The Sexperience

Hi guys I’m new…is the incident that took place nearly 2yrwen I was just 19 before when I was traveling to Gujarat to meet my parents who have gone there to look after their parents. So booked a ticket of bus n that to sleeper bus, I booked one whole double seat cabin which has space of double bed, n when I reached d stop saw my seat there was no one so I climbed up n locked d cabin, after about an hour d conductor came n told me that this old man would like to share d cabin with me n will pay me half money of what I paid so

I agreed to it, n helped d old fellow to climb up n when we were inside he locked d cabin now let me introduce d old fellow he was in his starting 45s n was tall n healthy man whitish complexion skin and average looking fellow. So now d bus started n I was a bit tired so I just formally introduced myself n came to new that his name is Akash n was visiting to Gujarat because some of his far relative expired, n went for a nap I was sleeping on d window side n he was doing something in his cell.

And after some time when my eyes opened I saw that Akash uncle was fondling his cock from over d pant n was looking something in his cell I knew he was watching a porn movie so without disturbing him I closed my eyes n went for a sleep, after an hour d bus stopped at a hotel so I woke up n we both got down I went to d basin washed face and freshened up and had a hot tea it was evening time(5:30), after some 15mins d bus started we climbed up n again locked d cabin now I was playing game in my cell n Akash was doing something in his cell.

When it was 6:30 it was dark outside n inside to so I opened d dim light wit which I could see that what is happening in d cabin so around 7:00 Akash uncle just removed his shirt n used a towel to change his pants n was only in tracks n a banyan he had very less hair on his body, now he told me that he is going to sleep n went for a sleep n his mobile was on my side so I gained some courage n took his mobile n opened d last opened file n saw that he was watching a movie

In which a young guy is being fucked buy n black old fellow it was new to me so I was watching it, n after some time uncle woke up n asked me what was I doing with his cell so I explained him dat I was just checking out his song collection so he stood up n showed me d new collection of songs, I told him that I have all of these, so he sat quite for a while n after sometime he asked me that do I have any girlfriend I told him no because I still didn’t get any such girl with whom

I can move forward so we started talking, at 8:00 he again started watching that porn n this time I could see his erection as he was only in cotton tracks without hi undies it was not visible clearly because d light was dim so I just quietly slept on my side n pretended that I am asleep, n was just checking his cock after some time he caught my hand and putted on his erection n moved my hand over it for a while n left my hand, there I didn’t moved my hand n what to say guy his tracks were wet with his pre cum n was getting more n more wet so

I moved my I hand and bought it back to me n pretended to sleep. After some time he woke me up n asked me if he can sit on the window side I just offered him d seat n was seating beside him, so after some time he told me that can I massage his thighs I agreed n he changed into towel n showed me to massage it softly his thighs were hairless n strong, I massaging it n he asked me to undo his towel n massage his upper thigh I obeyed him n now he was only in his under wear n

I could see his erection clearly he told me to relax n all of a sudden removed his underwear n showed me his tool it was still semi erect cleaned shaved n of about 7″long n 2.5″ thick n just hold my hand n putted over his cock n told me to just fondle it n putted his underwear in my mouth so that I can’t scream I obeyed him n was just caressing his cock after sometime time he removed his undy from my mouth n told me to remove my pants

I obeyed n did what he said n told me to suck his cock I just started doing I was not even able to hold it in my mouth he den laid me down n fucked my mouth I was not even able to breathe after some time he shot loads of cum in my mouth n asked me drink it I did d same n den asked me to lie on my belly n started fingering my asshole it was a bit painful but pleasuring at d same time after about 15min of fingering he came near my face n told me to suck his cock n make it hard again I did d same n when he got hard he just applied some oil on my asshole n his cock

I knew that he is going to fuck me hard I kept quite n he started pushing his cock in my asshole n after sometime he was fully in it was very painful but really felt good n started fucking me after 15mins he shot all his cum in my ass n lied beside me n after 5-10mins cleaned his cock with the tissue paper n cleaned my asshole also n after sometime he again made me suck him n fucked me in d doggy style but this time he was fucking n shagging my cock in up down motion n this process

I came on d seat about 2-3times n he was still fucking me it was very painful but I was on d seventh clouds n after some time he came again inside me n lied for a while n after that cleaned my hole n his cock with a tissue n wore his cloths n asked me to wear mine I obeyed him n now h made me watch d whole porn n up till now we didn’t spoke to each other

I just did what he asked me to. And then we slept n next day morning when I woke up I saw that I was alone in d cabin n Akash had left n just added my number in his cell n his one in my cell after that we did it many times at his place which is not far away from mine….if you liked please send a feed back m waiting n will share my further experience in other stories