A Memorable Night

Hi all, This is Sathish (of course a fake name, because of my own priorities), from Kerala. It’s like more than six years that I am reading stories from indiansexstories.net. Well, I am 25 yrs now. So maybe, I started it by 19. Some stories are excellent like the “Irani Girl” in teacher/student section, that I read some four or five years back. Still I can remember each scene of that story. Wow! That guy did a very good job. Many times I thought of writing some of my experiences. But of course…I am a lazy guy and also a bad storyteller too…

First of all, forgive me for my language, because I’ve no idea about where it will go… So about me, I am 25 yrs, fair (well, that doesn’t matter in sex), an average built, handsome (according to my friends) guy with a medium sized cock. I am bisexual. I had both experiences and both have its own advantages. In a way, I’m lucky because I always get someone for sex whenever I need…(of course in a safer way)… Here I am going to say one of my gay experiences.

This happened when I am 20 yrs old…Five years back. Matter is that still also I can remember each and every step on that night because it was that much special…With n that twenty years, I had some good experiences in sex. This one happened with one of my good friends (we were a group of five guys during college days. Now also it is like that, but all five are in five different places…of course, for bread and butter yaar…).

This guys’ name is Kiran (name changed due to the above said reasons). About him, the same age as mine, 5’8 tall, dusky, but very handsome. We are friends since we were 15 yrs. It was common among us to stay in any of the fives home for studies. We were together for everything…for films, making nonsense’s in class, commenting gals, bunking classes…and twice or thrice we had some paid sex with aunties … In my home I am a very innocent and good guy, who never uses drinks or cigars.

And whenever I had drinks I never went to my home. Usually I stay at Kiran’s home. It was common for us to sleep together. But sex never happened between us.  One day, it was a B’Day party and we all drink heavily. The other three guys went to their home. Me and Kiran marched to Kiran’s home as usual. And we went straight to bed. I was totally booze up. I didn’t even remember what happened to me after that. When I wake up I felt something different. It took some time to realize what was happening. Kiran was kissing me and hugging tightly.

I really got stunned and don’t know what to do. Because I was not expecting that from him. Then I realized that we both are naked. I wait for some time. He was proceeding slowly. He was kissing all over my body. I didn’t felt anything that time, may be due to that unexpected event. I took his hand away from my body. Suddenly he stopped. I asked him what happened. What provoked him to do like this? He didn’t answer. After some time he again hugged me. His cock was hitting my naked thighs. It was rock solid.

I said him that though it’s dark then, we have to look at each other in the day light next morning. For that also he didn’t answer and continued caressing my body. I understood that he is not going to stop. He played with my nipples and sucked it softly. Though I didn’t react, am also feeling something inside… (I think u can name it more easily than me). He moved his hands down to my cock while sucking my nipples. His touch was so gentle and arousing. I also lose my control. I removed his lips from my nipples and gave him a deep kiss.

We kissed each other passionately. What a feeling!!! We hugged each other tightly. My cock was also in full swing. He squeezed my cock hardly which was painful…but I loved it.  We were not seeing our face since the light was switched off. There was only a dim light which we can hardly see our bodies. I sucked his nipples hardly. Though he was bit hairy (as I am also), he tasted good. I bite his nipples slowly (it’s my fetishism to make marks) in which he moaned slowly.

That was the first sound from his side. It aroused me. I sucked and bite harder…

ssshhhh…haaa…slowly…he said. But I am not in a mood to come down. I kissed his whole body. His ass was superb…something I never noticed for the last six years. We were like two beasts. We both squeezed each other’s cock. Bite each other’s bums…That was really a great feeling…something I never get from the hardcore sex I had earlier. I licked his naval and kiss his cock.

Though it was normal, he was shivering with pleasure, may be due to that special sex. I spread his legs upwards and lick his balls. He was making sounds louder which I was forced to shut his mouth with my hands.  I sit on his chest. My shaft was at 90 degree. Very near to his lips. I never said him to suck. But he understood what I want. He opens his mouth and tastes it. Mine is cut. The touch of his tongue on my cock head took me at heaven. He began to suck it slowly. Though I want to make some sounds I swallowed it.

Because his parents were there in the next room. He sucked it fully. I don’t know whether he had any experience…but he did that job very well. I was squeezing his whole body. He sucked for more than ten minutes. Then I felt I am coming. I really don’t want to cum on his mouth. So I took my cock from his mouth. I touched his asshole and try to put my finger. But he objects. So I left that idea. We hugged each other tightly for long time…exploring each other’s mouth…

I really want to cum…and also its getting dawn. He placed my cock between his thighs. He kept his thighs tight. His thighs are very shaped one…like soccer players. I start cycling. But its paining because of his hairy thighs. I went to the bathroom and took some oil and smoothened his thighs…what a feeling yaar…I pumped like anything…He also enjoyed it. Usually I take some time to release…He also know it from our experience with aunties at Bangalore…

On that day, it took more…Whenever he felt that am going to cum, he loosen his thighs and then he’ll tighten it…The show go on for some more time and finally I collapsed. He also pumped on my thighs and cum…We stay there for some more time and cleaned ourselves. After that we went to sleep. I think it was nearly 5 AM. We wake up by 8’O clock. Usually he wakes by 9 AM. We didn’t talk anything about yesterdays thamasha…I said him to drop me at my home. He didn’t come to college for the morning session.

When he came on afternoon also we behave like nothing happened there. We again had sex two or three times. The best thing is that we never talked about this till now. The only talk between us during sex was…oooohh….aaah….slowly…that’s all. The sex between us ends up in graduation days itself. Without any reason…one day when he approached, I said that I am not interested…

I afraid that sex between us may ruin our friendship. He also started to act bit possessive to me, something that I always hate. So we put a full stop there and everything comes back to the normal stage. We both are still bachelors. Now also we sleep together…but no sex…Yes, sex is there…but not between us…Hope you liked it. Apologizing once more for the language…Expecting your comments…buzz me in / /