Swapnil To Swapnali

Hi every one. The story I am going to write is not complete true, but some scenes of it are happened with me. I am sissy in nature and always wanted to read sissy especially bottom gay sex stories. This story is about me and my friend Rohit. Rohit is smart handsome boy whose parents are divorced and they are busy in their own life, gave him a lot of money and house in Pune. They even do not bother to ask him about his studies. Though he is smart and having money, because of he is shy attitude with girls, he is not having any girl-friend.

My real name is Swapnil. I am fair in color, though I am 18 years old still I look like teenager. My parents die when I was 4 years old. I stayed with uncle but, my auntie had problems about my stay with them so after completing my 10Th, I came to Pune. I met to Rohit while filling form, we had little chat. next day in class he asked me about my stay, I told me about my condition, he asked me if I want i could stay with him without any rent. Things were going properly, one day in college one of our friend said that “Rohit though you are smart, having money, still you have not girlfriend, because you are gay.

Rohit got angry and said as there were lot of people that he had a girl. So our friend asked him to get her to disco that weekend. Rohit accepted the challenge but, he was nervous because he had not any girl. He tried with two or three girls of our colony, but his bad luck only four days remaining for disco party of our, he asked me what to do? I was not having any answer. That night he did not sleep. Next morning on breakfast, he asked me Swapnil, you are quite fair and look like teenager, even if you dress like a girl no will understand.

I refused him, at start he was trying to convince me, and i was refusing, finally he blackmailed me that if I wont I have to leave his house. Reluctantly I got agree. Now thing how to prepare, he searched on internet about transformation of boy to girl. We opened his mothers cupboard, took out some old dresses of his mom. I wore bra and lingerie. wore salwar kameez. Meanwhile, Rohit went to market bought kajal,nail polish, lipstick. He combed my hair properly, applied kajal and nail polish. I just put on lipstick. I saw in mirror, Rohit was amazed I was a girl. He was so happy that he kissed on my cheek.

Next he said we will go to market and bring some good party wears for me, also I ll get some practice of behaving like a girl. We went to mall; even I was surprised no one had noticed that I am a boy. In mall I bought new bra, panties. Some top, jeans and few party wear. Till Party day I had to bunked my college, I have to dress, walk even talk like girl. Day come I was very nervous. We decided that we will be there at party for only half hour so that, people will not know much about me. I took bath in after noon , started doing makeup around 6 I was ready, Rohit was also ready. We went to disco; he introduced me to our friends as swappable. His friend shook hands with me.

Even some of girls of our group appreciated my beauty. Rohit was happy as he won the bet. Our friend insisted us to come on the dance floor. DJ was playing a romantic track. Every couple came closer, we also did same. I was in his arms and he was in mine. He kissed on my neck, for that moment I forgot about my gender, i feel like I am girl and in my lovers arm and he is loving me. I told him that we should leave. We left party, while going back he bought some wine. At home I was undressing, he already started drinking. He was very happy. He called me, and asked me to join. After few pegs Swapnali, can u do me a favor? I said what please wear nighty for me. I was in flow of wine, I did.

Romantic music was in background. I wore that nighty. When I went to bedroom, he came near me and we were again dancing like we did in disco. He kissed me on my neck, then cheek, he saw I’m not having any objection so our lips were touching. My eyes got closed, our tongues met. I have not felt like that before. I was in heaven. He started undressing me. Simultaneously we were smooching. I undressed him. He started sucking my nipples. First he kissed my nipple, then licking my nipples. My pink nipples got wet. Then he started doing wildly, he smooched so tightly that mark of his tooth on my left nipple is still there. he kissed on my bailey.

I don’t know what I was doing, I unbuttoned his shorts and started playing with his huge cock almost 7′. It was hot black cock and smell of his pre-cum was fascinating and forcing me to take it in. I took that in my mouth and started licking it. Salty taste of his penis, wow. He was coming and I was ready for that “Amrut”. He get easy that time, but I was getting horny. I kissed hi again was on his top. He removed my panty, and playing with my small dick, as well as my asshole. I don’t know when I ejaculated, but I liked it because he was fingering. After some time his penis gt erect. I was ready to take his cock.

He out pillow below my waist. And try to insert his cock in my ass. I shouted as it was paining. He was trying hard to let his cock inside my asshole. Finally he won; his cock was inside my ass. I was in pain that I could not bear. I was about to cry but slowly that pain was turning in enjoyment. He was doing some moment in my ass, though it was paining still that pain was giving enjoyment.

He started fucking me slowly, when he saw that there was no more pain in my eyes and expression he gave fast and hard stroke. His penis was moving like shaft expression he gave fast and hard stroke.  I was in deep pleasure, my eyes get closed, and my moaning was getting louder and louder aaahhh! ooohhhooo! Even he started moaning after few seconds, he forced his load inside my ass. I was satisfied, it was heaven. I wanted to be in his arm we were tired by such exotic sex.

We slept in each other’s arm we woke up quite late in morning, I saw he was looking at me only. What I saw that day is true love. His eyes were saying that he loves me a lot. In fact I found my soul mate we kissed each other this time there was not lust but just love, Ill tell about our further life in next part. Please comment on this story you can write me on / /

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