My Crossdressing World

Hi friends I am 20 yr old cross dresser from Mumbai name Sania a name given to me by my lover,I am bottom gay i involved in sex with boys since when I was 15 from 5 years I am done gay sex till now with 5 guys only n now I am a part time cd. While chating on yahoo I meet a guy name Samir we become a good friend on net but we havent meet each other I told him about my sexuality and cross dressing he was happy by listing that and told me that he to loved sex with gays and cds he then told me to meet and having sex I agreed he told me that he is living alone n he want me for full night n told me to come in full female costumes I agreed we decide to meet on Saturday night I was very excited when Saturday come I went to my 2nd house where nobody stays I reached their around 7 at evening to make me up like a girl first I went in bathroom and removed my dress then I started shaving my body from top to bottom it took half an hour after that I took a bath and come out when I saw myself in mirror I was looking to sexy in clean shaven body then I started wearing my black and red color bra and same panty then I applied a ladies body spray then I pup my petticoat red color and blouse then my red and pink shaded a beautiful saree I wear saree at low waist and then I wear 2 dorzen maron and golden bangles and golden rings n silver earings n a silver neckless my hair was long till my neck n stright so there was no need of weg an then i started makeup on my face first I make up my checks n my eyes n then I applied pink lipstick n then i put a pony tail on my hair n i remove my 2 sexy tatoo one i put on right side down to my stomach and 2nd one on back from where my ass line start I was now totally ready for a hot date but I was very nervous to go out then it was time to arrive.n then i put burkha n a nose picse take usse mujhe koi pahchan na paye n then i move from my house n hire a cab driver asked me where to go i reapplied him in femene voice n finally reached near his apartment n at his home i rang a door bell he opened the door when i saw his i was shocked he was a very handsome boy i felt very lucky he asked whom u want mem i reapplied in femenine voice Samir he told yes sania here so he very happily welcomed me in but now he was nervous to see me in burkha he was thinking that how i look i understood n remove my burkha when he saw me he was just shoked now suddenly he told that i cant belive that u r a boy u r looking so beautiful darling i reapplied thank then he sarved a bear for both of us after that we went to bedroom for having sex he treated my like a women on bed n i was loving that till 4 at night we where doing sex i suck his 7 inc panis n he fucked me n at end cum on my face then we both sleep like a wife n a husband at morning when i wake up i went to bath room n when i saw my self i was loking a boy n a little girl n then i took a bath n cume out in towel n now i was feling shy samir told me to relax n gave me his pant n a shirt to wear n go back to home n then i took my all things n put it in a plastic bag n ready to go while i reach near door samir pull my hand n gave me a kiss on my lips n told thankz n will meet soon n then i want back to my home.Then after some weak we decide to meet again n this time samir told me to dressed my self as a call girl i agred that day i dress my self as a callgirl n arrived to his home he opened the door n i saw 3 guys where sitting there i whispered in Samir s ear who r then he told they are his friend n he tell them our last night stories n they want to do sex with u n they r ready to give u money 2ooo each i agreed now there was 4 guys they decide that first two guys while go ho bedroom n fuck my ass n my mouth n to of them after that i walked in bed room n sit om bed 2 guys come fully naked with there erect panis i started sucking 2 the cocks they both where standing opposite each other n i was siting on bed sucking there cocks after 15 minutes of sucking both the cocks one came back to my ass n remove my scits n panty n put oil n started fucking my ass after him 1st one guy went back to fuck my ass and 2nd guy panis i was started sucking again to cum but with out cuming both of then went out i was thinking why they didnt cum there sperms I thought they went in bathroom for mustarbution then another both guy come inside the room n happened same after that they told me to come in hall i went the four guys stand n told me to knell down I obave then becauze the have gave me money all 4 started mustaburating n one by one sperm cum on my mouth 4 off them discharge there sperm on my mouth.they love having sex with me n now i am a randi for then they had made me there randi n whenever they called me for sex thing they bring a new guy with then for his experience on me till date Samir s 13 friend had fucked me n i am now become a real call girl a randi they all call me sania this is my new name sania randi form sania sexy.