Pleasure Of A Different Kind

By : Dhilu

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Hi guys, this is Mani from Coimbatore. In short I am 23, 6 feet, Muscles chiseled in gym and a software developer earning handsomely. I have seen lot of gays in the local toilet. They just lure adolescent boys and fuck their holes. Their shabby looks and dirty dresses always distanced me from them. Now to the incident that changed my sexual life.

My uncle and his son Muthu came to our home for business dealings. My uncle is a jovial guy while his son is of shy type. Muthu just completed his board exams and was in his teen age. He was plumpy, short and fair. My parents gave them a warm welcome. They were discussing few things in the hall. I came down from balcony in my T-Shirt and shorts. My uncle was glad to see me. We had a little chat. I spoke formally to Muthu. Muthu was envious of my muscles. I did not mind that.

The next day Muthu and I both had to travel together to a place. While returning we decided to stop at a public urinal. When we both went inside, we found a guy sucking another one’s cock. He was shocked to see that. I asked him to pee and to leave that place fast. During peeing, with a great difficulty he managed to have a peek at my penis. I did not mind that 2 days later, when I was taking bath,

I had a strange feeling of being watched by some one. This made me horny. The bathroom had a window at the top. So I looked at the window and found no one. So I decided to check the key hole in the door. I wore underwear and wrapped a bathroom towel around my waist. As I moved towards the door, I heard a noise. I confirmed that someone is watching me. Without making any noise, I just removed the door lock and moved away from the bathroom.

Now Muthu, who tried to watch me through the hole, placed his hand on the door for the grip.

Door opened. He fell into bathroom. He felt shocked. I went upto him and asked “ Hey are you ok?”. He said he came in search of me and he tried to bluff. I asked him had he hurt himself. He said no. I helped him to sit on a stool in the bathroom. I heard noise outside my bathroom. I asked him to be quiet and I went outside and locked my room.

I came back, he said that I had great muscles ( this was some 10th time he was saying that to me). I asked him “ Do you like only my muscles? and not me?”. He said “No, no . I liked you too.” I went closer to him, very close to the stool. I was standing with my towel, that is barely covering my rock hard penis. I asked him “ Do you like this?”. My eyes were pointing towards my dick. He smiled. His hands reached my underwear and he removed them.

A rock hard golden dick sprung out making a perfect 90 degree in air. I again asked “ Do you like it?”. He grinned. His left hand reached my shaft of the dick. He said it was bigger. I asked him “ Is it bigger than yours..!”. He said its bigger than his daddy’s. He cupped my shaved balls. He was now pumping my dick softly. Tilting my head, I asked him “ Is that all you love? do you really like it”. He said “

No. I like it . I love it!”. Saying that he kissed my dick 4 times, igniting the fire within me. I moaned and said “ Ya..! I like that..! Show your love..!”. He now started to kiss vigorously. I stopped him. I requested “Suck it! Like the guy whom we saw in the urinal.”He was happy to hear that. He started by licking my dick sideways. He tried to swallow my dick. I moaned hard.

He then took the dick out of this mouth. Being first time, I was feeling electric current throughout my body. He started to suck. After few minutes, I just showed my uncut cock’s head and asked him to lick there. I was enjoying more there. I felt bad for my balls being isolated. So I asked him, “ Hey my balls..! you don’t like it?”. He smiled and licked my balls, teasing my shaft.

He came back to dick and was now sucking real hard.

Suddenly I heard knock on the door. He was taken aback. I asked him to wait there and I wore bathroom towel and went outside. My uncle was searching for Muthu. Not interested in leaving the interesting cock sucking session, I said he has gone out to a local shop. He left there. I locked the door and rushed to bathroom. I smiled at him which signaled that there was no problem. He came, kneeled and stripped me.

He went back to cock sucking. I was in real heaven. I was moaning. And after few minutes, time came when I felt, I had to release my semen. From my leg a force started, travelling through my whole body and had to flood my sperms out right out into his mouth. He drank it all. He did not spare my limp dick. He went for 2nd round and was successful. He sucked me 20 times in the week he stayed with us.

Interestingly he sucked me even in public bathrooms. He admitted that he was a porn addict ( straight porn only!) . The incident in the public toilet affected him. My manly odor and my body attracted him. Finally my dick did the magic for his first cock sucking session. I am not a gay. Bu for feedback mail me at [email protected]