Losing Virginity For Carrier

My name is Swapnil and the story
is about my job experience and how I used my sissy body to help in growing my
carrier. I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Instrumentation. In campus
placement I got an offer from a MNC company, which works in Instrumentation
field. I joined company and came to know that they (my seniors) were going to
send me on-field to some village near vishakha-patnam, where our site was in

They threw me to remote place
where I could not enjoy anything. I thought to quit. But finding another job
was difficult too. So I continued same job and went to Village. I resumed duty
there it was a medium scale industrial plant. I was one out of 12 engineers
there, two team leaders on top of us and a plant head, remaining were all
workers. I got acquainted with the place and doing my work.

There was problem with the place,
it was away, even from the nearest village second there were no girls, women
workers were there. But, I even could not imagine sleeping with them. Too black
and hairy I was having good computer skills so our plant head used to call me
for making documentation and presentations. I helped him, though it not helped
me to get salary hike, but I was in plant heads good looks.

While helping with his
documentation, I access his computer. I had seen many porn materials on his
computer. Many video clips, including lesbian and teen porns. He was very
naughty guy. I used to observe him and his home. Few of women workers used to
visit his home. No need to tell why, One day I had argue with one of my fellow
rakesh, he scolded me.

I wanted to take revenge with him
but as he was my senior I could not able to do anything. One year passed
quickly and we came to know that one of our team leaders resigned and team
leader position got vacant. Plant head decided instead of hiring new guy chance
to be given to juniors. He called all twelve junior engineers (including me he
might had thought 1 year also a sufficient experience, also I had helped him a

He addressed, “This is a unique
opportunity every one must try hard for this. I have not kept minimum criteria,
because leadership is not only about experience but also some skills. All the
best, your interviews are scheduled in next week; every one was taking efforts,
retrieving what they had done during their tenure, reading books. I was a bit
disappointed I was having minimum experience. So even if I would appear for
interview I was not going to get selected.

A guy with maximum experience
would get selected. I had this opportunity to take revenge with Rakesh. Two
days after an Idea came to my mind, may be it would help me to get promote even
I had least chance of it. My boss was fond of porn and sex. I remember at
weekends he used to call lady worker to pacify his thirst of sex. But all
ladies that he used to call were black and just not having good figure.

I decided to gift him a bold and beautiful
girl. So he may promote me. Next day afternoon, I went to nearest village,
there was problem with language (People speak Telugu only) I had to go to
vishakha-patnam, just to find proper prostitute for him. I had language problem
there also. I met with few prostitute also, but they were also black, not up-to
my expectation.

I lost one day, but I got
confident and obsessed for promotion. I went to vishakha-patnam next day also,
but nothing happened. Interview day was just three days ahead and I had nothing
with me. By then I was desperate about my promotion. I was thinking what to do?
Anyhow I wanted to get promoted atleast to take my revenge.

Next day when I went outside to just check chance if I could see any beautiful
prostitute. I seen a Hijda (Transgender) and a thought came in my mind if I
could sleep with my plant head by turning my self into a girl. Next moment I
started thinking other ways, but again and again same thought came to my mind. I came back to my room still thinking same if I could be a girl and sleep with

Its like my mind is broken into two parts one
was saying just does it and another are you doing? You are a boy first saying you
will get promoted and you can ask rakesh to anything and easily take
revenge” other part of mind saying “you will be called as a gay and
what if your boss wont promote you, first part saying you have to take risk and
think about profits of it

Finally I came to a decision that
Ill do this, it would be only one time and no will know about it. Question was
how I would do it within a day. I went to vishakha-patnam again, though I was
going to get tired, still I would get women stuff there only. I went to a daisy
dee shop bought nice pair or bra and panty, sales girl there sold it to me with
weird look, I avoided eye contact with her again went to nice shop to get some
nice clothes. I was confused what to take, salwar kameez saree or what.

Finally after an hour I selected
purple top and white skirt with nice sandals. I came back to my room and swa my
self in mirror. I went to bathroom got
my shaving kit, while I coming back I bought as much make up material as
possible including wax. I applied was to my legs, hands, chest even penis and my asshole. I almost screamed
while removing my hair it was real difficult took bath with hot water.

I saw my self in mirror; I looked
girly with no very small boobs. I started applying make up. First, I washed my
face well with a gentle cleanser, shaved my face and applied moisturizer, kept
it for a while to get soaked by my skin. Apply foundation evenly to your entire
face with a makeup spunge. Then I applied concealer, which helped me in dark
spots, ruddy areas and veins.

Then I gone for blush, I sweeped
blush downward from the ear to mid-cheek, beginning in line with the top of the
ear and ending at the end of the apple of your cheek. I used penicil eyeliner;
finally I applied light purple colour lipstick matching to my top. I saw my
self in the mirror and oh my god I looked awsome. I was really happy. I put earrings
and nose rings, combed my hair. I really looked hot.

Wore bra, panty and dress I got.
I looked my self in the mirror again, my heart started pounding at very huge rate. My plant head apartment was on upper floor of my apartment, I opened my
door no one was in the corridor. I slowly moved towards his apartment, it was
difficult to walk in high heel sandals. I reached at his doors. My heart rate
got doubled, I knocked on his door. A moment after door opened and I saw him,
his expression was surprised.

He asked, Hey!

I replied, Hi, my name is swapnali, I want a halt tonight, can I stay here for
a night
He said, “Oh, no problem at all, please get in.
He offered me a drink; I took and sipped a gulp.
I asked, ” Hope I havent disturbed you
He said, “No, anyhow I was alone looking for company

I was giving him signals, continuously staring at his cock, while offering me water or something he used
touch my hand. He sat next to me on sofa, and his thighs rubbing mine after
finishing his drink, he asked me if I want to get comfortable in bedroom. I
said yes. He took me to his bedroom, and just after entering his bedroom, he
pushed me to nearest wall and started kissing me.

I felt nothing while kissing him
back, because I was not a boy that time, I was feeling like a girl he rubbed
his lips on to my lips, started moving his hand in my hair. I closed my eyes
responding him and he took my upper lip between his lips and starte licking it.
After that he probed his tounge inside my mouth and searching for my tounge our
tounges met, lips were on each other.

I was tasting his salvia after
few minutes of that kiss he took me in his arms and put me on the bed.I laid on
my back, he was on his t-shirt and jeans and he unbucckeled his belt took of
his jeans and t-shirt and he slid off his boxers and threw his boxers on my
face. I started rubbing it to my face, it smelt horny. I saw his 8′ penis hanging;
his balls looked huge and heavy.

He was in hurry sat next to me, I
took his long penis in my hand first took smell of it, rubbed his penis on my
face, Then kissed top of penis. he laid on his back, I put my head between his
legs started to lick his balls and penis. He had no hair on his penis and
balls. I took his penis and started licking it. It was really tasty; I took his
entire penis and licked it completely. He was moaning I was enjoying his penis,
after some time he could not control and cum in my mouth.

I tasted cum in first time of my
life and it was really tasty, its salty taste wow! He pulled me towards him and kissed me again. He removed my top, then I
frightened because he would know that i was a boy not girl. He removed my skirt
and then he was a bit shocked as he saw my semi erect penis trying to com out
of bikini. He said nothing and started kissing my nipples thorugh my bra and
after licking he removed

My bra and gave a pinch on my
nipple tip of his tongue was circling around the areola. His tongue was gliding
over my nipples very lightly my body jerked and a moan escaped from my lips,
thats because I was dying for him to take each nipple into his mouth, and suck
and nibble away and he suck and inhaled it while releasing it. Wow! That gave
me an icy sensation.

Then he came down wards, kissed
lightly on my belly and just blew, I shivered and he looked at my panty and
removed it. I saw my penis and he didnt care about that. He got a pillow under
my butts and spit on my asshole may be to make it lubricant. His thick flared
cock head near my anus and started to push. It was hurting me as my skin was
getting stretched.

He was forcing I tried to control
my scream but his strokes were powerful I shouted and his thich penis entered
my ass hole. When he was fully inside my asshole he started working his dick in
and out. I couldnt feel any pain any longer. I was really enjoying his thrusts
which were increasing. I was completely absorbed in giving him all the pleasure
he needed at that moment.

I could feel his dick sliding in
and out of my rectum and this gave me a lot of pleasure. I wanted him to fuck
me until I came but I was probably too anxious to achieve an orgasm. He
withdrew from my ass without warning and asked me to turn over and lie on my
stomach. He was running out of breath with the great effort he was making.

Our naked bodies were sweating
profusely. He was tired with heavy fucking still he had not cum. I laid him on
his back and sat on him. I took his cock and try to place on my ass hole. It
got entered and I started fucking his penis with my asshole even I got tired
some time later. He pushed me and pulled my legs on his shoulder and gave final

Few moments later he cummed
inside me, it was heaven after his red hot piston in my engine he made it
liquid cool, we both were tired we slept. Next morning when we woke up, I told
him about me. I said all I did for promotion. He smiled and said you got that.
He added you have to satisfy me once in a while, and I will take care about
your carrier and soon I got promoted, every one was stunned by it especially Rakesh. Obviously I was satisfying my plant head regularly reply me on / /