Night That Changed My Life

I am Hari this is a real story of one night changed my sexual inclination . I was about 14 years old I was studying my 10Th , I studied in trichy in cousins place as my father was facing severe financial crisis , forcing me to study at trichy , my parents lived in Always kerala, So for any Holidays I used to hop into a unreserved compartment in train called Tea garden express & go to Always. It was haly-early holidays I got into the train it was not much crowded , I took a top berth where you can sleep , I was very fair lad with slightly plump or chubby figure

I had prominent nose & red lips which made me attractive I was totally naïve on sex & always wide eyed & making friends with any stranger .. as the train rolled into next station a stream of passengers one of whom a well built tall guy about 45 years , he smiled at me asked whether he can join me at top, immediately he hopped up started chatting he introduced himself as satar , he was travelling half way to palghat ,after dinner we slept side by side , something had pressing against my leg , I was uncomfortable but he explained this quite normal

Since it was very crowded he just got down at the station checking when I will return to trichy , I eagerly told him the date & said after returning I will be staying alone for week as all my cousins where going for a wedding , already I had told him where I live in trichy, My vacation were over & I returned to Trichy , my cousins left in the eveni ng , first 2 rooms a small veranda & small bedroom was left opened for me to stay food was organized at neighbors house those days bathroom & lavatory used to be in the outside was around 9’clock in the night I was going through some books when I saw a shadow it was satar my friend from train standing nervously

He was totally wet , I asked what happened he said fell in a ditch & had to wash all his clothes , as he suddenly remembered me , he had come for help, He wanted to dry his clothes after washing himself , since I wear only trouser , I gave a towel which just about covered him , He washed his clothes including his undies & left them to dry , I called him inside my bedroom to wait for his clothes , but since there was no place to sit only a mattress & a pillow . we sat side by side he chatted Ok , then suddenly he started on sex subjects .

I was so uncomfortable , he immediately opened his towel & showed his circumcised Cock , it was like cricked bat with its glistening wet glands fat & long about in 8” semi aroused condition , & beside them where his balls black in color hangings down , seeing this my cock also got aroused, he immediately grabbed it , & slowly removed my trouser as I protested , My cock was small about 3” in erect condition white in color , he started fondling me & said I am the most beautiful boy he has ever known & kissed me in my mouth , then he placed my hand on his cock & asked fondle it , it started getting even bigger,

Suddenly he moved or rather forcefully shoved my face into his lap & guided his cock inside my mouth , I was also confused & immediately opened my mouth & almost swallowed half of his cock into my mouth ,with all happening I was also aroused & started enjoying this eagerly lapping his oversized fat cock , Satar complimented me & told from the moment he saw me in the train I knew you would be a beautiful cock sucker , He roughly moved my head & ordered me to suck faster , which a greedily started doing suddenly with scream he thrust his cock which bulged & then started spraying his thick cum satar was holding my head hard

I had no option but to swallow as fast it was coming & it seemed it will never stop ,then relaxed his hand on my head but was caressing my face & even then I did not remove his cock from my mouth as shrunk to normal size it felt good , slowly he removed it from my mouth & Kissed me in lips tasting his cum, Satar , then gently cleaned me & asked me lie face down , Taking oil bottle he started applying in my fat butts & fingering inside ,& putting more of his finger inside my bums I was feeling violated but did not do what to do as I turned & looked back & was shocked by his cock was back hard & shining with his pre cum

He saw that immediately coming towards my face side , & putting only his Cock head in my mouth & instructed me to just suck it, In them meanwhile he applied more & more Oil in my bums & ensured its fully lubricated as now his fingers where going inside as if its going inside a butter , then he removed glistening cock from my mouth & applied a fair coat of oil on it , he positioned my bums in a pillow & from behind he entered slowly It was painful  but with all the oil his cock simply slipped into my asshole & then he started fucking by bums with Oily leaky sound within minutes he pumped his cum in my bums

But he was not happy as he said entire cock was in pain because of my tight ass, Even I could not get up , It took ten minutes for me stand & walk …Satar now slowly out of pain , was happy with his work & told me in future he will only allow me to suck his cock.. He also explained to me that , since I enjoy sucking so much , I was born to this only , he also emphasized with my small puny cock I am no good for anything else I believed him , & from that day I am a self addicted gay – I have sucked him at theatre, Roadside , even in a Train.