Cheating Kartik

By: Thedevilincarnate

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Disclaimer: Guys, this story is purely fictitious and intended for entertainment purpose only. It does not, in any way, promote the sexual (or other addictive) acts featured within, nor does it give an excuse to opt for unprotected sex. Do take care while going physical you have only one life andcherish it.

I am Rascal I always have been one. Tell me about the conventional romance, made-in heaven couples and I will kick you out of the room. I have always found pleasure in out-of-the-box adventures, both for my life as well as my sex drive. This one (though fictitious, is quite inspired from a parallel incident) happened to me about 2 years ago (when I was 23) and living in the suburbs of Mumbai.

I was a freelance fashion photographer who earned handsomely from wannabe models who aspired for getting a fancy portfolio set for them. Though there were many genuine customers who never bargained for my services, there were many pain-in-the-ass wannabes who infuriated me, asking for off-peak-hour rates. I tried my best to be as much polite to them as my professional self told me to but sometimes things just went aloof, as happened with this 19 year old lad.

It was raining outside (as a usual picture of Mumbai) and I was bored sitting alone. Even a couple of beers did me no good and instead, rised up my urge for banging somebody (I am a bisexual), though I knew it very well, sex doesn’t come so easily, especially in such a stormy weather. My muscular body, along with my screwdriver was aching for some relief. And then it happened. This guy, named Kartik started bugging me online.

He claimed he was a dropout and really wanted to become a model but had no good contacts, nor a powerful financial background. I told him about my profile, the final settlements and the future prospects but he was adamant. I thought ‘What-the-fuck’ and was about to block him when it clicked me that this bitch can help me release my trapped semen. I pretended to compromise over my rates since.

I had no calls today and asked him to make it to my studio (which is a part of my penthouse) in the next 40 minutes. He said okay and logged out, leaving my devil mind all set for planning my best yet trap. Amazingly, this guy turned up on the 25th minute it was as if he knew he would get the deal. He was about 5.9 pretty fair, hazel brown eyes, noisy and curly hair and a semi-athletic body. What turned me on,

I was the wet clothes which hugged his body revealing his erect tits, his belly button and his ass curve (which I could see as he bent down to undo his shoes) my cock was screaming by now but I was in no hurry. Between the last twenty minutes, I had prepared a welcome drink for my little prey (coke, some vodka, and some ahem, Rohypnol, also called as the date sex drug).

Don’t ask me how I got it or where we can buy some as I told you, this is an erotic fiction. I asked Kartik to remove his wet clothes and put on a set from my client wardrobe collection. He went inside the changing room and I thought of dashing in and taking this kid right away but well – patience is rewarded sooner or later. After a couple of minutes, he came out, dressed in a Yellow Mantra Tee and a Giordan Lee 3/4ths. He couldn’t have looked sexier!

I asked him to sit down on the couch in front of me and asked him whether he consumes alcohol. He beamed brightly and proceeded to the ‘welcome drink. I knew Rufie takes about half an hour to do its job and then the victim can be used for the next couple of hours, after which he passes out and wakes up to no memory of what he did during the trance. I thought of starting a casual discussion.

I asked him about his education, his family his future aspirations and so on. He firstly thanked me for the bargain offer and told me things about himself, which I was least interested in. What turned me one was, however, the candid attitude the kid held as he opened himself upto the core. I then proceeded ahead and showed him my sample picks and asked him if he had any such specific requirement.

He browsed through the collection and told me that he knew nothing in particular, as he was a newbie. I said okay and told him to proceed over to the studio. He woke up, and gave a little jolt, which confirmed the drug was not counterfeit. I escorted him onto the set (cubes and drapes – the most primitive combination) and told him to stand at ease as I check out the lighting and the camera angles to be set up.

As he stood there I arranged the lights, remodeled the BG a bit and set up the camera. Then I pulled up my set of props and passed him a soccer ball. Then I went over to him and set him up for the pose with his knees bent a bit and the ball resting on his waist. It was an amateur pose. As I set him up, I deliberately touched his waist and gave it a slight squeeze.

As I directed him to bend his knees, his virgin ass accidently brushed against my monster, letting a small moan release from my mouth. But the drug was working pretty well as Kartik didn’t respond. I went ahead to my camera and clicked a snapshot after guiding him atleast a dozen times. He was really excited and was giving it a really good shot, shame, the guy was gonna lose it in the next couple of hours.

After a couple of sporty shots, I asked him if he wanted to get out of his shirt and pose. I complimented him that he had developed a good deal of muscles at an early age and showing them off in his portfolio will only broaden his chances to get good assignments. He ok immediately and pulled out his tee. Wow his chest was brilliant not a hair here and there. His nipples were fresh pink (pure virgin) and his belly button was like a baby’s.

I licked my lips (virtually of course). I suggested him different poses which he gladly followed. Then I asked him to turn around and rest against the wall. I went ahead to him and asked him to pull down his pants a bit to reveal his underwear strap. He smiled again and asked me to do it as he did not know to what extent it should be pulled down. Smart ass he was a born bitch. But I was gonna get naughty too.

I deliberately pulled his pant tightly. It came down along with his underwear till I could see that virgin booty halfway down. Omg! What an Ass! Not even girls have such great assets. It was pure smooth and that flesh made my dick spring up for a fucked. It was difficult staying sane every moment. I said oops and asked him to pull it up, unzip and adjust his strap again. I was surprised to see he wasn’t pissed off at all the drug was working just fine.

I went to my camera and waited for him to adjust his strap. But the drug was doing real trouble – he couldn’t concentrate and instead his pants slipped down to his legs. Wow he was showing off his big ass halfway, as the other half was hidden under his Levi’s. I gave a small tug to my monster. I asked him if he was okay, and he replied something that shocked me. Can you take a nude portfolio of me? I mean I have seen big models doing it, I want to do it too!

Are you sure you should be doing it kid? I said, though I was shouting in my mind, telling the kid to tear off his undies and let me assault him. The kid was really horny, thanks to Rufie. He took off his underwear and revealed a semi hard dick, about 4 inches long. I asked him to wipe himself with some pixie-dust (powder used for enhancing the light effects) all over himself. He took a handful of the powder and rubbed all over his chest, face, his tummy, his genitals, legs and so on.

Then he asked me whether he should be applying to his backside. I said yes. He asked me to help him as he couldn’t reach his back. I thanked myself for this opportunity and proceeded. I took the powder and started with his shoulders. He was obviously feeling great who wouldn’t? I came down and continued it till the waist. Then, I rubbed some on his big mounds and began spreading them. It was amazing the guy was totally drugged and was enjoying it.

He put up his one hand one my and motivated me to work more. But I was not going to take a chance till he was all down as it would ruin my career. I just spread it, giving him some tips on how to work out to burn some extra fat (though his extra fat had fallen in the right place, his Ass). I asked him if he plays football. He said yes and asked him how I knew it. I joked that only footballers had such cute asses.

He turned his head and winked at me. Wow, I wanted to bite those rosy lips right away but well. I playfully slapped his butt cheek and went ahead to get my portable camera. I came over to him and could see that he was nearly down with Rufie. I told him a couple of poses which will secure a good pic while hiding his genitals. He sniggered shamelessly. After a couple of frontal poses, I asked him to turn around, rest his hands on his butts and look behind.

He did it, but then, he started playing with his mounds. Dirty boy! I wickedly told him not to play around and just rest it on his buns. He asked me to demonstrate smart dog he thought I would rest my hands on ‘my’ butt. I went ahead and rested both my hands on his smooth buns. Wow, what a silky feeling. He moaned and I immediately took off my hands. He asked me to continue as he was enjoying it.

I asked him what he had in his mind directly. I no longer had the patience to stay sane. He turned around, showing off his drugged eyes and told me that he really loved me not so strange my profile has always attracted people. I get compliments every now and then. He just wanted to enjoy with me, he said. He started getting all cute and girly but heck. I just wanted a ditch to unload my truck. However, I faked stuff like ‘I have really liked you too’ and all shit. He fell for it.

I just placed aside my camera and took Kartik into my arms. It was like he melted. He felt so warm. I ran my fingers through his curly hair, his nose, cheeks and then his rosy lips. He opened his mouth to let my fingers in. Wow, he was sucking like a slut, knows what he will do with my monster. I placed my other hand on his waist and gave it a squeeze, pulling the bitch closer. He slithered like a snake, ready to molt.

I then slide my hand down to his boobs and began squeezing them. This was kind of an uncomfortable place, so I escorted Kartik to my bedroom. I did not forget to carry my camera along with. Once inside, I pushed him on the bed and began snapping pictures. He was responding excitedly, giving poses only a slutty girl would give. I kept the camera aside and got on him. I smooch him, biting his lips, sucking the sweet nectar off this kid.

He rested his hand on my back, exploring my worked-out muscles. I got up and pulled off my shirt and shorts. He was amazed at my physique. I lay down on him, focusing on his two virgin boobs. I asked him if anyone had played with them before. He rejected shyly. I jokingly told him that once I suck his nipples, he will become my wife permanently. He blushed and his cheeks turned dark pink.

I smiled and took hold of his boobs. I began massaging them and licked his left nipple. Wow, far better than a girl’s perky tits, they were so soft. The touch of my tongue made his nipples erect. I bit his left nipple and he let out a moan. I then began sucking on his left and then his right nipple. Kartik was pullin my head closer to his boobs, just like a girl does. All this time, my monster was forcing against his groin.

His boobs were now shining with my saliva. I went up and smooch him for some time and then turned him. Wow, what a figure! His ass was inviting me to fuck it. I began kissing his back and then came down. I spanked his ass for a while. He was moaning but definitely liking it. Once I was satisfied with the red tinge that appeared on his globes, I parted his cheeks tightly. There inside was my prize, a tight pink virgin buy pussy.

It was completely hairless. I touched his asshole he slithered. I slapped his ass again and told the bitch to stay still. (He must have been surprised to see the change in my behavior but liked the way I dominated him) I spitted inside on his asshole and used my fingers to spread it all over the area. Then I took my camera and took some snaps for my personal collection. Then I got up and pulled down my undies.

My 9 inches sprang up.

I pulled up Kartik and pushed my dick into his mouth. He was surprised but got on track gradually. He wet my whole tool with his saliva and began gobbling it. My dick could feel the back of his throat. His mouth was Oh-My-Darn warm. I began doubting his virginity after looking at the way he was sucking me so professional, so slutty but what the heck, I just need a pin-cushion.

He sucked me for a good 15-20 minutes. My dick was now all set for the action. I turned him and again concentrated on his asshole. I spitted again and began pushing my finger inside. Yes – he was a virgin! It was so tight, but I managed to shove in one finger. He howled and asked me to take it out. I slapped his ass hard and abused him, while shoving in another finger. He was near to crying, begging me to stop. But I told him this is what he will get for bargain packages. It was so erotic

I could do and say anything I wanted – he will not remember anything after a few hours. That is the power of Rufie. I thrust my third finger inside and he started crying, turning me one more and more. I began pushing my fingers back and forth, enjoying the wet warmth and his howls. I then got up and told him that I will be now robbing him off his virginity and that he will now become my wife. His eyes told me he was a bit scared, though there was little he could do.

I put some pillows under his dick to bring up his fat ass. I spitted again on his asshole and pointed my monster to this pussy. I thrust my hips till I got my head inside. He howled again and I had to give him a couple of slaps on his ass and cheeks to get him down again. I continue shoving till I was halfway in. It was so pleasurable. His tight rectum was surrounding my dick and his prostrate was getting used to this new feeling of lust and pain. His howls had decreased to erotic moans.

I went ahead till I was fully inside him. He was moaning – that dirty little slut. Once in, I began going to and fro, increasing my pace rapidly. After a couple of minutes, the bed was shaking vigorously as I was fucking this virgin kid madly in his boy pussy. I was abusing him a lot, telling him how I will be using him regularly and how he will now serve as another pussyboy for the fashion industry. Strangely, this was turning him on as he began stroking his dick.

I fucked the hell out of him for about 20 minutes. He shot his load and his anal muscles tightened, making me reach my climax. I took my dick out and pushed him on the bed. I got over him and thrust my dick into his mouth, just in time to gift him his first ever cumload. He was on his way to vomit it but I threatened him to drink it all. Though he was very uncomfortable, I made him drink all my juice, though some dripped out of his mouth.

I turned him around to see his asshole. Blood was now oozing out of his pink pussy which was now robbed off. He collapsed on the bed. I took my camera and shot a couple of snaps. Then I pulled him in my bathroom. I made him sit in the tub till I had a piss. I came out and asked him to clean my dick. He gobbled it all and cleaned it to the core. Then I put on the warm whirlpool and dragged him inside. I cleaned his whole body and lathered it up.

I took some snaps again. I got my dick hard again. I fucked Kartik for the second time in the shower. He was resting against the wall as I fucked his pussy under the warm shower. I simultaneously licked his lips, his boobs (which were now red owing to their rough abuse). I then dried the both of us (had to, because by now, he was totally drugged and was needs my support every now and then).

I then escorted him into the bedroom. Both of us were pretty tired. I dressed myself, and him. Then I pushed him down on the bed and slept besides me, placing my hand inside his pants and putting my two fingers inside his not-so-virgin pussy hole. I got up just in time for dinner. He got up about half an hour later and was confused like hell. But the best thing is that a guy (or a gal) would believe any story you tell him after he gets out of the trauma.

I told him that we were doing just fine with the photoshoot when he collapsed down and I had to pick him up and put him to bed. He was embarrassed a bit but I convinced him it was okay. I offered him dinner but he said he had to rush home. He paid my charges and thanked me for everything (though he didn’t even know half of what he should thank for)

I told the boy to come after 4 days to pick his photos. I opened my front door for him and he left, showing me his big ass (covered by his somewhat wet jeans) which I had molested a couple of hours back. My devil mind began making plans for his next visit.

PS: Do tell me if you like my story. Also give me your suggestions for improvisation or new plots.