A Story of A Male

Hi this is Apurba a 23 yr boy. Ummm Boy!!! Really I don’t think so because I never feel any attraction to a girl. Basically I am a boy but really not. Ok let me explain. I am third son of my parents. I know how I completed my study. And joined a company only on 2000 salary and started my career at the age of 19.From the child hood I saw my parents ignorance. I don’t know why? But later I realize that it is due to my physical handicapped. Realizing that I handicapped mentally also and started to find a job and started to live by my own and I leave my home and started to live with a partner very measurably. I was in dilemma what I need to do. Cause I can not upgrade myself as a man. Cause on that age I was having chest 32 size. And before wearing any shirt I need to wear a bra. And I was doing that confidentially. But he was really started liking me due to my physical softness, my submissive nature, my silky thick short hair. I was doing his entire homely job like washing his dresses and washing his dishes etc. I was doing that not that he liked me but I was doing that because I was only giving 1500 money for that room and he was bearing the rest amount for me. So I was obliged for his kindness and doing all those stuff what he was not willing to do. We often chatted late night and discuss various matters. But how much days go on he started to keeping interest in me. And started to praise my feminine beauty. About my softness and my soft brown skin. He started liking my soft silky thick short hair. And suggest me to keep it long till my waist. I was really felt badly. I was repeatedly telling him I am not a woman so there is no question of longer my hair. But he insisted me to do that. I was only entertaining him because I was nowhere to go for a shelter. So I was keeping entertain him. We used to sleep in two different rooms. It was old type flat. I have only a 7’X7’ room for sleep and for food what I make for both after coming from my office. But I was happy one kind of thinking that lets lead my life here where no body loves me and I am not also. But I can not live there where I love the persons and they are not. So I was happy for that I am quite confident here. Days were passing away. My man hood really smashed from my body, feminine qualities are grown more than enough. I get depressed as I was not accommodating myself as feminine. As seriously thinking about bra and purchasing them from a shop, I get real tough on that. And my voice changed like husky feminine voice. I was not really not a condition to think me as a feminine. People are around stared to make me tease. I was getting depressed as low as anything. I was thinking for suicide. Thinking I am a person who been nowhere in this society. It was hard to listen from the person to sleep with them.Ohhh God how I will be alive in this world. I decided to suicide. That was a Monday. After coming from office I saw that Aditya came from office and listening music at his room. I was not allowed to enter his room. I just knocked his door and asked him what he likes to take for today as I am going to make food. And he asked for anything I will decide. I was making food nice that day as I was decided to suicide and like to make a nice food for Aditya.

I was at the kitchen and washing the dishes. I was at my shorts and t shirt. Suddenly I screamed loud as I felt a touch on my neck. I returned and saw it was Aditya. But When I returned my face burred with his huge chest. And he holds my hair and put up my face and put his lips on my lips. I was shocked and was not able to do anything. Just he was taking that smooch, and releasing my hair then rubbing my soft long neck and my shoulder. I was astonished by the smell of his body. Ohhh my god I like the smell of a man? I was sunk on him till he leaves my lips making it red by blood. When he leaves me I just get off from the kitchen and went straight to my room and closed the door and started crying putting my head on the pillow. I don’t know when I get asleep. And don’t know if Adi take any food or not. I just get off from the bed and went to the window. And saw some ray of hope to make my self as feminine as woman. I was sure that I can be woman. I was deciding to change my man mentality to a woman one. And make my mind to compromise as much can as a woman. As I had no choice. At the morning I wake up and make food for Adi and at 8 30 I went to my job place without wake him up. When I returned I saw Adi yet not returned. I wash the dishes and made the food. I was feeling nice when I was washing dishes where he eats. And feeling nice also making food for him. But it is 9 30 now. Where is Adi.I get worried? Should I call his parent’s house at village? Is he gone there? I will not have a cell also. That I can call to him. I was waiting eagerly for him. He came at 12. I just opened the door and he just enters his room and started to change his dress. I was knocked his door. Aditya May I come. He came out from the room and I served him food. After that I was going to ask him for a favor of some money. I told him as I like to do my bachelors’. And I told him that I will return his money to him after one year. But before that he told me listen apu My Company sending me to abroad for a year. I will leave this room. So you. I need money for that .I doesn’t know how I will arrange that money. And I ask my father to keep this building in rent. You can stay here only your room. That I can manage. I get fall from sky. Now what will happen? I asked him how much you need money for instance. He told me 20 thousand. I just went to my room and keep out my diamond ring and gave it to him and ask him to sell it for the money. He was really shocked and did not like to take that. Then I told him that think it is your fare of your room for one year. After some time he took that and went to sleep. I was again making my self strong on that night to fight for the entire life. I liked to say my self fool. That how could I think Aditya as my partner? I slapped my self many times for my foolish thoughts.

After some days Aditya went to abroad. And I started to stay there alone. And leave my current company and joined a better one as female. As my name supported me. And simultaneously I was studying my graduation privately. As days went on my progress in life also went as my femininity also. My short hairs grown in to long thick silky till my waist. My breast proves me as more feminine than a woman. My ass had not lost the war against my boobs. It also grown like heavy. I made my mind to deal with all those stuffs. Like to make more beautiful my hair my nail my body. I was now looking a really nice girl. I was keeping on my life in difficulty. But I don’t know why I was really missing Aditya. He never mailed me after going to abroad. Where as emailed him 7000 in this ten month. I was always praying to god for his good health and nice time. In this time of span I did purchase some woman cloths like salwar or one sari and mostly jeans and shirt. I had less no of dresses.

After some months that was rainy day. I was unable to go to office. And was studying. It was 12 pm on the watch. I was thinking of to take bath and make food at the 3X 3 balcony. I was wearing a white cotton sari with white blouse and petticoat. As I was practicing to wear sari. My hair was tied with a grader as loosened on my back. I hard the knock on the door. Every time I get terrified if I heard the knocking of the door. I scared for some known person. As they will see me like I am new species in this world. I just opened the door very carefully and I was scared. I saw a tall man standing keeping his face opposite. Listening the sound of the opening the door he keep his face to me and I was really get wondered. Whom I am seeing.Aditya????? He was also getting wondered to see me. As I was standing before him with white sari sleeve blouse .keeping my beautiful hair in front of me. As he was a long hair lover I knew that. He was seeing me like I am some different species?

U Apurba?

I told him very calmly come in Aditya and opened the other door for him and. he was not believing that I am Apurba. Was staring at me and my hair.

Come in!!!!!

I said my voice little louder. I was in such a huge joyful moment. I never though he will come again to me and I can see him again. As a woman he is my first love. I was really wishing to run and just hold him tightly and keep myself on his huge chest. I can remember his smell. But I controlled. And keep him in the room and offer my 3x 6 cot for his welcome chair as there is no place. We both quite for 10 min. I was feeling embarrassing when he was staring at my body. First I offered a glass of water he took it from my hand but don’t drink it. And told me no a I don’t need that I will go soon. Just came because it is heavily raining and every communication had stopped.

Ok—I replied

But you can not go anywhere now. You have to wait for evening at least. Till take lunch as you were taking before I am making food for you.

Well as you wish.

I given him my new white sari to him and my brand new towel and request him to take bath as I kept water for you. I am just coming from the market.

And I went out from the room with a plastic on my head. I need to come out for a cry at least. I don’t know why but I was needed that. I cried at the road. My water came from my eyes washed by the rain. I went to the shop and bye two liter mineral water and egg for lunch. I was cried as much I can. And after feeling good I entered the room and saw he is sitting on my cot and watching my books casually. I was wet completely. As my body came out more transparent to him. He was looking be with big O in his mouth .I get ashamed.

Asked him deliberately – R u takes lunch now or I came out from bath?

He just replied yes

I entered to the bathroom but feeling his thirsty eyes on my back and on my thick long wet hair on my back. I came back with an old sari old blouse. And wet hair bunned on my neck. And straight went to the kitchen and started making food. After one hour we completed our lunch and I offered my bed for a tiny sleep. He was asking me to sit beside him> But really he was confused that how he will treat me as man or woman? But I sit beside him. As I was trying to get the smell of him. Yes I get that and I took that smell as much I in a single breadth. After some time I started to talk with him about our previous days and some times later we both get very casual like before. He was repeatedly telling me about my beauty and my feminine nature. I was really very much proud to be a woman now after getting a huge and positive response from him. After some time he offered me to go somewhere around the city. He would be proud to date with me for this evening. I get scared. Cause I was not having really nothing to dress to date with him. I was repeatedly ignoring him and at last told him the real cause. I suggest him to go out and take some food as he like and celebrate our meeting here only. He was agreed and did so. Came with lots of foods. We spent really a very nice time through out the evening. I was wearing my new White sari white blouse and white petticoat. My long thick silky hair was well combed and bunned and hanging on my neck tied with a guarder. He was looking, more precisely lusting on me whenever I was getting busy with some different job. Like serving his food or his drink. After taking food I sat beside him and started chatting. He just put his hand on my shoulder and his fingers were playing with my hair rounded on my neck. I was then decide to sleep and offered him my cot and I was willing to sleep at the floor 3×7. He was get angry and asked me to sleep there at the cot. I really liked to hear that from him. I not spent a single word and sleep there putting off the light. And I started to sleep keeping my face opposite to him. But it was really difficult to sleep. Many thoughts are really making me unsleeping. May be after one hour or may be two I feel a touch on my bun and the rest portion of my back cover by my blouse. I can feel his nose touching my bun. I just keep quite. He was taking deep breath to smell my hair. And his hands are discovering my bare part of the body. I can feel his hands on my bare belly. His finger sometime goes to the deep of my naval. I was just feeling very nervous and hot. Now he slowly unties my hair guarder. And let my hair loosened and scattered through out his pillow. He is taking deep breath Deeping his nose in my hair and sometime his hands are gripping my thick hair tightly. It hurt me. So I was going to move toward him and asking not to do, but that time he drag my face by pulling my hair tightly and keep his lips on my lips. His both hand arrested my both hands and he keep my hands under me before I was going to make him away from me. I was having no way except accepting his domination over me. I liked that. He left my lips till it starts bleed from inner side. Then he deep his nose to my throat and kissing and biting there…

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Adi…please leave me. I tried to make him aware what he is doing…

Uummmmmmm ooooohhhhh my god ….U r so hot apu….I am not going to leave you. I heard his roaring, biting my chin hard

Aaahhhhh….i started to liking that,

He was licking my face and throat very hungrily and simultaneously trying to put down my sari from my chest. He gets success and he was Deeping his face in my cleavage. His left hand was under my neck and controlling my entire face by grabbing a bunch of hair in his punch. His other hand started to try unhooking my blouse. I was shouting then in pain as my hair bunch was in his hand badly. This time he gets unsuccessful to unhook my blouse as it was very tight. He entered his finger in my cleavage and ripping my blouse hook…

Ohhhhh no adi, don’t do that. I do not have other to wear…I was trying to make him away from my body, as his huge body pressure was on me. But somehow I liked his huge body weight on me. In the mean time he gets success to rip my blouse off from my chest. I was really struggling for taking my self free from his strong bond of his hands. But he gets stopped after seeing my tits. It is really nice I know. Nice 36 size and soft small nipples. He was looking on those very very hungrily. Still I was trying to remove him from my body. Suddenly He gets violent and slapped me hard on my cheeks.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh it was huge for me and I get senseless for some minute. When I was get awake I feel his tongue on my nipple and he was sucking it and his right hand really pressing my left boob badly. And his right hand arrested my face by grabbing my entire hair in his wrist. And he removed his shirt from his body. His warm touch make me little hot.

Ohhhh my god I really liked it. First time a man is sucking my tit’s nipples like so hungry. I am getting pain at my boobs and my hair for his treatment with my boobs and my hair, but still I spread my hands on his back and I started to rub his bare back by my soft hands. And started talking with him

Ohh adi don’t do that with me. I am not a girl.

After getting my response physically he licked my face and make it wet. And answered

Ummmmm you r more than that u slut.i need your body. Like to make you my own woman. He moaned like a lion and started kissing me in his own way by biting my thick soft lips.

Listening his rough language I get stunned but feel really like slut for my love.

I started co-operating with him and answered with a kiss on his lips. He started behaving like a mad lion and caressing my belly with my deep naval by this hard fingers and tongue. He moaning with the rough words

Ummmmm ohhhhhh what a fig u have my whore.You bitch I will make my own woman…ummmmm I like you apu.i need your body forever..

I was accepting his every nuisance on my body. He is biting my belly and entering his tongue in my naval. I was squeezing in excitations. On another few minutes he make my all body wet by his tongue.

Some time later he asked me to stand at the floor. I get shameless I don’t know how? I get up and tied my hair on my neck and stand on the floor. He also stands in front of me and get nude in front of me shamelessly. Ohh my god what a big and thick it is. I never imagine that kind a tool yet. It was fully erected then. Nice and notorious. Muscles are really trying to come out.

He comes to me. And undo my hair completely. And let my hair cascading till my ass.

Ohhhh my slut I like your hair. He was smelling it badly and slowly wrapping it in his wrist. Now forcibly made me kneel down by my hair and told me.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh my slut suck me….ummmmm he touched his tool to my lips..

A very hard smell comes from there I wanted to move my face from there but he caught my hair more tightly and bound my face to stay there in front of his huge dick. I put my soft fingers to his dick and started to rub it slowly. He just started to moan…

Ahhhhhh my slut…Ohh my god…Do it faster and suck it…I did really not like to suck it. But he just slapped me so hard that and I get down on the floor. He wakes me up by my hair and put his dick in to my mouth. It is so thick that I was bound to stretch my mouth at maximum. I am Nude without a panty. He just ripped my all clothes from my body and enjoying it really badly. And most surprisingly I like it. I was serving my love by all my treasures. He was just behaving like a mad when I start suck his huge dick with my mouth and massaging his dick by my tongue. He was jerking my head by my hair badly.

And moaning like roaring of lion after conquering someone’s lioness. I started licking his balls and dirty areas. I don’t know why I liked to serve him. But I did it for a long 40 mins. I leave him when my jaws get restless. He makes me lye on the bed by pulling my hair hard. I was crying but liking to be dominated by him. He make lie on my knees like a doggy pose. He just caught hold my entire hair in his hand like horse and started masturbating. He started jerking my head by my hair on the reatham of his masturbating. He gets mad as I believe. But still I get pleasure to give him pleasure. Suddenly he asked me to lie normally and I did that. He lie on me and his dick touches my belly. And he put his nose on my throat and bites my skin so hard I get understand that he will cum now. I just started to feel his hot cum on my belly. He releases his cum biting my skin very hard as I was holding him very tightly to give him max pleasure. I seem to understand his cum started to slide in to the bed from my belly. As he was on me like a huge tree and I was under him. I put off the light and make him more comfortable on me and let him sleep over me. My entire body was now in a strange ache. But still my love to him keeps me under him.

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