The Slum Boys

By : Sagara

Hi ISS readers I hav been reading stories of this sites very often and liked them and so have thought to tell you my first real life gay sex experience well let me tell you about myself my name is sahil(changed) I am 19 years old I’m bisexual versatile average body fair my tool 6 from Mumbai. Now let me begin with my story I started feeling about boys when I was 18

I used to see boys in change room or in swimming costume I used to get aroused but could not find to turn it into real life experience so I just used to see gay porn. But my urge to have gay sex was increasing I often used to go to temple near my home with my parents there always used to be a poor family of hawkers which included 2 boys they were slim light dark color I always had urge to hav amateur sex with underage boys so

I had thought one day have sex with them and didn’t mind if they were poor. Then one day the time had come my parents were gone out at morning 11 am 4 attending marriage and would not return till night I didn’t go as I had exams so then I decided to bring d boys from temple and hoped they wud be there and when I went I saw the two of them were with their mother I had a idea I told her mother that

I had some dusting work to be done at my home and asked if I could take their sons and told her that they woud be payed money she agreed without asking anything as she would get payed. Then I took them home formally made them sit on my bed in the bedroom and served them coldrinks and biscuits to make them friendly and asked them their names, Ravi and Kishan I turn on the  telivison and play cartoon suddenly I then put a gay porn cd on dvd

Player,which showed two men in 69 postion licking cocks they get embaressed and asked what work they had to do I told them I will to the same thing as the are seing on tv,they first refused but then I offered them that I would give them 500rs as it’s lot a money for a poor they agreed.I got excited as they were they looked un hygienic so I told them to come in the bathroom with their all clothes off,  we went to the bathroom and now they were in front of me full nude and feel a little shy.

I told them not to worry and that I would not harm them and just gonna love them so they were nude with no hair in their entire body with flaccid un cut penis and low hanging balls I on shower and got nude with only my underwear on which had a huge bulge I told them to remove it so they did and saw my big cock,they were amazed told them to wash their full body wit soap and also made them to wash my body Ravi masaged my chest and Kishan massaged my lower body.

My hardened rock penis and balls I moaned and also bathed their bodies touched and carresed their soft body their chest and their ass crack, penis and balls, suprisingly they also had their hard on Rravi and Kishan both had average 5 inches penis. Then we washed completely and dried. then in excitement took Ravi in my goddi and put him on the bed I lied on top of Ravi and started kissing his face here and then I asked Kishan also to lie beside ten reached Ravi lips and kissed them, he was first refusing to open his mouth but he co operated afer a while, then

I had deep smooch with him for 5 mins while I was carresing Kishans erect cock with my hands then I turned down to Kishan and kissed his face and smooched him for other 5mins. Then I licked boths chest which were so soft n erect I bit them and licked their entire body and navel part. I asked den asked Kishan to come on my lower part n lick my cock I opened my foreskin down, Kishan first hesitated but as I forced him he starts kissing my forehead I moaned

He started licking my penis I asked him to suck it completely so he took my 6″complete inside his mouth and sucking it nicely oohhhhh also felt to suck I Ravi and love him to cum on top of my face I hold his erect cock and put inside my mouth Rravi started mouth fucking me and Kishan was sucking my cock nicely this went on till 20 mins ohh I just felt like I was in seven heaven

Then decided to have anal sex I told Ravi to stop and bring Kishan to sit like as in doggy style his butst were like girl so soft I licked his buttocks madly then licked his ass crack and hole I lubricated all his ass with my spit then put my cock on his hole it felt tight as they were virgin he felt pain and wanted to leave I carresed him and told him no more pain happen I poured oil in his asshole then I inserted my penis again and made a push and my 6″inches was in completely

He left a loud cry but then asked Ravi to mouth fuck Kishan so he could not make noise I fucked him hard he was also enjoying later I fuck him till 10 mins then I decided to fuck Ravi too. I fucked him in missonary postion I ws moaning he was crying later but he enjoyed after awhile. Continued till other 10 mins then left my load spring of semen on his asshole and buttocks and bit on his penis and chest

I licked my own cum from his chest penis and ass. I was tired after that threesome fucked. Then shaked both the penis of Ravi and Kishan they also cum and I even drink their cum it feel like fantasy to be with them. We took hot steam bath and cleaned ourserlves and I gave them 600rs 100 as tip as I enjoyed a lot and I even gave both of them dairymilk and told not to tell about this activity to anyone and till now whenever I horny. I asked them to fulfill my gay sex fantasy. So this is my story please rate and comment on my email at email../ /