I Prefer To Be Kumari

By: Shindy

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Hi viewers this is my fourth story for ISS this is something special and I am satisfied with writing it. My name is Kumar and I am from Chennai and I work as a sales rep in a multinational company and iI used to go from one place to another as I have to cove entire Tamilnadu and I am 35 years old and good looking man once I went and stayed in a hotel in Vilupuram and it was not new to me because

I used to visit that place frequently and one day afternoon I came to my hotel room and switched on the ac as it was too hot and I found ac is not working and so I called the room boy his name was murugesan and he was 40 years old and he came to the room and he repaired the ac and I gave him ten rupees and after that he said he want to see a telivision serial at that time so I locked my all belongings and took the key and went to bathroom to make a bath and murugesan

I was seeing the tv after some time I came from bath and came with a towel and sat on the bed and slowly went in to sleep suddenly after five minutes I could feel someone touching my thigh and when I opened my eyes I could see murugesan touching my thigh and slowly came near me and took my towel I did not resist and I did not do anything he slowly touched my underwear and felt my cock and I did not have that kind of experience and I kept quiet indeed

I was liking from inside the touch slowly he took my tool which was very big from the wear and he started kissing it and I did not resist an d he started sucking it and I was enjoying it and simultaneously he was pressing my nipples and it had become red and I was enjoying myself and an hour long strugle took for the cum and I cummed in his mouth and I came to normal senses and I thought I am bisexual and I enjoy it at the same time

I did not touch his tool and it was his thing totally and I was a spectator of my own show after some time he asked how did you enjoy I said I am very shy this is my first time and asked him to go out he asked some rupees for food and I gave him 50 rupees and the same night I vaccated the hotel and came to Chennai and once in a month I go to Vilupuram and every time I go I was given the same pleasure by the room boy murugesan and I seriously thought why I am doing it

And I found I have great interest to be a woman and I want to cross dress next time I went to Vilupuram I told my wish to murugesan he told what happen to you are you becoming enunch. I told him no some time I feel I want to dress like a woman and I want to get fucked by a man murugesan laughed and he said tonight I will turn you in to a girl and I will fuck you and I gave 500 rs for getting dress and wig since he worked part time as tailor he took my measurement

And made a saree jacket bra pavadai and wig and he also got some bangles anklets chain and some yellow rope he came with all other things I told and came to my room and locked it and I found he is not alone and a Kerala guy also was with him and he said common go and change your dress he ordered me. I was little bit hesitating he said dont worry it will be good so

I went in to bathroom and put all the dresses he brought and all the jewels he brought I also weared the wig and when I came out he was surprised and told the Kerala guy Sajeev common he looks like a gorgeous girl really and murugesan asked me are you willing to be my today and I was totally in heaven I said yes and he said it is not going to be easy and I agreed again and slowly he came near me and took the yellow rope and told

Me: this is your mangalsutr and I am going to tie it and he tied it to my neck I was looking at the tali and I was really taken back and tears flown my eyes and after few second he slapped me twice in my cheeks and I was surprised and asked him why he said now I am your husband and you did not get my blessings so I took his feets dust and he said now on wards you will be called kumari

Then he introduced Sajeev to me and said he is my guest and you should make him enjoy and do what ever he wants and

Sajeev: common kumari come and suck my dick and being the first time to touch any ones dick I was nervous so I slowly went to him and opened his zip and took the 7 inch tool and started sucking it and definetely it was heaven and slowly Sajeev was hitting me in cheeks and he said common bitch kumari suck harder and I sucked harder and I was enjoying being dominated, then I took the whole load of his cum in my mouth and sajeev closed my mouth

And told Kumari bitch swallow it and it was my order so I swallowed it and then murugesan my husband for the day told me come and massage my hands and feet so I took my sarree pallu and cleaned his legs and hand s with water and started massaging it and he asked me bitch what have you got for the dinner I told nothing and he became angry and he kicked me out of bed. Eventhoug it was paining I was enjoying the domination as woman and I said please dear I will cook tomorrow he said ok come and kiss my body and

I kissed his entire body and finally took his tool and sucked it and swallowed his cum. after some time he slapped again and asked to take care of sajeev and so I went to sajeey and took his tool but it was weak after the cum but I was ordered to make it big and slowly

I sucked it for half an hour and made it big and took the cum by this way I sucked muruguesan and Sajeev for ten times the whole night five each and later murugesan told me you were a good wife and told to come very often to Vilupuram from then on I became kumari whenever I go to Vilupuram and enjoy the pleasure please give your feedback to / /