Night With The Truck Driver

Hey every1, I am back with another 1 of my stories After missing out on the last bus out of this desolate town called Bhavnagar, no public vehicle in sight and pain in my legs and arms cause of carrying a huge bag of samples all day from 1 place to the other, I sit down on the milestone on the entrance of town hoping to catch something to my home town.

Minutes turned into hours, it was now deserted and the time in my watch said 10 pm, I had lost all hope of catching any public transport out of this place, I decided to spend the night in the town and catch something the next day, but I think my stars had something else written for me, I hear a truck screech to a halt and a heavy Punjabi accented being spoken from inside,

Kitthe jana hai praji”, I am not much aware about Punjabi, so I showed him a sign of no knowledge and he said in Hindi “ Kahan Jana Hai aapko”? I said I was looking to get to Ahmedabad by any means possible, he looked at me from head to toe and cracked a joke, he is like u can hop on but it’s not as comfortable as an air-conditioned car or bus. I said in my desperate voice that I would even not mind if u got seated me on an engine also,

I need to get back into town by today night, and he gave me a pearly white smile and told me to hop in to the truck. I throw in my bag and get into the truck, I am a little on the heavier side but I am fit enough to get into the truck myself, I get in and settle down and he begins to move the truck, slow and steady, the truck is dimly lit on the inside and I can see photos of gods everywhere, there are lights going on and off every few seconds, now I focus my attention to the driver, mid 40, ruffled beard, loose yellow turban,

Punjabi pathani suit that has stains of oil and grease, truck smells heavily of incent sticks, there is heavy traffic of trucks trying to get out of Bhavnagar so our pace is slow. I am cuddled up with the bag in my lap, it takes us a good 45 mins to get out on the open road, the truck is cruzing smoothly and we begin small talk, his name is Ravinder Singh (name changed), works for this transport company out of Bhavnagar and is originally from a small village in

Punjab, he has a wife and 3 kids and they all reside in the village. I tell him some bits about me and we continue, typical Punjabi music is playing in his truck and is at a light comfortable level. I do not see a cleaner boy with him, generally all truck drivers have a cleaner boy to clean the windows and the wind shield for good visibility, to my inquiry he said that the cleaner boy had caught some sort of an infection as he was not careful with a sexual worker, I gave out a snicker, to which he also laughed.

I had a gut feeling this conversation was turning and going to a place I want it to go, it was a fantasy to have sex with a rugged, soiled truck driver and here was 1 that was given to me on a silver platter. I added to his know how I jokingly asked him that I hope he uses a condom when he is with some1 like this, he said to me that he usually picks up these condoms at the free box at lots of these road side dhabha. He asked me if I have a habit of going to these kind of sexual workers, I told him that I have never been to 1 as

I am not into all of this. I asked him that if he had a wife and kids why would he go to some1 like these and take the risk and be unfaithful, he told me that they r away from home for a very long time, every1 has needs and physical requirements, some where he feels guilty but cannot avoid physical requirements. He asked me if I had a girlfriend to which I replied no, I did not want any nagging in my life and wanted to live independently, he laughed very loudly,

In this time we had smoothly passed our journey and another about 150 klms were left, it was 11:30 in the night and he asked me if I had eaten anything or would I like to stop for some food, I told him that the last morsel of food I had was at 3 in the afternoon and am really hungry, he tells me that a good dhabha is coming in about 15-20 mins and he would stop and we would eat together.

In these 20 mins my night was going to be amazing, to inquire more and fulfill my fantasy, I ash him his preference, his answer amazed me and gave me the biggest hope that my night was going to be superb, he asked what kind of preference, girls which type, he replied he does not mind girls as well as guys, he added to this by telling me that he and his cleaner had regular secessions if nothing was available or their pockets did not allow it

He looks at me and smiles and my dick twitches a little bit, I am excited by his reply. He asks me if I had any experience with girls or otherwise, to seize the opportunity I told him I have never been with a girl but yes have had sex with some guys. He smiles and looks at me and he adjusts his dick, I can see it is standing and from the looks of it looks like a monster. He becomes more bold and asks me which kind of acts did I perform when I was having sex with the guys,

I decide to tell him everything and mentioned to him in detail my accounts with the guys, I tell him that I was gay and I only liked guys and not any gals, to which he smiles and tell me give him a chance and he catches his dick from outside his pants and shows me, I give him a smile but say nothing, the dhabha comes and we get down, I see he still has a hardon but was trying to hide it, our eyes meet and we give each other a smile. I head to the rest room and he follows suit, I get into the stall and begin to pee, he comes and stands in the next stall and does his business.

The dhabha is nearly empty as it’s the middle of the night and I try to sneak a peek at his dick from the stall and he catches me in the act and finishes his peeing and steps back and shows me his dick, it is huge, in the state it is at it is almost 6 inches long and about 2 inches thick in the semi erect stage, hairy and uncut with loose foreskin hanging on the outside. I tell him that his dick is huge; we walk out of there as the smell in there was very heady and not bearable for a longer time.

We order food and make small talk, in my small talk I make a remark to him that his dick was nice and juicy he laughs and finishes his dinner. I pay for the both of our meals and he is thankful, we just lay there for some time and relax, he asks me if I was in any hurry to get to Ahmedabad, I tell him with the company I have now I am not in any kind of a hurry.

We joke and talk for some time and an hour passes by it is about 1:30 in the night and the roads are desolated and we decide to move again, once we get into the truck I am sleepy and he tells me that I can use the bunks in the back of his seat to sleep, I said thanks and get into the bunk in the back and lay down, not very comfy but for the road it is the best thing, he comments to me that

I have made him horny and now he will be uncomfortable if he does not get some1 to have fun with, I give out a big laugh and tell him why look for some1 else wont I do, he laughs and stops the truck on a small by road and turns around, he is a bit shabby and I am a bit hesitant, I ask him if he has water in the truck and if he can wash himself before we do something I would be more comfortable.

He grabs a canteen of water and a bar of soap from the dashboard of the truck and heads out, he comes back in about 5-7 mins all fresh and tidy, his turban is tied properly, he has put on a fresh pair of clothes and is smelling heavily of lemon soap like he has not washed it off him, he comes and sits in his chair and I sit beside him, I ask him if it would be safe to have fun here and he says he will keep the bonnet open so people think the truck has gone bad and only move by the morning.

He pops out and opens the hood of the truck, it covers the front wind screen giving us more privacy, he then climbs in and begins to talk, I ask him what he likes, turns out he is a bottom and likes a nice fat dick up his ass, a bottom truck driver rare I guess every1 has preferences, he likes to suck and get sucked, my heart is beating and I am sure his is also racing, sex in a truck that’s something unheard of, he asks me what I like and

I say I am versatile and explain to him what it means, he is like can u show me yr dick, the anticipation has made me rock hard, I open my pant zipper and bring out my cock, I hold my size also quite thick and uncut and about 7 inches, he comes near me and holds my cock in his hand and immediately attacks it with his face, his beard is tickling my balls and he sends me into ecstasy, I moan loudly and he comes up and asks what was wrong I say nothing and the moment.

He goes back to my cock and is sucking it from all angles, he then attacks my balls and swallows both of them in his mouth and keep them there, the warm mouth over my balls is something I cannot describe in words, 1 has to do it themselves to know, the feeling is out of the world.

He is sucking for 5-7 mins and makes my cock all wet, he has not still bought out his cock, I ask him its now my turn to return the favor, he sits back and I undo his pants and bring out his dick, it’s a giant hard as a rock, stiff and throbbing in my hands, it smells fresh and I immediately attack it also, it’s too big to deep throat and the mushroom head it huge,

I insert my tongue into the piss slot and he goes bonkers, speaking and moaning in Punjabi I do not understand 1 bit but I am sure he is loving what I am doing, then I raise his foreskin and rotate my tongue inside of it and he loves that too, the same moaning continues and I go 1 bit forward and take 1 of my fingers put it in his mouth and wet it thoroughly and shove it up his ass, he jumps from his seated position and then realizes it’s just my finger and settles down.

I am lubricating his asshole well for the entry of my dick, I put 2 fingers in and make him more wild, and then the 3rd after some time, by this time he is all charged up and enjoying and pumping his ass on my fingers, moaning loudly and shouting at times, I cannot believe that all this is happening in the truck cabin and that too in the middle of the night and on the open road, man the excitement is killing me and my dick is hard as a rock, being thoroughly lubricated by this truck driver mouth, it’s an awesome feeling mixed with fear and anxiety and hornyness all rolled into 1.

After about 10 mins of the finger ass pumping and cock sucking I tell him to strip completely and get in the doggie position, the space is cramp but the excitement is there about having sex in a truck cabin with the truck driver, he gets up and removes every piece of clothing he has on, leaves his turban on, comes down on all 4 and raises his ass in the air as it he wanted me to jump on him with my dick, I take out a condom from my bag and put it on and he is like do it without 1,

I tell him that u have 1 cleaner down with infection do u want to be next, he laughs and I place my dick at the tip of his ass and play with him for some time, he gets annoyed and tell me to put it in, I tease him further and then insert my dick half way in his ass, he screams because of the pain but keeps my dick there. After a few seconds he backs his ass into my dick all the way and my dick is inside of him completely, I start to hump him slow at the 1st and increasing my speed gradually and with full force, I take my dick out and then put it all the way back in, pull it out and put it back in,

I am sure he is in a lot of pain but that pain is turning pleasurable for him, I continue for another 3 mins and pronounce to him that I might cum if we continue this longer, he stops me in my motion completely and relaxes for a minute, I am sure his ass is sore, he then removes himself from me and makes me sit down, he then catches hold of my dick and places it on his asshole and then sits on it, my dick reaches to the inner most depts.

In his ass and then he starts to pump it by going up and down and up and down, my foreskin is stretching inside of the condom and coming back, it is a feeling of ecstasy and sending me to limits I have never experienced till now, this goes on for 5-7 mins and I am at the verge of cumming and I am masturbating his dick as he is pumping himself on mine. He tells me that is on the verge of cumming and so am I, this time he does not slow down, he begins to move even faster and the pumping becomes aggressive, my strokes on his dick also become fast.

He erupts on my tummy, spray after spray after spray of thick gooey liquid cum, he cums almost a cupful and I am about to burst deep within his ass in the condom, with a loud shout I hug him and spray the inside of his ass with my dick and cum, jolt after jolt of liquid thick cum fills the condom deep in his ass, after being thoroughly drained inside of him I bring out my limp dick out of his ass and take the condom off, my dick has gotten the workout it was wanting for a long time,

I am totally exhausted and collapse in his big strong arms and fall asleep, I wake up to the sound of the road and we have began moving, he has in the mean time cleaned the truck cabin, disposed off the condom, cleaned his cum of me and have began our journey to our destination. We are about 60 klms away from our destination and I come sit next to him, to his surprise I give him a nice kiss on the cheeks to which he blushes and asks me what it was for,

I tell him for showing me a good time, we exchange numbers and I fed my number in his cell and told him to be discreet with it, he assured me his discreetness and I told him to contact me any time he is passing through my town or stopping over, I would love to meet him over and over again. He assured me and the rest of the journey passed quickly, he dropped me on the entrance of my town, he got down and gave me a Punjabi hug like he was my lover / boyfriend, the hug is still very much fresh in my memory.

I catch a auto to my house, it is the wee hours of the morning and I get to bed so satisfied after having one of the best sexual experiences of my life, thanks to the lone truck driver and his willingness to entertain me on my journey. We have kept in touch since and have had encounters 4-5 times, once was a 3some with his cleaner also there but that’s another story now, any time

I am in Bhavnagar I make it a point to call him and spend some time with him. The truck driver was a good person by heart and we both made a bond of friendship in the few hours we spent together physically. Comments and Suggestions will be appreciated, E-mail still remains the same / /, and all comments / mails will be answered.