Lost Virginity In Train

Hi! How r u all? I m Nilesh 27, male , Gujarat.I am 5ft 8 inch, 62 weight, 34 chest, 32 waist and 38 hips. I was not a gay. Never did I had any intention to have sex with man. But on that day my sexual orientation changed. And I had relationship with man. Now I m going to share my real experience which happened to me when I was travelling from Vadodara to Raipur by Hawara express. I booked ticked in 2nd AC. I wore black t-shirt and blue jeans on that day.

Train departure time from Vadodara is 1.30 am (night). I reached at station around 12.30 am. Waited for train and train came at 1.45 am. I stepped in to my coach and reached to my site. I found my number on side upper birth. TC checked my ticked and train moved on. On lower birth one uncle was resting, age around 38. He was waking. He looked gentle man. He helped me to put my luggage.

Then I went on top birth. He closed curtains ( Side births can be covered completely by curtains in 2nd AC). I tried to sleep but somehow could not. I came down to go for urine 2-3 times. That uncle was reading some book. When I was about to reach my birth 3rd time (Around 2.45 am) uncle told me if u r not sleeping we can talk. I accepted his suggestion (Biggest mistake of my life).

We just started formal talk. His name was Amit Shah. He told me he is a businessman. We talked for 30 mins. He said if u cannot sleep I can give u a massage if u wants. I politely denied. Once again we talk for a while and he said really I can relax u by giving massage. I learned the art of massage. Just take a demo. I did not say anything and just say ok. He said me to lie on my stomach and he closed curtain. Dim light was on.

I slept on my stomach. He sat near my waist. He gently started pressing my neck and shoulder muscles. I felt relaxed. He started massaging my back. Then he said why don’t u remove ur T-shirt. And without waiting for my answer he lifted my T-shirt up to my neck and I have to raise hands to take it out. I did not wear anything under it. Now I m backless in front of him. I felt little shy.

He started doing massage again but this time his hot palm is pressing against my naked body. Slowly he slipped his hand on both sides on my arms and rubbed against my fleshy chest. I felt some sensation. Now he asked me to turn. I turned with shy coz my chest is like girls. Soft and hairless with pink nipples. I closed my eyes and turned. he did not do anything so I opened my eyes and I found he was staring at my chest.

I felt too shy so I did not make eye contact. He said u have a nice chest. And kept his hand around my neck for massage. He rubbed my shoulders hard. And slowly moved towards my chest. I stopped his hand with my hand but he hold my hands (Both) and lifted them above my head and gripped them tightly with his one hand (my both hands were joined). I could not resist because he was muscular.

With his second hand he kept his thumb straight on my nipple and started circling it. I felt like current went through my body. He kept thumb in his mouth, licked with saliva and kept on my nipple. I shiver with feeling. He rubbed all his saliva on my nipple and made it wet. I said , please sir wat r u doing? He said , “tum bas late raho aur maza lo,”. I said please leave me.

He said , “abhi nahi , abhi to sift suruvat hai” . and he came close to my mouth and kept his lips on mine. Usne apni jaban bahar nikali aur mere hoth pe rub ki. He smooched me. I resisted lot but he grabbed my hair and pull them with force so I opened my mouth and he forced his wet tongue in my mouth. Now he was giving me French kiss. I hesisited but now I lost control and supported his act. He kissed me (tongue to tongue) for 10 mins. All his saliva I drunk..

He moved little down and started rolling his tongue on my chest and Oh! On my nipples. My nipples get erected and he took in mouth and sucked them heavily.mmuchhh mucccch muccch was the sound coming from his mouth. And ah! Ah!!! Uhhm! From my mouth. He chewed my nipples very hard and bite them took them in between his teeth and bite very hard. Now he was completely lying on me. I felt his pressure.

I could not breathe properly. Then he got up. I though it’s over and now I m free. But it was not like that. Removed his shirt, baniyan and once again lied on me. First time my naked body was rubbed against another man’s naked body. He lifted me from my little bit and covered his hands on my back and took me completely in his arm. And started kissing me badly on naked , chicks and of course lips. One more smooch. I got wet down. This continued for few mins.

Now he said, “apni pent lose karke ulta let ja.” I said, “nahi sir, yanhi tak hi thik hai , agar kisi ko pata chal gaya to, aur maine abhi tak aisa kuch kiya nahi hai”. He said, “dekh train ki avaz se kisi ko pata nahi chale ga aur subhah ki bagese sab gahari nind main hai.

I: lekin muje dard hog

He: kuch nahi hoga, main expert hoon, dhire dhire dalunga, agar dard ho to nikal lunga

With hesitation I agreed and opened my button and unzipped my pent and turned. now I was lying on my stomach.

Without waiting for a second he grabbed my pent and underwear and in one throw he slipped them up to my knees. Muje bahot ajib lag raha tha. Main train main ek starnder k samne nanga leta tha. Jo kuch hi der main meri gand marne wala tha. Now he opened his zip and I turned back to see. Oh! No he had monster (7-8 inch, 2.5-3 inch dia). I scared and said please muje nahi karna hai.

He: Kuch nahi hoga janu, sirt leti raho main sab sambhal lunga

I: nahi sir, itna bada nahi gayega

He: tum fikar mat karo , sift muscles loose chod do

I did that.

He: tumhe strawberry pasand hai

I: ya

He took one flavored condom out from his pocket and kept on his tool.

He: jara apni gand thodi unchi kar aur pair faila.

I did that. I closed my eyes. My heart was beating very fast. I knew that I m going to cry in pain in next few mins. Muje pasina chut raha tha. My throat was dry.

I was about to faint . mere rounte khade ho gaye the. Mere jabane main apne sukhe hoth gile kar raha tha.

Aur tabhi , I felt his tool on top of my hole. Rubber of condom touching my hole.

He: thodi aur unchi kar apni gand,

I did

He: thoda sa dard hoga. Chikh na mat

I : try karonga

And he grabbed by butt chicks spread them little more, kept his tool on tip and one push

Ahhhh!!! Ooosssssssss!

I shouted in pain.

I:please sir bahot dard ho raha hai, nikal dijiye

His tool hardly went 1 inch in me

He took it out.

Now he removed my pent and underwear completely and tool my underwear and grabbed my hair lifted my face and forced underwear in my mouth. He was sitting on my. I was lying completely naked in between his legs.

He understood that I will not bear pain. So to close my mouth he forced underwear and to prevent further objection from my side he hold my wrists of both hands in his hands and turned my hand back.

He: Ab hilana mat. Agar chikhega to sab ko pata chal gayega kit u gayh hai

I stayed silent.

Once again he kept tool at locations and he was holding my both hands and he pulled them and he moved forward and one push

Ammm! I could not shout

One more push!

I was trying to move away but he forced me to lie and twisted my hands more.

He took his monster little out and ek aur dhaakkaaa

I could not breath. Mere ankho se ansu nikalne lage aur per chahere se hoke hotho tak aagaye.

Am ammmm am

I was moaning heavily.

He: ek last push

Aur ek last push main usak pura monster mere hole main. I was crying heavily but not shout. My ass was burning like someone has inserted hot iron rod in it. The pain was uncontrolled.

He waited for few mins. Took his tool out and push it in.

Slowly he started taking it more out and more in , in slow pace

Still I was crying in pain

And he increased his speed.

In-out in-out in-ou……

With every push I was jumping in pain. But he did not care

Now he further increased speed and fuch fuchhh ch mmmmccccccccc muchhhhh fuchhhhh sound was coming from every push.

He rode me for 20 mins like that. And thennnn he took his cock out. There was blood on it which came from my virgin hole.

Now Turned me once again. Now I m lying on back. He came sat on my chest took underwear out

Oouuuhhhhhhh oooohhhhh ahhhhhh

Mmmm I was moaning after my rape.

I was breathing heavily. I close my eyes and crying in pain

When I opened my eyes I saw he took condom out and came close to me and said

Apna muh khol!

I : nahi

He: pinched my nipples

I: aahhh

And my mouth opened

He kept his monster in my mouth and said chus ise

I did not have any options

Maine chusna suru kiya

10 min tak chusne k baad usne apna pura pani mere muh main dal diya aur muje forcefully pila diya

Thoda mere muh se bahar nikal raha tha.

Now he said ; ab bani tu puri aurat.

It was 4.30 am in the morning.

He dressed.

He: main upar tumare birth par chala jata hoon tu yaana so ja

Dard ki baje se kuch der main chaddar odhkar nanga lete raha

Phir apne kapde pahen k jab utha (bathroom jane) to main thik se chal bhi nahi sakta tha.

Apne piar ko failake , badi muskil se main chal raha tha. Jaise suhagraat k dusre din ladki chalti hoo. Mere nipples main bhi dard ho raha tha. Uncle ne bade jorse kata tha.toilet se aa ke main sogaya.

Jab nind khuli to 12 baje the. Aur maine upar dekha to uncle nahi the. Mere pas seat pe ek chitti thi Usme likha tha: “ tum vakehi lagavab hoon. Maine kai aurato aur ladko ko choda hai par tum sa koi nahi tha. Ye raat muje hamesa yaad rahegi. Maine letter side main rakh k khidki bahar khule maidano ko dekha aur raat k bare main sochne laga,

Phir halki si muskan k sath mere hothe se nikal gaya” ye meri bhi sabse acchi raat thi, main bhi use kabhi nahi bhul paunga aur apko bhi kyun ki apne hi mera seal toda hai, Aaaj bhi main jab bhi apni nipples ko chu ta hoon muje uncle ka wo nipple chusna , dabana , chatna aur katna yaad aata hai. Aur phir se ek bar un khubsurat lamho ko ji leta hoon. Please give me your comments.