No Pleasure With Out Pain

Hi readers.My name is Abhishek, 23 years old with 5.7ft, 63kg, 32wst. Believe me when i say every word i am going to type here is true and makes it a true story (No hyperbole is used).

I like yahoo chatting so one day i was on with that. In Bangalore chat room, I got one ID as hrdcrewitme. (I am fond to hardcore and always liked to download that kind a videos). I pinged that guy and after a formal chatting we started chatting about sex and all. He mentioned he likes hardcore and wants to have a deep throat job and he asked me if I could help him. I dont fear exploring new sexual heights in fact i just love doing new things so

I gave him a positive response though he warned me this is not going to be that easy or fun for you as you are imagining. But my sexual adventure nature was at its peak and I replied him that is not his business to think about my fun or pleasure, my limits are endless. This made him sending his contact no and address.

Next day almost 12.00 PM I reached his house, rang door bell and within 2 min this guys was there. Almost 6ft, 70-75kg, muscular body. Once i got scared but got guts to say him hello. He took me inside and we sat for a while (i guess 5 minutes). Suddenly this guy slapped me hard, i was shocked and before i could understand anything, he threw me from his sofa and kicked my ass, and again a slap. It was getting harder and painful. Before i could ask him anything. i found, both my hands were tied from behind crisscrossing each other. ”

Whats wrong with you? what are you….?”, Again a slap. Tears started making my eye lashes moist. In the next seen I was at my knee and his monster cock was exactly front of my eyes. He shouted,” Dont you know what I want now, you whore”. I felt bit angry because of his rude behavior and I protested it nodding my head. ” I know how to make it done.” Slaps and Slaps and Slaps. I almost cried, I am not going to do it, I hate you and I want to go back. ” Do I care?” He said and made my nostrils closed.

I had no other option but opening my mouth for air but I was stubborn and just unlocked my lips so air can pass. When he saw that he smiled and pinch my nipples. That was an extremely painful process and cried with pain and his thick, long dick was in my mouth. I was trying to shove it out but his continuous torture in various forms made me submissive and i started to follow his commands. His dick was too think and big for my mouth and it was getting very difficult for me to handle this but he was not caring about it.

He hold my head very hard and started pushing his cock deep in my mouth. My mouth was full with is cock and almost 1/3 of his cock was still waiting outside getting in. I was about to vomit and got saliva filling my mouth in fact it started oozing mouth of mu mouth and making his floor wet with my saliva but that was so busy pushing his cock deeper in mouth forcefully and torture. Almost after 15 Minutes, in between of his torture and humiliation

I found my nose was pressed with his pubic zone and his pubic hair were making breathing more difficult, my chin was in touching his balls and I realized his cock was deep in my throat. He started pumping my head like anything without caring in such a speed my neck could get a jerk. gooonn gooooooonn kinda sound was coming out from my throat. my tears and saliva made my cheeks wet but this guy was busy in getting his fun,

Worst parts were when he shoved cock deep in mu throat and his balls were touching my chin and he closed my nostrils by his fingers for 1 or 2 mins, I couldnt breathe. It was very uneasy, I tried my level beat to get rid of his grip but it was not happening, I was helpless and my hands were tied hard. I though soon he will cum out and i will be released from this torture but suddenly this guy took me from floor and threw me on his sofa in such a way that my head a swinging free and rest of body was on sofa.

Again he started shoving his thick cock in my throat. This situation was more difficult that previous one but more enjoyable for him. He held me swinging head and started jerking hard. In deep situation my nose was presses with is balls and eye, forehead were in his area between his balls and ass hole. He was on and on and on. Almost after 20 min to half an hour he took his dick out and with a grunt voice he threw his hot cum all over my body. His cum was in gallons.

I thought this is going to be end of the saga and never in the future I will be meeting his again. And i was waiting him to release my tied hands. Within 2 min my hopes of getting freed got shattered as he slapped me hard and started tying my legs. “What are you doing? You are done and satisfied, let me get out of here”. In the place of answer he gave me a slap and said,” Just shut up, you slut”.

He gagged my mouth with one cloth and put tape all over my lips. I couldnt speak even a single word now. He was not done with it. he took one hood (black color hood that criminals had to wear before getting hanged) that was looking his pillow cover and covered my face with that. His cruelty was at its peak so he did tape free end around my neck, I guess for making breath difficult.

I couldnt do anything except making voices from my throat. I couldnt see anything but I heard as this guy was over a call and he invited his friend for me. I was not prepared for any of these kind a thing and now it will be gang bang. I started making more sound from throat but nothing did work. In fact he started belting me hard, slaps all over my body and he clipped my nipples. I wanted to cry loud with pain but all my voices were choked inside and made my pain severe.

All of sudden, I heard a call bell. I knew his friend has come. My feet sweat made my socks full wet and I was getting cold when I heard more than 4 voices.

” So here is the slut.” One heavy voice asked. “Yes, here is our male randy.”

“How is he doing?” asked another voice.

“He is like a wild horse. It was very hard to control. I knew you will like to see him in this condition that is why is i made it but i am sure we all are going to enjoy with him.”

” Really! then what are we waiting for? drag him to me”

Any plans for drink?”

” Oh you have any? Good, drink and drive is always good” and they started laughing.

Now I was confident there were 5 guys (including the guy who fucked my throat badly).

Those guys were busy in drinks and were talking about me and other issues. One guys said loudly,” Dont worry. we have our sex pet here, he will let you feel better.”

Go and lick his asshole.” Within a second, I realized a tongue in my asshole. I understood, they have their own slave and they were talking to my about him. I guess after 15 min of deep tongue in asshole. He tried to make my nipples free from clips but suddenly I heard I slap sound,” Did I tell you to do that? Lick his hole only. Do you understand?” In the reply he just said,”Yes master.” but slowly this slave guy whispered near my ear.” Today you will see the hell.” I got so scared that i started cursing my sexual fantasies.

“Now drag him hear”. And they dragged my brutally as someone drags a dead body. My hood was removed and i saw 4 dark guys almost 6+ ft and ultimate built like wrestlers. They all were nude and each had almost 8 inch and wrist thick cock.”He is a beautiful and small slave seems from north India. You know my taste very well dude.” saying this he patted my throat fucker. 4 guys sat on sofa and I was on my knees facing them but then 5th guy (their regular slave) blindfolded me, of course I couldnt see anything.

They ordered me to come close but I didnt move.”This bloody wild horse needs my belt” and with in 1 min I got belted. I moved close. ” You follow our commands and get less punishment or see the hell. Choice is yours” saying that they removed my gag. I cried loudly and said “I am not going to do that and I want to go.” Before I could finish my line one endless cock reached deep in my throat and my last words couldnt come out from my throat. Please believe me, blindfold blowjob is very horrible because you cant see the length or anything and you cannot control anything.

Anyway I had to do that and my head was getting pumped like anything, I was slapped by rest of the cocks and asshole was getting licked by their slave. After some times I was laid on sofa in L shaped, my head was swinging down just, I had already faced this pathetic situation few hours back so I knew about it. Again an endless cock was entered deep in and my head pumping started. My nipples were getting hell lot of clip torture, slapping and biting. During throat jobs, few times balls were replaced and sometimes asshole.

This process was on for almost 1 hour and my mouth was feeling numb. After some times. They made me stand and then told me to sit. As I guessed I was going to sit on cock. Because of continuous licking my asshole, cock went swiftly but it still was painful. I had taken only few strokes but suddenly I felt one more monster cock trying getting in my asshole. They wanted double penetration, I cried with pain but I was gagged with cock, all pain was chocked in. Ohhhhhh, I can still feel that pain.

Tears were all around my cheek and made that blindfold cloth full wet. Making my situation worse one more cock was getting in my mouth. It was impossible but they pulled my hair back and started widen my mouth and with hell lot of pain another cock was in though it was partial inside but that was unbearable. I have taken many awkward strokes and finally got rhythm. Now I was getting used to that pain started getting fun.

Almost 45 min I was in that situation, then one cock was taken out from my asshole and that placed was taken by another guy who was busy in my mouth. Now my hands were untied, they were full numb. This guy (just came out from my ass) squirted his hot cum on my body. It was in gallons. Now I was holding 2 cocks in my ass and one in my mouth , with in 5 min. one guy cum out in my mouth and after 2 min one more take his cock out from my ass and put it in my mouth and did cum out.

Now my eyes got open , i took not more than 2 min to adjust my life in light and i was shocked to see one handy cam. OMG, i was shot. I said,” Please dont film it”. “Its already done boy.” replied one. in between of that last guy also cum out and he put his cum all over my face.. As he left from my face. Their slave ( a beautiful 19 or 20 years old boy) licked my face and swallowed that cum. I was feeling so week and numb but now these guys were getting friendly and soft to me.

They took me up from floor and made me sit in sofa and gave me some water to drink. Once i got some energy, i requested them to delete that film they have shot.” We will delete it but will see it now” Cam was connected to their laptop and movie started….Entire thing i was gone through was so painful but in movie it was so hot. I was erected soon as well as other guy and got a hard fucking session again and got my best ever orgasm, this made me so weak. When they deleted movie.

“How do you feel?” One of them asked me smiling

” You know what I never had this kind a pleasure before”

“Because you must know, there is no pleasure without pain”.

I took bath with these guys and left to my hose. These guys gave me lift to my house. I reached my house late night 2.30 AM and couldnt feel much in my ass, mouth and throat but they just nullified by the pleasure I got. And I knew really, there is no pleasure without pain. Please give me your feedback to my experience on / /