The Unexpected Relationship

By : Manboobxxx

Hi all this is your chubby bottom again from Hyderabad. After all the fucking I had with so many guys, I thought of taking some time and relaxing myself from all this shit. But, a guy with some attractive womanly features escaping attention is tough! For more than a month I did not have sex and I also did not have the urge to have it as well. Days passed by with everything being normal.

I was doing well at work, friends and having a good time. Then, few days ago my neighbor shifted to a nearby town, which left his room vacant for more than 10 days. Then a 50 years old man occupied the room and started socializing with everyone. He was a decent guy with a decent body and was very hygienic. Seriously speaking I had no feelings towards him. But it happened that he became friends with me and we used to talk when we bump into each other.

He was like a guide who taught me how to live life and some art of living as well. What I learned from him was he was a widower and did not have any children to look after. He was a middle class man with a decent salary. His wife passed away 8 years back and he had moved on after her demise. We both became very close to each other and started to watch movies also now and then. Until this time and he did not have any sexual feelings towards each other.

Until, one of my ex partner came to my room to collect his books. When he came I and uncle (as I used to call him) were having tea on the balcony. He (my ex partner) came and I went in the room to show him his stuff. He hugged me from behind and was also fondling my boobs, and then he gently asked me, “Have you started having sex with this uncle also”. I replied “shut up, nooo he is just a friend” he sarcastically said “ok” and left.

When I came out of the room and joined uncle for the remaining tea something was different, I experienced a change. Uncle was secretly checking me out. His eyes were exploring my body. He also said I was looking really good today. I smelled something wrong. Then, uncle started talking about his marriage and he not having kids etc for the first time he was talking things that were personal to him.

I asked him “uncle, why are you sharing this to me” he said “no, I thought we were close enough now for me to share all this” I said “ok fine, go on, He continued about the problems he faced to have kids and suddenly revealed a truth he said “ I am impotent I was shocked! I saw him and he felt awkward but still managed a very small smile. He even went on to say that he had no sex for the last 8 years. Now I felt he would take the matter to the next level and ask something. So I said I have some work and left the place immediately.

For a few days I ignored him in a fear of being asked for something I dint want to do. Few days later on a Sunday evening at 8 he knocked my door, came in and made himself comfortable. He asked me why I couldn’t meet him for so many days and was I avoiding him. I managed to convince him and slowly changed the topic. Today uncle seemed very brave, he was talking a bit sternly.

He roamed in my room and was having some fun I believe. He then spotted my undies hanging on the string in the balcony. He went close to it and said “these undies look like a woman’s” he also took them in his hands and felt its “quality” I said uncle “what are you doing, it’s my undies” he said it’s ok and came in the room. Now there was silence in the room apart from the lorry honking on the road.

He came and sat beside me on the chair beside me and said “I am frustrated, I feel like committing suicide” I asked why. To which he replied and said “I need to have sex, or I will become mad” to which I said then you can go to a slut and quench your thirst. He replied that society and safety was stopping him. Then silence again. Uncle leaned back on the chair and broke the ice.

He said “look beta, I saw you and your friend hugging each other on that day, he also asked you whether you are having sex with me or not, from that day I know you are a gay, and you like cocks. I was shocked that uncle was speaking like this to me. I tried to explain, before which he said “please have sex with me, I am desperate to have sex, I promise I won’t tell it to anyone” but I bluntly said no.

But he persisted and even pleaded me almost on his feet. I said that “I accept I am gay, but I can’t have sex with you” to which his pleading got even higher. I thought for a moment and said “ok, fine give me some time” he happily sat back on the chair and started drinking water. I told him leave me alone and I will call you later. He left the room and I locked the door behind him.

I thought for some time and decided to go with it since I also wanted it now!

An hour later the door bell rang and he was standing there, fully fresh after a bath, he was wearing a tee and a short. He smiled at me and came in. he asked me “so are you ready” I nodded and went in the bathroom for a shower. As I came out I saw him watching tv and enjoying like a man waiting for his wife to have bath and join him in sex. I was feeling very awkward to dress on and sit beside him.

I was sitting beside him now wearing a thin tee and a very short and thin short. He was still watching TV I was sitting beside him and almost trying to grab his attention, but he was enjoying the TV. Then, he turned towards me and was smiling like a hero smiling to his heroine.

He put his arm around me and hugged me softly. I was also responding to the hug and slowly starting to enjoy it. He then kissed gently on my cheek and was rubbing my shoulders.

Slowly his mouth search for my lips, he found it and kissed my lips softly. I also got into the mood and kissed him back with the same softness. He then slowly separated the kiss and saw my body once he slowly pressed my boobs and removed my tee simultaneously. He saw my boobs and felt happy, he said these babies are nice. He went on and took one of them in his hand and the other in his mouth.

He was licking and sucking on it. Softly and tasting every inch of it. He did that with the other boob and gave it the same treatment. He gave me a smile and asked me to stand. He removed my shorts and now I was nude before a 50 years old that I referred as uncle not so long ago.

He asked me to turn around and show him my ass, I obliged, and he saw and started adjusting his cock.

He was idle now, as if he didn’t know what to do next. He and I paused for 30 to 40 secs before I took the initiative and removed his tee. I saw a decent body, I bent down and gave him a smooch and was also playing with his cock over his shorts. He was going mad with excitement. I slowly shifted down and unzipped his shorts, and as expected no undies were there. I saw a pretty decent 7” cock with very little hair around it.

I bent down and was playing with his cock looking in his eye, I think he told me please sick my cock asap. I slowly took some saliva and applied it to his cock and slowly took it in my mouth. He was so excited to have someone do this to him after 8 yrs that his moans were getting very loud. I stopped at once and told him to keep quiet.

He whispered that “I am not able to control my feelings, but now I will be quiet” then I smiled and went back to his cock again. He loved it, I could make out with the way he was pressing my boobs so firmly. Then I went back up, he kissed me and tasted his own cock.

We kissed for more than 5 mins our saliva was flowing over my body. He then saw my face with an expression of ignorance, he dint know what to do next. I whispered to him “I will bend, put your cock inside me from behind” he was a bit surprised.

I bent down before him, he was adjusting his already lubricated cock, and he slowly put his cock on my ass crack. He was doing it wrong, I took his cock in my left hand and guided it into my love hole. He was pushing it in slowly, he was enjoying and I was not having a bad time either. His speed slowly began to grow and the pounding was getting faster. Now he was fucking me hard. I was enjoying it, he was going deeper and deeper.

My moans were getting louder; he got more excited hearing me moan. His cock was drilling me deeper, my ass was aching. I felt I would pee at that instance. Even I was flexing my ass muscles to help him penetrate deeper. The speed was high, then suddenly he stop and came all over my ass, back and my thighs. I quickly turned around to see him happy and fucking satisfied. He just lay on the bed and I slept beside him. Then he asked me how I relieve myself. I said

I masturbate, and then play with my partners cock for some time and sleep. He said he wanted to see how I masturbated. I told him to sleep on his tummy and slowly press my boobs; I rubbed my cock against the bed and came on his hand that he kept near my cock. He and I were satisfied like hell. It was 11 pm and we were just lying down hugging each other, just then his kissing got fierce. He started to press me, caress me all over again.

He whispered “give me a blow job, please”. This went on and on, till 3am and till then he had cum thrice and I twice. We fell asleep just like that. Next morning we woke up and, saw each other naked again. He was smiling and I was feeling awkward but happy. We both then kissed good bye for the day. But, evening when I returned from office he was waiting for me near my door. He said he wanted to see me.

We went inside the house; he hugged me tightly from behind and gave me a kiss on my cheek. He said from now you’re my wife shoba. I politely pushed him and gave a smile. He went on his knees and asked me to marry him.

I was shocked, really shocked. I said “are you mad?” he said “no we gays have the right now to get married and live together” I said “ I know that but, this is not possible” he said he not only had a physical attraction to me but also liked me as a person, I politely told him to hang on and wait. But he still gets the chance to fuck me once in a while..