Fucked By Three Guys In Cohin

Hi I’m Sam, I live somewhere in North India. I’m 5.6 in height very cute to look, with very seductive eyes and I have very sexy body and I am gay. I am going to tell u a real story which happened last year when I went to Kerala with my friends. Kerala boys are always horny whether str8 or gay, you can always see horniness in their eyes and I love mallus because they have very big tools, we stayed in cochin near de back waters, we saw de city and den in de night we went to our rooms to sleep . I was getting horny thinking of hot guys I saw in de day time!

I got up from be and started walking around thinking what to do, then I decided to go out for a walk near de shore of back waters  I didn’t tell my friends and I came out it was around 2.30am and I was walking in small hop pants with a transparent t shirt . I walked for half an hour there was nobody on de road except street dogs then I sat down on de sand facing de water suddenly I heard sound of some boys hiding somewhere behind the rocks .I didn’t bother I was sitting there alone then after some time those boys came out of those stones fully drunk, They were not even able to stand up properly they were 3 in no.

They saw me sitting there alone and spoke to each other in Malyalam which I couldn’t understand. I got scared thinking them not to be thieves or something.  I got up and started walking they scanned me properly with de hungry eyes, I got more scared, Then two of them came to me and asked something in Malyalam, I said sorry I don’t know Malyalam. They asked what you doing here? I said nothing just came out for a walk, They could guess that I am gay for sure.dey both saw in each other’s eyes and smiled. I got scared inside, they introduced themselves to me as and called other guy too let me describe them

1. Around 6 ft lean body, cute looking, fair.(Eldow)

2. Around 5.10 ft, very muscular, whitish in color(Jobin)

3. Same 6ht ht , again muscular ,fair in complexion very handsome (Mathew)

We chatted for few minutes. And den Eldow started touching my chest area as my nipples were clearly visible from de transparent t shirt .I was like what you doing? Stop it! Jobin said baby relax you are goanna enjoy it for sure chill! I said no sorry, I am not interested listening to this Mathew got full angry and he slapped me hard on my face and said you bitch we going to fuck u hard tonight. I got tears in my eyes, I said please let me go I am not into all dis. They started laughing on listening all this they said even if u are not we 4 will make you one today.

They took me forcefully to some isolated place now, it was around 4 am. Jobin removed hi s belt and tied my hands behind very tight that I could hard move them .Mathew tore my t- shirt Sugu removed my shorts ,now I was just in undies they put me on de sand, Mathew came removed his pant and undies too , he had around 8’ dick very thick . he pushed his dick into my mouth seeing this Jobin and Eldow also removed their clothes. Eldow removed my undie’s and started lubing my ass with his spit with his fingers while Mathew was mouth fucking me deep and hard

I was in complete pain from down but could not shout because of Mathew’s rod in my mouth. Seeing this Jobin was fully excited My god Jobin had de biggest one around 11 inches very fat dick. Eldow had around 9 inches. Mathew started stroking me hard I knew he is about to come, so he told Eldow to give him ass now, so he came and pushed his dick in my ass in one shot, I screamed ahhhh no with pain, tears rolled out my eyes, I was like no, listening to my sound Jobin pushed his 11inches rod deep into my throat. I was in missionary position with Mathew in my ass and Jobin in my mouth.

Now Eldow lifted me up and lied under me, and slide his 9 inches hot rod inside me, and Mathew sat on his knees and slide his dick too, now I was getting double fucked. I swear I was in terrible pain 2 dicks in my ass and 1 in mouth. Mathew and Eldow fucked me in my ass for about 15 minutes and Jobin was still in my mouth. Now Mathew started fucking me very hard, I could feel something hot inside me, he released his cum in my ass only he got tired and took out his dick. Mathew was full tired he lied on the sand then Eldow took Mathew’s position.

Sat on his knees and entered his dick inside win one shot I cud not scream also because Jobin was in my mouth. Both were fucking me like real horses. Now Eldow took his dick out and Jobin too they put me into doggy position from behind started fucking me deep and hard Eldow came out in my ass holding my waist very tight he took his dick out and come towards my mouth signaling Jobin to come and enter in de ass now Jobin entered in my ass and started stroking me hard he fucked me very hard and deep he fucked for another 10 minutes after that he came too inside me.

They again got horny Mathew came again and pushed his dick into my ass, my ass was full lubed because of de cum inside me so it went smoothly inside me and I liked it this time I was moaning aaah yeaaa mmmmm Jobin entered in my mouth and I sucked his dick like a lollipop. Mathew was fucking me from back. I was lying on my chest and he was fucking me ,while Jobin was sitting on his knees facing me with his dick inside my mouth.dey both fucked for 20 minutes ,Mathew came first in my ass and this time he came in loads I cud feel it .

Now Jobin took my ass and guided his 11 inches fat rod into me I dint get much pain this time, Eldow entered in my mouth now they both fucked me for 30 minutes den Jobin increased his speed and shot his cum inside my ass, then he came to my mouth and Eldow entered my ass I was very tired now. Eldow fucked me very hard and deep for 15 minutes and I was enjoying it very much now ,Jobin was in my mouth now then Eldow came too in my ass we all were tired now it became lighter also by now .we all dressed up . Jobin dropped me on his bike to my lane.

Mathew and Eldow were on another bike. Jobin was getting romantic with me on de bike. Den my lane came he dropped me there giving me a tight hug and kiss. And I loved hat part a lot the same day I had to leave for Calicut so didn’t get another chance to meet them. I have no contact with them L because I forgot to ask them there phone nos. I hope you liked my first story , if I get good comments I will surely post few more incidentsJ which happened with me  you can always mail me at / /