to Delhi. At that point, I was just like another person madly in love with her girlfriend and utterly concerned about her comfort and safety and this sounded like the most obvious choice. We had a nice time with lots of talk and after dropping her, I took the 8’o clock bus back to Delhi. It is a 5-hour journey but the way our driver was burning the highway I was sure to reach Delhi well before time. I was fast asleep when I woke up with a sudden halt only to find out that we have flat tire. All the people were disturbed and knew that we will have to wait until the time these people change the tire and tried to adjust with the situation. We had almost reached Gurgaon that is only about half an hour away from Delhi. The weather was killing and the temperature was sure to be 30 degrees even in the night. After waiting for about half, an hour my patience broke down and I thought that since I am so close I would rather hitch hiker my way to Delhi. Therefore, I parted ways with the bus and started walking.

After about 15 minutes, I realized that my decision was turning out to be a big mistake and I should rather have stayed with the bus and have waited instead of walking n killing myself on the highway in this weather. However, for people it is not that easy to accept their mistakes and I chose to stick with it. It was dark, I was feeling thirsty to the core, and none of the cars was stopping to give me lift. Finally, a car stopped and there were two people probably my age but unfortunately, they were going to their house, which was nearby. On my request, they dropped me to the nearby petrol pump and I thought that getting lift from there would not be a problem and I would get some water as well. After getting down at the petrol pump, I was surprised to find that there was not even a single person who was present there. I quickly went to the shabby washroom and tried to drink the water from the washbasin. It tasted muddy but I was dying of thirst and there was no option.

Suddenly I heard a noise “who is there?” and then came out this person in an undershirt and a payajama. He was a big man with a hairy body and had a voice that was very heavy. He thought that I was a thief but soon realized that neither was I looking for anything nor did I look like one. I told him the entire chain of unfortunate incidents that I was living after which he asked me if I need any water to drink. He came across as a nice person and then he called me towards the back of the petrol pump where he used to live. He was a caretaker as the petrol was closed a month back and was up for sale. He told me that none of the cars would come this way as the pump is closed and the chances of any car stopping at this time on the highway are 1 in a million. While I was having water, they told me that there are only two options one is that I keep trying my luck while walking towards Delhi or I could stay at his house and leave in the morning using the local transport.

The decision I took sounded sensible at that time and I thought that I have already made a bad decision now let us stay here the night and leave in the morning. He had a room that was crappy, with one charpai some luggage, an earthen pot for water, and other things. His walls were covered with newspapers having sexy photos of heroines. That was the moment when my mind took a U-turn and started imagining this person shagging in this very room looking at these posters. All those urges that I was trying to hide or fight were coming to life this very instant. I was surprised how my mind, which I thought was already overburdened with the thought of reaching home and turning my cooler on and sleeping in soft bed could have the capacity of imagining something so out of the way.

Soon I started to observe him from head to toe. He was almost about 6ft, not huge or well builds but rather skinny, body was covered with hair and had an unshaven face. I quickly starting staring at huge feet, which I thought was an indication of a huge dick. I read that somewhere in a magazine. Amidst all these thoughts, I suddenly realized that he was asking me what I would rather do. I came back to my senses, thanked him for the offer, and told him that I would make more sense if I stayed. He agreed with me and told me that I can sleep on the floor next to his charpai. I had some more water, placed a dirty sheet that he gave me on the floor lied down. He complaining continuously about the terrible heat and his incompetent fan and soon he took off his undershirt and the payajama and were now lying only in his underwear. He asked me do the same as well as we were not getting any relief from the weather. I was shy but he told me why I am behaving like girl. He was a villager it was clear with the kind of language he had. Finally I stripped down to my underwear, which was not weird on any other day, but tonight my mind was not normal, it was continuously going towards him. He turned the light bulb off went to sleep. Honestly, I was disappointed as I did not have any experience with the strangers and did not know how to make a move and he did not seem like a person who was into boys at all.

Suddenly there was noise outside as if someone has come on a two-wheeler and started calling the name Rajesh loudly. He again shouted “Arey Rajesh kya Randi chod raha hai jo jawab nahi deta”. Then this person got up and signaled him to come inside. Rajesh turned the lights on he came inside. I started feeling ashamed and chose to pretend as if I am sleeping. From the conversation, I could figure out that his name was Jitu. He was a typical jaat and was abusing just like that.

Rajesh: Abey itni raat ko kya kar raha hai

Jitu: Hamare ghar pe to light hai nahi to mainey socha kyun terey saath baith kar beer pee lein. Ab itni garmi mein bina pankhey ke neend to aaney se rahi.

Rajesh started laughing and picked up a bottle from the ones Jitu had brought.

Jitu was curious and asked Rajesh pointing towards me that that this person is sleeping on the floor while taking huge gulps from the bottle

Rajesh: Arey kuch nahi. Delhi jaa raha tha bus kharab ho gayi aur tujhey to pata he hai raat ko koi lift bhi nahi deta, to mainey kaha raat ko yahn ruk ja

Jitu: Kuch paisey waise hain is ke paas

Rajesh: Arey bachcha hai aur zameen par sulaney ke kya paisey lu

I was getting nervous as the new person did not sound sober at all and I was confused whether to keep pretending that I am asleep or get up and leave this place. After a while Jitu started the conversation about my body and commented to Rajesh that I had a beautiful skin, all hairless and fair and was started commenting about my ass

Rajesh: Kya bakwaas kar ra hai. Tera lauda to sale hamesha khada rahta hai tere ko sale kutiya bhi chalegi

Jitu: Abey terey ko pata hi kya hai. Ye shehar ke laundey ladkiyon se kum nahi hotey. Aur jo maja tujhey teri biwi kabhi nahi de payegi ye ek raat me de dega. Dekh sale ke gaand kitni pyaari hai. Teri biwi ki gaand bhi isse achchi nahi hogi. Ekdum gori, koi bhi baal nahi mast mulayum

Rajesh: Arey sun lega to kya socheyga yaar, Kuch to khayal kar le

Jitu: Sun lega to achcha hi hoga, khud apney aap mera lauda munh me le lega, meri baat man tu bus cup chap baitha reh aur mujhey mera kaam karney de. Terey baap ka kya jaata hai sale, koi tera bhai hai. Aur main kaun sa iska balatkar karunga. Gaandu nahi hoga to mera dimaag kharab hai jo main jabardasti karunga

Rajesh was not liking the conversation and said that is unnatural and why would a guy have sex with another man. I wanted to jump in the conversation and tell Rajesh that I am that person who would love to have this experience but Jitu did this for me. He told Rajesh about one encounter he had with a person in the park and what a blowjob he got that night.

Jitu: us din ke baad mainey kitni baar apni biwi ko bola lauda munh mein leney ko par saali manti hi nahi. Bus ghagra upar kar ke leit jaatei hai. Do paisey ka maza nahi aata. Meri biwi se achcha to wo ladka hi tha

After this Rajesh asked for keys to his scooter as he will go and get some more beer and also that he did not want to be here while Jitu makes advances on me. He also told Jitu that if the boy refuses, not go ahead with it as raping me with his tool will get ugly. After hearing this, I knew that Jitu has a cock that will surprise me. Soon after that, Rajesh left and I could hear the sound of scooter starting and leaving. I was now getting excited and tired of my pretentious sleep. I again thought that I should just get up and get started with the fun but lack of experience told me that it is better to let Jitu make the move and obviously, he was not going to make me wait long.

While I was thinking all this suddenly, a jug full of water was thrown at my face and I got up instantaneously. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Jitu for the first time. Not as tall as Rajesh but he was huge. He had monstrous arms and thighs, not so fit from the belly area but scary. I asked him innocently who he was and why did he throw water on my face. To this, he calmly lied and told me that he was the owner and I cannot sleep free at his place. Either I give money or I give him a blowjob. I came as shock to me as I was not expecting him to get straight to the point. The way he was admiring my body in his conversation with Rajesh I thought that I will have a nice time with him but this was as to the point as one could have been and extremely rude. I was in no mood to continue like this but hearing their conversation about me for so long had already made me so hot that my underwear was wet with the pre cum oozing out of my dick. I agreed and told him that I have never done this before and I am agreeing, as I want to stay here for the night. He suddenly replied “Saale tu mujhey chutiya Samajhta hai ki main maan jaun ki tu gandwa nahi hai. Koi bhi ladka kabhi bhi na maaney gaand marwaney ke liye jab tak ki wo gandwa na ho aur tu toh ek hi baari mein maan gaya” and starting laughing. He noticed that my underwear was wet from front with all the pre cum and came to know that I was overheating their conversation right from the beginning. He quickly took off his lungi and asked me lick his thighs and take of his underwear with my teeth. I understood that he is not the kind of person who will try one bit to please me I have to do this to satiate my hunger of sucking a stranger’s cock. I knew my job and got on with it in no time. I started with planting a kiss on his thighs and soon started to lick the inner area of thighs all the way up to his underwear. Jitu started moaning and pressed my head between his thighs holding my head firmly. As soon, he loosened his grip I started to bite his dick from above his underwear and the hardness and width was making me more excited. He was giving me a rough treatment as he thought that I am a seasoned gay but unfortunately, for me I was not. I was definitely good at licking and sucking but that does not pass me a seasoned gay. I put my hands on the elastic of his underwear in order to take it off but to my surprise he didn’t let me and licked me up in his arms and made me sit on his lap with my legs spread. He had already taken my underwear off and I could feel the warmth of his dick over his underwear. He was huge and hard like a rock. He started sucking and bitting my chest as if I was a girl and continuously pressing all the flesh, he could get his hands on as if he was pressing the breasts. I was enjoying this lot, as I was not expecting him to do all this but his rough treatment and all the attention I was being made me feel like a woman and I was giving into his acts completely. His grip on my chest was strengthening and the intensity with which he was sucking my other nipple was increasing. I was on the ninth cloud and let my head fall back as I was holding his neck with my hands.

As soon as my head fell, back and I started moaning loudly he again pulled my head towards him with his hand and started sucking my lips with his tongue deep inside my mouth. I was enjoying every bit of it and my moans were making him even wilder. He started abusing me, which made me feel uncomfortable at start, but soon I chose to play along as it was his way of exciting himself. He was abusing me “Saaley teri gaand dekh kar hi mujhey pata chal gaya tha kit u ek gandwa hai aur teri chamdi to meri biwi se bhi zyada mulayam hai. Kash tu hamesha merey paas hota, mmmmm…… ahhhh….” In addition, after saying this, he again started biting my nipples. They were hurting very bad but it was different kind of pain that was increasing the joy and making me weaker with every second. He started licking my ear and slowly in his bold voice whispered “rani, mera lauda kad se merey kachchey mein hi tadap raha hai, usey apney munh me le kar uski garmi ko bujha de” with that he loosened his grip on me which allowed me to slide down his legs back onto the floor in between his legs. My face was directly in front of his crotch and I could smell his pre cum which had made his underwear really wet. I was completely into the act and wanted to tease him like my girl friend always used to tease me. I pressed his monstrous thighs with my hand and licked the areas next to his crotch one by one. I was scared and excited at the same time looking at the huge tent his dick was forming in his underwear and wanted to take it out but the increasing desperation on his face was making the wait worthwhile. I soon realized why my girlfriend always waited before taking my dick in her mouth and before this time, I could never understand it. Being the girl who I was right now, I could understand that at this point all the person cares and thinks is when are you going to take it in and no other thought can creep in. All the physical and mental attention that I was getting was exhilarating. I went up and started nibbling on his nipples that were covered with hair but I liked it. As much as he wanted to push me down to his crotch, he was enjoying this as well. I was bitting his nipples softly keeping my entire body over him and rubbing his dick with my soft thighs. He was going crazy and said “waaaahhhhhhh rani tujhey to maza dena khub achchi tarah se aata hai. Mujhey to pata hi nahi tha ki bina laudey ka istamal karey bhi itna mazza aa sakta hai. Tum saaley shehar ke ladkey itna mazey detey ho to ladkiyan kya karti hongi, uuuffffff”

I knew that he has reached a time where I should not tease him further and I got down. It was getting hot and both of us were sweating profusely. This was making all the body contact more enjoyable. He was stinking but honestly, at that time I did not care. I took off his underwear slowly and was amazed to see his dick. I mean I am 7 inches myself and according my girl big but this people dick was something else. The cockhead was like a red bulb oozing pre cum and rest of his cock was twice as thick as mine. He was just two inches longer than mine was but the thickness made it so ferocious. The veins were popping out because of the blood rush and he had gigantic balls not tightly packed like mine but hanging loose in his scrotum. He knew that it is too much to take and he did not want to lose any time. So in order to again bring me back into the same zone he got up and put me on the charpai with my legs spread wide. I got shock of my life as I thought that he is going to tear me apart with this monster without taking my consent but soon I realized how wrong I was. He went down and started doing the same things which I was doing to him for so long and told me that don’t be afraid of my cock I won’t do anything till you are not ready. He was a stranger and just another illiterate man who probably I thought is the kind who do rapes but his thoughtfulness changed all the misconceptions I had built. He was trying to gain trust was simply looking forward to enjoying the night and do things which he could not do with his wife. While he was licking my ass, he continuously played with my nipples with his fingers that were making me horny again, caring gesture he had just displayed had also won my heart over, and now I just wanted to satisfy him. I asked him to let me come down to the floor and let him show what more I can do. This brought a huge smile on his face. He lied down on the floor and I took position between his legs. As soon as I held his monster in my hands, I could feel how hot it was and ready to burst. I put my tongue on its tip and a sigh of pleasure escaped from Jitu’s mouth. I held his dick firmly in my palm and tried to take it in my mouth and to my surprise; I could do so without any problem. I tried my best to keep my teeth away from touching his dick but it was impossible and Jitu knew and was not complaining as well. His dick was wet with the pre cum but still I took it out from my mouth and spat a several times on it covering it with my saliva. Within seconds, it became so slippery that his dick head was shining. I had never seen a dick so powerful and so tempting no even in blue films. I was going crazy every time I tried to take it further down my throat. I could not believe how well I was able to accommodate this monster in my mouth. Obviously not full but enough to send jitu on seventh heaven. While giving him blowjob I continuously played with his balls and kept massaging his thighs. Soon he signaled me that he is about to cum and I was more than willing to take his cum in my mouth. He started moaning loudly and complementing me as to how good he was and I understood that he will cum any moment, soon he shot his load so deep down my throat that I had to back off and I took rest of the cum on face. When finally he stopped cumming, my entire face was covered with his semen.

After that I washed my face did gargles and lied down by his side. We were both covered with sweat and satisfied for the time being, as I knew that he is surely not the kind who will back out after doing just once. His dick was not as hard as it was earlier but still so big and chubby. I again went down and started to suck his dick to which he said “meri jaan thodi der aaram bhi karney de abhi to poori raat baaki hai” and both of us started smiling. Soon Rajesh came and was surpised to find us lying besides each other all covered in sweat and dirt, but he could make out one thing clearly that we have had lot of fun.

Rajesh: Saale jitu tuney apney laudey ki pyaas shaant kar hi lee

Jitu: Shaant? Isne to meri pyaas aur bhi badha di hai. Gazab ki randi hai ye to muhjey to isse pyaar ho gaya hai. Main to kahta hun shodi thandi beer pee kar teeno maze kartey hain

Rajesh: Na bhai tum hi karo ye sab. Main to agley mahiney gaon jaunga aur apni biwi to hi pelunga

To this Jitu asked me to impress rajesh with my skills and I obliged by crawling my way towards him. Rajesh kept the bottles down and was hesitating a bit. I smelled his crotch from the outside of his payjama and soon opened the naada which was holding payajama to his waist. He was a hairy man and was wearing old type underwear that was extremely loose. I tried to feel his dick and to my surprise, he was long. He had kept his dick loose tucked to his left thigh and was running down towards his knees. I was amazed as to what these people eat and what is the reason that both of them are so scaringly big. He was not erect at that which was clearly an indication of him not being comfortable with this situation but he was trying which is why he stood where he was standing and allowed me open his underwear. In the mean time, Jitu opened the bottle of beer, handed it over to Rajesh, and asked him to enjoy this while drinking beer. Jitu surely knew how to make his friend comfortable with all this. I looked at Jitu and he winked at me with a slight caress on my ass giving me an indication to carry on. Rajesh was not erect but still he was about 6 inches, not as fast as Jitu’s monster but very long. His dickhead was completely covered and his foreskin and lot of it was making a temple in top of dickhead making it obvious that when it gets up it is going to be huge. I held his dick in my hand and started to kiss it like a baby squirrel. Jitu in the mean time came behind me with his dick touching my back and started to play with my nipples using his skillful hands.

He was a magician when it came to touches and generating excitement. This in turn made me horny and ultimate beneficiary was Rajesh who was now enjoying his entire dick being in my mouth. It was not tough to take 6 inches of soft meat completely in my mouth. Rajesh started moaning and I could feel his dick growing in my mouth. Jitu was quick to notice this and Rajesh “kyun bhai, kaisa lag raha hai. Hai na ye launda mast. Teri biwi neb hi kiya ye terey liye. Abhi to shuruwat hai aagey dekh majey” Rajesh preferred not to answer and remain in that place where I was taking him with my tongue and deep-throating. It started to make me uncomfortable as with his dick rowing every second it became impossible to keep all of him inside. I pulled myself back and was amazed to see his dick growing. I spat on it once and caressed with my hands and now it was completely erect standing tall at almost 10 inches. Jitu then took over, came in front, and started biting my chest. I noticed Rajesh did not let Jitu push him away and he came from the other side holding my hair and guiding my mouth to his dick. Jitu was sitting with me sucking and mauling my chest and I was taking Jitu’s dick as deep as possible, which was standing to my right.

Jitu was playing with my entire body, licking all the sweat from my neck, chest, back, and belly and was continuously stroking my dick. On the other hand, Rajesh, the person who was appalled by this idea a few minutes back was now getting wilder and was mouth fucking me vigorously. I was trying to avoid it much as I can and was thinking what an ass he is but Jitu continuous hard bites on my nipples were making me so horny that I was enjoying everything. It is true whoever said that the “war and sex, the dirtier it gets the better it is”.

Jitu finally could not hold it and he also stood up alongside Rajesh and now I had two huge monstrous dicks right in front of me waiting to be sucked. I was happy that Rajesh finally relieved me from his death grip and now I could operate at my own pace. I started stroking Rajesh’s dick and went back to sucking Jitu’s monster with who I was in love with. It was so scary and yet so beautiful. Rajesh knew that Jitu is getting all my attention and he did not like it so he chose to get on with the business and made his way towards my ass. I knew it was going to happen and was wanted it so badly but I was scared to death at the same time because of the sizes both of them possessed. Jitu was sweet enough to warn Rajesh to go easy with it, as they are too big. He spat in his palm and applied it on my ass. I knew it will not be enough and asked him to lubricate it a bit more. Suddenly Jitu picked up the bottle of beer, poured it all over my head back and ass, and gave the left over to Rajesh. It felt so nice to have that froth of beer on top of my sweaty skin. Rajesh kept his tongue on my ass hole, started pouring the beer from top, and started to lick it from there. My god it felt so nice that I almost took jitu’s entire cock in my mouth. I was so horny that now I was willing to take any amount of pain just to keep going and keep taking things to another level. After sometime Rajesh kept his cock on my hole and started pushing. I knew that it would be better if he would at least put his fingers inside to make space but I could not care less. I was having a time of my life with these two people on an abandoned petrol station in the wee hours of the night. Slowly his dick started to make its way in easily as he not that fat, but long as hell. I could take only about 6 inches of his dicks with continuous pushes and Jitu all this while was caressing my back and trying to make me feel comfortable which was making it easier to concentrate on widening my ass to accommodate Rajesh. The moment I thought, I could not take it anymore there was always space and soon his entire dick was inside me. I was having sensations as if there is G-Spot in there that was being hit because this feeling I never got while making love to my GF. Rajesh was so patient in entering me that I did not scream even once and enjoyed the entire length of his cock disappear in my ass. I so somehow wanted to see that big a cock go in and out of my ass. With every push inside he was hitting that supposed G-Spot so hard that I could not understand anything and only moan.

I took Jitu’s dick in my mouth and asked him to push hard as if he is fucking a pussy. I did not know how stupid that was and honestly, I did not care. At that time, I was like a bitch on heat. Jitu smiled and did what he was required to do. I was already in bend in doggie position and Rajesh was madly fucking me from behind. Jitu came in front of me kneeled down, I wanted to take him in my mouth but with Rajesh’s thrusts it was not easy to stay still at one point. Jitu held my head by my hair and asked me that how I wanted to be treated. The answer was obvious, I said “Jitu Ji please mujhey ek Randi ki tarah chodo, mujhey aur kuch yahi chahiye” Jitu had a smirk on his face as if he was pretending to be nice all this while and he is about to show me what really he is. He shoved his dick in my mouth all the way to my throat and started to push it inside as if there is pussy and not a mouth. I was being banged from both sides vigorously, it was putting a lot of pressure on my neck and back, and I thought for a moment that both would break. After some time they shifted positions and made lie down in a missionary position with Jitu now being at my ass and Rajesh on my head. I was all wet due to the sweat and both of them were making faces like a wild animal as if they want to de-skin me. As soon as Jitu kept his dick on my ass, I thought that he will go slowly but unfortunately, I was the one who transformed him into a monster. The only time he gave me was when he positioned his cock at my ass and then within a second he was inside. I would be lying if I said that it did not hurt. It did and perhaps so bad that I screamed with pain. Jitu knew about his surroundings and did not bother to stop even for a minute. It took my ass and me some time to get accustomed to his size and width. Rajesh was watching all this and was masturbating all this while and soon he came towards my face and came inside my mouth. I also welcomed his sperm with an open mouth despite the fact that Jitu was tearing my ass apart on the other end. Nevertheless, probably that is how mad I was at that time. I wanted to swallow his sperm and tried as well but could not do. Jitu saw me taking it out from the side of my mouth and he instantly collected it in his hand, took his dick out and applied all over it. When he entered me with Rajesh’s sperm, his dick was so slippery that it stopped paining and it felt it was so easy to accommodate him in my ass. Rajesh got up and started drinking beer and jitu was on me like a mad man. I was feeling that as if his dick will come out of my throat. As we were in a missionary position Jitu was taking full advantage and was bitting my chest continuously and Rajesh clearing the way he had me all by himself. He started to grunt and I was moaning like a slut to excite him further. It only took 3 minutes of continuous banging which felt like a lifetime to me before he started to cum. With his first shot of cum, I felt his sperm hit the walls inside me and then he filled my ass with it. It took me a while to realize that he had stopped but my entire body and mind were still feeling the thrusts I was subjected to for last 20 minutes.

He collapsed by my side and was still grunting. I tried to get up but it was impossible at I felt that all the bones I my body are crushed but my eyes were as if I am high on some sort of drugs and at that moment I didn’t want anything else. Rajesh offered me some beer that I had lying down. I do not know when I fell asleep. When I got up in the morning. Both of them were sleeping. I took my clothes and went to the bathroom outside to take a shower. From the broken mirror in the bathroom, I saw my face and my body that was all red. My chest was red with finger marks, bite marks and there were nail scratches all over my ass and back. I was looking an absolute mess but there was a sparkle in my eyes that confirmed that there was no regret in me about what happened in the night but there was a new side of me that I just explored. I cleaned myself up and went back to the room. Both of them were still sleeping and had relaxed feeling on their faces. The summer was not bothering them and both were feeling as if they have everything in life. That content on their faces made me proud that I could satisfy two giants. I wanted to wake them up but I was sensible enough to make my way towards the road to catch a bus or take a ride from someone and let this encounter with them be a tale of “A Night Well Spent”.

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