A Pleasant Unexpected Journey

I am Srini aged 37. Right from my teenage, I am fond of reading sexy stories. I was changed to a gay by one of my cousin brother at the age of 18. Whenever I go for a journey, I used to buy Debonair to pass time in train. In the recent times, I used to download gay stories from internet and take printouts to read in the train, as gay books are not openly available in India. This is the one fantasy story which combined with some real time activities.

I was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore by Rajdhani Express. This time also I took print out of gay sex stories to read in the train. While boarding at Nizamuddin Station, I saw a huge rush in the compartment and it seemed that most of the passengers are from the same family, I think it was a marriage party. As the train moved, I requested and shifted to a top berth as I feel that place to be comfortable for reading without any disturbance. After few minutes, a young cute boy of age approx 25 came and get settled in the top berth opposite to mine.

The boy was clean shaven and looking really smart with good hair style and red lips. He made me to look him again and again. He was wearing blue jeans and cotton checked shirt. There was loud noise always as the entire marriage party was making fun in the groups and all sorts of noise. I came to know that the entire party is getting down at Secunderabad. The boy who was in my opposite berth started talking with me and he said that he is

Kishore from Delhi working in a IT firm at Bangalore and going back after vacation. We had some formal talks. After a while, he slept .I took out the sex stories booklet and started reading. The next day, when the train reached Nagpur, I got down and was roaming in the Station. When I returned to my berth, he took my stories booklet and was reading. When I climbed my berth, he saw me and winked me. He said, “ I ll read and return to you”, and he gave me the book which he had. It was some English novel and he marked some page numbers in front of the book.

He said,” please read the page numbers I have marked.” When I gone through the first page, I came to know that they are sexy pages to read. The day passed like that.When the train was about to reach Secunderabad, there was a huge hue and cry in the compartment as the marriage party has to get down. When the train reached the Station, all the passengers got down, i.e. the most of compartment comprised of the same marriage party. When the train was about to move, one newlywed couple board the train.

When the train moved, I found that only the newlywed couple in one end of the compartment, one older couple with one small girl on the other end of the compartment. Almost at the centre, me and Kishore were left. Rest of the compartment is empty. When we settled back to our seats, I winked at Kishore and he returned with a sexy smile. Now my brain started working vigorously. Now the man of the newlywed couple came towards us and asked where we are going. I replied Bangalore.

He said they are also going to the same place for honeymoon. He was feeling shame and I replied not to worry and we won’t disturb them. After the dinner, I was reading the booklet and Kishore was reading his novel, the attended of the coach came and switched off all the other lights asked if we need anything, we replied in negative and he left. Then I went to the other coupes of the compartment and all lights were off. All have slept. The newlywed couples have covered their with the screen. I went to bathroom and I removed the undies and wore the night dress with lower and shirt.

I came back from bathroom and found that Kishore also slept. I covered the coupe with the screen and started reading the booklet. While reading, by default I made a tent over the blanket I was covering. Kishore changed his side over sleeping facing towards me. He opened his eyes and saw the tent over the blanket. He got up and sat in my berth. He switched off the light and moved his hands over the tent making it sharper. I moved my hands towards his jeans and he was semi erect.

I rubbed over the jeans and slowly opened the zip and his cock suddenly came out. He was also not wearing underwear. He wearing the white bed sheet removed his jeans fully. He knelt down on the floor. He slowly lifted my blanket and rubbed his face over lower and making my cock erect. He removed the buttons of the lower. When he was touching the buttons, my cock got great erection. It measured around 7 inches.

He removed all the buttons and my cock got out. He slowly moved his mouth towards and started kissing it. I moved my hands towards the bed sheet he was wearing, I removed the knot and his cock was fully erect. It was around 8inches. I rubbed his cock with my hands and he licking my dick, slowly removed my lower. He continued licking for 5 minutes and I masturbated his cock slowly. He then unbuttoned my shirt and I removed his shirt. I licked his nipples and he moving his hand over my hair making me more erotic.

He moved his head a little down and started kissing my mouth. When I was kissing, His rose lips were amazing and it smelt like real rose. Then he rotated his position after we were fully naked, now we are in 69 position, licking each other’s cock. The train was at great speed and combining our movement with the train movement, we were in heaven enjoying like anything. We sucked each other for almost 10 minutes. After a while like that, he got up and opened his bag and brought a bottle, I don’t know what that was. He opened the bottle and poured something over my cock.

And he started licking my balls. The something which was slowly pouring down my penis was honey. He licked the balls and slowly moved up towards the shaft and I was in seventh sky. That was wonderful experience when someone licking cock with honey. Then I took honey and made his to sit on the berth. I poured honey over his lips and made it to slowly drip from chin, to the belly, then to the lower abdomen and to the cock. Then I started licking his red lips and slowly licking down his chin. Then the chest, and nipples.

Then slowly moving towards the belly button. I stopped there and then again started towards lower abdomen and hairless penis. Sucking the cock, I measured inch by inch with my tongue. He went amazing and got up and kissed in my lips. Then I calm down him. Knelt down, I take his balls now in my mouth and eating the hanging mango with the honey; I sucked his cock fully taking it into my mouth.

After reaching the height of ecstasy, we mouth fucked each other taking the 69 position for about 15 minutes and we cum almost simultaneously on each other’s faces. Then we licked each other’s face and wiped the cum. After wearing when we went towards the bathroom, we heard mild voices from the coupe of the newly wed. We smiled at each other and went back and slept. Next day morning we reached Bangalore and we went apart taking each other’s number. But could not meet after that due to our busy schedules. Hoping to meet him soon.