Tea Garden Heaven

By: Ravi

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This is a piece of pure fiction oozing from the lucid imagination of its author and bears no resemblance to actual persons places or events in the past,present or future. I was really happy to join the tea gardens on the Assam-Bengal border. With the recent promotion I got a huge ancient bungalow in the middle of a 5000 acre tea garden. At 35 I was doing well. There was a huge jungle all around and my domestic help lived in a cottage about 50 meters from the bungalow.

By the way I am single. I settled into the job quite nicely. I had kept up my exercises and maintained a flat and firm stomatch. I am 170 cm high and weigh 68kg. My cock is 7 inches and a smooth cylinder with a slightly enlarged head, uncut. My hips are slim and my ass is small round and firm. The day would be spent in the garden among all the beautiful Assamese tribals. The boys were dusky with shiny skin and healthy bodies.

The perfect proportions of their faces and smooth thighs and thin arms were always visible as all workers wore khaki shorts and loose T shirts. The women too wore calf length saris and tight blouses. Their small firm breasts always poked through the silk blouses. I normally had a semi hard on during the day lusting for the young smooth boys, their firm taut thighs and pert bums. A lot of them had nice faces with high cheekbones and small round black eyes. Their lips were thin and shiny.

Almost all had absolutely hairless smooth glistening skin dusky and chocolate brown. A week after my arrival the old man who used to cook and clean the place died. He was a good man and I felt sad at the loss. He was replaced by Dipen. Dipen was about 18 years old and came for a village 30km from the gardens. He was about 168cms with a slim body around 60kg. Absolutely smooth like all the others his best assets were his silky firm thighs which met his buns in a nice firm curve.

His chest was well proportioned not too muscular and not a single strand of hair. His arms were firm and the fingers were delicate. His high cheek bones set off his black eyes. His head supported a thick straight mop of hair which was normally cut short. He wore khaki shorts that were either too loose or too tight. His collared t shirt was usually clean and fitting. With all buttons open one had a good view of his fine hairless chest. Dipen always had a faint smile on his smooth cute face.

And he was a good football player. And he never wore underwear. I watched him closely whenever he was around either cooking food or cleaning the place or making my bed. He had free run of the house and was usually the first person I saw when he woke me up with tea or wished me good night after delivering my last packet of cigarettes for the day. We got friendly and he too enjoyed my company.

He noticed my lust and was also excited. His faint and constant semi-hard on betrayed the innocent smile he always had. I also noticed that he always swayed his bums a bit and usually made sure his butt was sticking out whenever he bent down. He was constantly arching his back so that I could feast on the small and round butt enticingly pointed towards me. On most mornings I woke up to find Dipens hard on arching his tight shorts as he stood next to the bed with a cup of tea held level with his narrow waist.

One day he was making tea in the kitchen. I went in and he turned his head and smiled at me. I stood close to him directly behind. He did not move so I came closer till I was almost touching him. He arched his back and brushed his buns against my groin. On the pretext of reaching for the sugar I reached with my hand around him and pressed my hard dick into his bum crack. He didn’t move.

I pushed myself firmly against him so that my cock was nicely embedded and my arms encircled his waist. Dipen settled into my body with a slight hiss. I put my hands into his short pockets and started to fondle his cock. He reached back to fondle my ass, breathing heavily. I kissed his neck and he turned his face to offer me his tender lips. We kissed gently while my arms moved up towards his chest. He turned around and kissed me back.

His arms were now around my shoulders and he hugged me tightly. I slid my palms down till they were encircling his petit ass cheeks. He was hard and pushing urgently into my cock. I reached into his shorts and fondled his nicely hard and stiff cock. Sliding my fingers along his shaft I licked his neck. He sighed in delight and grabbed my ass too. I picked him up on to the kitchen counter and unbuttoned his shorts while he desperately removed my shirt.

I removed his shirt too and bent down to take his cock into my mouth. His firm sliky thighs parted automatically to provide me easy access. I sucked his cock up and down and he lay back completely, with his thighs around my neck. He caught my head with his hands and guided me as I tasted his delicious precum. His hips were bucking as he came into my moist and warm mouth. He came up and kissed me probing my mouth with his urgent tongue.

I in turn sucked on the tongue. Next day I got up late. After washing up I lay down on my bed and asked Dipen to massage my back. He immediately came close to the bed and started to press my back with his palms. The kurta was coming in the way so on his own he moved it upwards and I helped remove it completely. He started pressing his fingertips into my back.

He moved up and down pressing his thumbs along the spine. It seemed he had done it before too. I made some encouraging noises and he continued. Soon his palms were flat on my back and he was roaming all over my back. He pressed my neck and shoulders. He tugged at my hair and caressed my head lovingly. I was getting hard from all this attention and I deliberately raised my waist and adjusted my cock.

I could see his thighs right next to my face as he massaged my back. He kept going lower and lowers till he was almost on top of my bums. His intimate touch and the gentle way in which he caressed my body were translating into a sweet encounter. By now I was totally hard from the soft touch of Dipens palms sliding along my back from neck to bums. My legs were wide spread and I asked him to do the legs.

He immediately shifted to my legs and started by taking one thigh between both hands and sliding them along. By now he was not pressing anymore and it was more like he was caressing my legs. As I widened my thighs he kept going higher into my shorts till he was brushing my balls every two or three times. Encouraged by this I moved my hand till it was touching his knees. He immediately responded by pressing it into my hand and caressing my thighs up till my groin.

Now there was no doubt that he was willing to go along. His hard on was now obvious through his tight shorts. Still on my stomach I slid my palm along his thighs and calves while he boldly caressed my thighs reaching into my groin to touch my hard cock. I turned over and pulled him onto the bed. He came willingly, smiling his innocent smile. I lay him down and lightly kissed his lips. He was breathing hard and eagerly started sucking my lips.

Now there was no pretence. We started kissing wildly. My tongue would follow his into his mouth and we would play a while there. Then as I teasingly withdrew my tongue he eagerly followed it into my mouth. He licked my lips and sucked my tongue hungrily. We were moaning in delight and breathing hard and shallow. Our legs were entwined and our hands were all over each other. I reached into his shorts and he strained forward as I caressed his nice hard cock.

It was a bit smaller than mine at 6.5 inches and nicely round and suckable. I removed his shorts which he threw away and reached for my shorts. I removed them and now our naked cocks were thrashing against each other. We were naked and wildly exploring each other’s bodies. I licked his smooth and turgid cockhead, my tongue explored his slit. His rapid breathing and gentle pushes urged me on. I licked his shaft from head to base and his knees spread even wider.

He tugged at my waist and I turned around to offer him his prize. He reached up and took my cock into his moist mouth. Before engulfing my dick, his lips kissed and sucked at my head and along the rim. I just pushed it slowly into his mouth and he swallowed it all in. Oh! Darling he moaned. Lying on his back, Dipen pulled up his knees cradling my hips with his thighs. With his feet he caressed my calves, thighs and sashes fingers traced circles on my spine and shoulders and neck.

He played with my hair and whispered his groans into my ears. I licked his ear lobe and he let out a low sweet sound into mine. We kissed incessantly always gasping for breath. He played with my chest hair and sucked on my nipples. His nipples were absolutely smoothed hairless and dark. They tasted heavenly. We sat on the bed facing each other. Our legs were spread wide and we played with the others hard cocks. With both hands I cupped his balls and cock and with my lips I kissed Dipen.

He was trembling with passion and fondled my cock with his slender fingers. He rubbed his thumb across my piss slit and I leaked some more precum.I pulled him in and straddled his waist. Our chests met and the nipples became taut. As I looked into Dipens dark black eyes he smiled and engulfed me in his arms. I climbed on top of him and crushed my groin into his. He opened his thighs and engulfed my waist with his legs. Kissing me wildly his hands reached my ass and thighs caressing them expertly.

I licked his armpits and he sighed softly. I reached down and licked around his cock head. It was salty with precum and delicious. Feeling my lips on his cock Dipen moaned, raised his hips and pushed his cock into my mouth. He pulled my hips around and hungrily sucked at my cock. We were desperately sucking at the cocks and his hands were going all over my inner thighs and ass and waist. We twisted and turned all the while sucking our cocks. I would occasionally turn around and kiss him.

He would desperately suck at my tongue and follow it into my mouth. I lay on top of my sweet Dipen, our stiff and throbbing cocks nestled together. I tenderly kissed his eager lips while he responded with vigour. His hands pulled at my hair. I kissed his eyes and nose. I licked his earlobes and he cried in pleasure. I would suck the lips and lick the tongue. Again we would turn around and return to sucking. He was lying on his back, his thighs wide open, his cock thrusting into my mouth.

I was on my knees over him and he used his soft mouth and expert tongue to give me a blow job from heaven. His hands were all over my thighs and ass and chest. I was close to cumming and he was too. We continued to suck till we both started spurting at the same time. Our bodies were writhing in pleasure and our cocks were on auto mode, fiercely thrusting into each other’s mouths. It was the best suck I had ever had in my life. Slowly we came to our senses.

I hugged him and gave him a soft kiss. He returned it tenderly. I then opened a bottle of beer and we washed down our throats. We returned to bed and cuddling each other, finished the beer. No talking only the sweet smile and content look. I told him that he will now sleep with me every night. Dipen smiled broadly and kissed me his thanks, his hands reaching for my hardening cock. Please let me know if you enjoyed some hardons reading the tale. Thanks