Home Alone with My Friend

“Make your Intentions clear and you really will enjoy everything under the sun.” This was the rule that I always followed and still do so. It was a winter morning when I was out on the streets for a morning warm up, walking for some time as a routine of my daily time table. After having walked a good 2 kilometers I sat down below a tree, near the level crossing, outside the city. I always walked this far. After a while a couple also joined me. Seemed like they were from army. Anyways like it always happened we had a formal introduction and we chatted about health and how we should be doing exercise etc.

After about 10 minutes I got up and started walking bidding goodbye to the duo. ANd then it became a habit of meeting them invariably at the spot everyday. Oneday I noticed that Mr Dash was alone. When I enquired he laughingly said, “Oh she is having her monthly leaves today.” (Meant periods) we both had a laugh and continued chatting while he asked me some questions about sex. As I am a doctor I had also developed a good rapport with the duo so I did not feel bad at all discussing matters of sex with him. After a while he insisted me to come to their home. I obliged and promised that someday I will sure come to their house.

After three days Mrs Dash also joined us. Our walks continued and again after about ten days she discontinued and then I jokingly asked Mr Dash, She definitely is not having her monthly leaves so where has she gone on these days. He laughed and said, she has gone to her parents house. And while returning from walk Dash insisted that I must join him at home as he is alone and he needs company for enjoying a good evening with some personal talks. I agreed.

That evening after my clinic hours I knocked on his door. He was cooking then. I joined him in the study room and then while he was quickly finishing his cooking i moved about in the house to see that the house indeed is a very clean and neatly arranged house. He asked me to switch on the TV and watch something till he finished his cooking. I went on a surfing spree and he came and said “Oh I think you are not enjoying this TV. Would you like to watch some movies, they are in the cup board put some and watch if you wish.”

His cupboard was a library of movies and there lay some hot XXX movies too. When I Jokingly showed them to him and asked about them, he frankly said that they both liked watching them while doing sex. Of course when you are married and there are no kids at home. I pushed one disc in and started watching a hot movie. While the movie was on Dash came and sat by my side. While I was cracking jokes about sex as I am a master at that, dash wanted to know about homosexuality and what medical people think about it.

I was weak, meant I always had flair for homosexual activities. I had a very friendly talk about it and suddenly he asked if I ever had sex with another man, frankly as we were alone and talking I did not hesitate to tell him that yes I enjoyed man too. He was silent for some time. Then he said that he wanted to change the CD and put another one, and in the new CD there was a GAY movie. I was surprised and looked at him. He smiled and said, He also liked homosex. I was silent.

I asked him if his wife knew this and he said yes. She knew it and she doesnot mind it. As this is not his obsession. He only did this very rarely. And after some time of watching of the movie as we both relaxed, he asked me what my preferences were and I told that I am purely top, and that I liked bottoms only who liked to suck my dick. He asked if he could see my dick. Now this was something unexpected but I obliged. I stood up and opened my pants and underwear, and my already strong and standing dick flung open.

He touched it and then slowly moved his hands on it from tip to root and back that made me even more erect. And I left a soft moan and then he started smoothly stroking the dick and I closed my eyes. He stood up and started stroking my hairs and then he grabbed my face and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. I also reciprocated his kiss which was now in a deep french kiss. And he asked if he could taste my dick, I just pushed him down.

He kissed the tip of the dick a bit and then with his wet tongue started licking the whole length of it. I was in heaven and he started to put the whole dick in his mouth and suck it like a mad man. He sucked me for some ten minutes and I was on the verge of cumming. I informed him this and he smiled and kept my dick in his mouth and started sucking hard and hard while pressing the root of my dick to stop it frmo cumming.

His sucking had made me go mad and I could not hold my orgasm and pushed all my semen down his throat. Although my dick was in his mouth when I ejected, he got up and went to the basin to clean his mouth, as he did not like swallowing semen. I had discharged my semen and was lying on the sofa while he came and sat by my side. I could see the bulge on his crotch and through the Lungi that he wore. I put my hand on it and felt it.

He moaned a bit and then I removed his lungi and his manhood got up. I asked if I could kiss him, he said yes and I got down on my knees to suck his dick. Though I do not like to suck dicks, but sometimes I do because it is very nice. I kept on sucking him and then he also started moaning and asked me if we could go on the floor where space is more and we shifted to the floor where we engaged each other in a 69 pose and he started sucking me again to make me go rock hard.

While he was sucking he requested me to fuck his ass, I said I dont usually do it as I feel it is unsafe and then he insisted that we do it and he said he had condoms at home so there is no problem and I agreed. He immediately got up and picked up some condoms from the bedroom and some body lotion too. I put on two condoms and then applied some body lotion while he pushed some more into his ass hole.

He knelt before me resting himself on the sofa as I knelt behind him guiding my dick at his ass. He held both his butts and spread it and with one push my dick was inside his ass. I was pushing it slowly while I had grabbed his dick and stroking it. My strokes started increasing and he was enjoying it without speaking a word. After some time I had pain in the knees and then he asked me to sleep on the sofa and he rode me. He sat facing his back to me and was litelrally jumping on my dick, I was in pain but I was enjoying a lot. I had cum once earlier so I knew I am going to outlast anyone.

He was getting unrest and I asked him to sleep on the sofa and spread his ass for me and he did that. I held his legs on my chest and pushed my dick into his ass and fucked him while with one hand stroking his dick. He started moaning and I bent down a bit to bite his erect niples and this is when he moaned louder and with a jerk realesed his semen on my hands and that made me go mad and started pounding him at the fastest speed and did cum at once.

After the session was over we cleaned up and we were silence and althogh he invited me for dinner, I came out. I had a very special evening spent nicely but what was more nice was the fact that I was happy that now I had a gay friend whom I could rump whenever I wished.

I have yet more interesting stories with his family involving his wife too. may be next time. Wait for that. Guys may mail me at / / thank you.