Mated With My Roommate Part II

Kisiko pata toh nahin chalega na bhaiya? Amit asked me while breathing heavily
with his eyes closed. I replied nahin tension matt le main toh kisiko nahin
bolunga aur shayad tu bhi nahi bolega! I continued, “aab bata ki kaisa
laga tujhne,

For all those who havent read the previous part of this story “Mated with
my Room-mate Part I, let me just tell you in short that Im 23yr old gay
bottom. This is my story which happened to me in my final year of Engineering
with my room-mate Amit who was in 1st year that time. I had just given Amit the
first blowjob of his life on a Saturday night at 1 am!

So continuing, Amit opened his eyes and looked at me and with a shy smile he
said, bahut achha Bhaiya yeh mera pehli bar thi. I said, Kyun teri gf ne kabhi
tera lund nahin choosa kya. Achaa khasa mota tagda lund hai tera toh. He said,
“Nahi usse yeh kaam ganda lagta hai. I said usse nahin pata ki woh life me
kya miss kar rahi hai bechaari! He smiled again listening to me. I continued
par tu fikr na kar aab main hun na roz tera lund choosunga aur tera tasty muth
(sperm/cum/semen/virya/paani whatever u wanna call it) piyunga tujhe aitraaz
toh nahin hai na.

He said with a big grin, nahin bhaiya! I then went to the
toilet and washed my face and mouth and came back. After me, he went and
freshened up and came back. He was only in his underwear while I was in my
shorts and T-shirt. As both of us were feeling hungry so we made some Maggie
and had it. Then we again returned to bed. It was around 1:45 am now. I was
feeling horny again. I looked at him with a naughty smile and he gave a shy
smile too. Oh he looked so cute!

I sat on the edge of the bed and told him, “chal yahan
aake khadey hoja mere saamne. He looked a little confused but anyway came and
stood in front of me. The bed was kind of low in height. So now his underwear
was right in front of my face. He had no erection now. I looked up into his
eyes and slowly pulled down his underwear. His limp cock was now in front of my
eyes. I took it in my hand and started playing with it. Soon it attained its
full size. I looked at Amit and now he was standing with his head arched a
little and his eyes closed.

He was just enjoying the hand-job! I slowly started licking
the head of his cock and he immediately moaned like aahhhhh! I then took the
head of his cock in my mouth and started to suck it. He started to moan slowly
like ooohh aaaaahhhh aaaaaahhhh hmm. His moaning was getting me excited too. I
took his cock out of my mouth and now started sucking his big balls. They were
bigger than mine. He was moaning like, ohhhhhhh bhaiyaaaaa aahhhhh bhaiyaa ahhh.

I sucked his big balls for a while and then slowly pulled
back his fore-skin to expose the purple head and gave it a lick. His body again
shivered. I looked at him and then said, “Chal Amit aab tu aapne lund se
mere muh ko chod mujhe mouth-fuck kar and saying so I took his cock back into
my mouth. He now started to slowly thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. With
each thrust he started to gain a steady momentum. I loved the feeling of
getting mouth-fucked and im sure he loved it too!

As he gained speed, his precum mixed with my saliva started
to make a sexy noise. Each time he shoved his cock into my mouth, it would make
a noise like slup slup slup slup slup slup! The sound was really sexy! He was
now thrusting his complete cock in and out of my mouth. I was getting too
tensed up and needed a breath of air. So I took out his cock from my mouth and
took some deep breaths. I was breathing heavily and so was he.

His big cock was shining with his precum mixed with my saliva!
He was just staring at me. I smiled and looked at him and said, “oh Rahul
aaj se main teri randi hun tu jo chaahe kar sakta hai mere saath jab bhi hum
iss room mein honge tab main teri kuttiya banke rahungi. He smiled and said oooh
Bhaiya, I love you Bhaiya aapne toh mujhe woh pyaar diya hai jo meri gf ne bhi
mujhe kabhi nahin diya and saying so he bent down and brought is face close to

I closed my eyes in anticipation and soon felt his lips on
mine. I opened my lips to accept his lips and we sucked at each others lips
like two hot hungry lovers! It was so definitely hot! We hugged each other and
and kissed for 5 minutes and then parted with each others lips. He said, bhaiya
main aapke godh (lap) mein sar rakh kar soun? I smiled and said, “aaja
meri jaan. I sat on the bed properly and he lied with keeping his head on my

Oh I was in love with him. I started caressing his hair. He
closed his eyes. I pulled him close to my chest and kissed on his forehead. He
suddenly opened his eyes and said bhaiya aapse ek baat bolun bura toh nahin manoge?
I said, Nahin bol na he said, “woh actually aap aapke aapke who woh jo
hain na and saying so he was looking at my chest. Before continuing let me tell
you something regarding my chest. It would actually be better if I called them
boobs because they are really big!

Yes just like a girl infact I feel proud to say that they
are actually much bigger than any average girls breast. A couple of years back
I had also tried secretly wearing a bra of my aunty in her bathroom and amazingly
it had fitted me perfectly. Infact to be honest it was kind of tight! My boobs
seemed to pop out from them! Anyway Rahul was nervously stammering who woh
aapke woh. I smiled and completed his sentence, “kya mere boobs? He gave a
big smile and nodded.

I said tujhe mere boobs pasand hain? He said, “haan
bhaiya. I said tujhe dekhne hain mere boobs? Without waiting for his reply i
pulled up my T-shirt and now my big boobs came into his view. He was awestruck
to see them. I said inhein choo ke dekh and saying so I took his right hand in
my hand and put it on my left boob. As he caught my boob in his hand, he gave
it a light squeeze and a low moan escaped from my mouth like hhhhhmm! Then he
put his other hand on my other boob and started sqeezing both of them gently. I
closed my eyes and started moaning like aaaaahhhhh!

Rahul said wow Bhaiya aapke boobs toh mere gf se bhi bade
hain woh toh saali flatron hai! P and we both laughed at that! I said tujhe
achhe lage mere boobs? He said, “haan Bhaiya aapki chucchiya toh bahut mast
hain choosne ka mann kar raha hai and I said toh choos na. He took my left
breast in his mouth and started to suck while he squeezed my other breast. A shiver
ran through my body and I started moaning like ahhh haaannnn chussss haaannnn choosss
mere boobs haaann aapne biwi ke boobs choos aahhh and he started to suck it
more hungrily.

After sucking one breast for 5 minutes, he shifted to the other one and sucked
it for another 5 minutes during which I moaned like hell! I saw that there was
a big erection in his underwear and I was leaking pre-cum in my underwear too.
I desperately needed relief. Once he stopped sucking my boobs, I got up from
the bed and took off my shorts. There was a huge wet spot in front of my
underwear! Now he was sitting at the edge of the bed and i was standing in
front of him with my hard on very close to his face.

He was mesmerized to see it. I said tune kabhi kisi aur
ladke ka lund pakda hai? He looked at me with innocent eyes and said, Nahin Bhaiya
I smiled and took his right hand in my hand and kept it on my hard-on over my
underwear. I moaned on his touch like hmmhhhh! He looked into my eyes! I said,
“dekh meri jaan tuney kya haal kiya hai iska. He smiled in a sheepish way
on hearing me! He then started to fondle my cock over the underwear. My cock
was getting restless and so was i!

I quickly pulled down my underwear and my small but erect
cock came into his view. He was totally mesmerised to see the first cock of his
life. I said, “kaisa lag raha hai tujhe? He replied looking at the cock,
“kitna chota aur pyaara lund hai aapka Bhaiya, I replied, “toh isse
apne haath mein leke dekh na. He then took my small cock in his hand and
started feeling it. A moan escaped from my mouth like hmmm. The size of my
erect cock was exactly the same as his ring finger. He looked into my eyes once
and kissed the head of my small cock.

He slowly pulled back the foreskin of my cock to expose the
purple head. It was shining with my pre-cum. He then took his tongue out and
started licking the head. I closed my eyes in pleasure while a moan of aahhhhhh
escaped from my mouth. He started sucking the head of my cock like a ice-cream
cone! I was on cloud 9! I started moaning like ahhh! He got encouraged by my
moans and started sucking my small cock even harder. I knew I wouldnt last
more than a minute!

And thus after a minute, with a groan like aaaaaarrrrgghhhhh
I unloaded my cum into his mouth. I think he liked the taste though he didnt swallow. I quickly bend down and locked my lips with his and he transferred the
cum into my mouth and i swallowed it like the slut I’m! Both of us were tired
and lied down on the bed beside each other staring at the ceiling-fan! Amit was
the first one to break the silence.

He said, “thank you Bhaiya I love you. I hugged him and
holding his semi-erect cock i said, “I love you too jaan par abhi toh bus
shurwat hai asli cheez toh abhi baaki hai! He looked into my eyes with
disbelief. I continued, “kyunki aaj se main teri patni hun teri randi hun main
chahta hun ki hum woh sab kare jo ek-pati patni karte hain! Kal sunday hain kal
raat ko humari Suhag Raat hogi subah hum log market chalte hain aur kuch achhe
dress lete hain aur phir raat ko and before I could continue he locked his lips
with mine and pressed my boobs hard.

I moaned again like ummhhhhh. I guess both of us knew what
the other day was waiting for us! We hugged each other and while he sucked my
boobs and I caressed his head, just like a baby suckling its mother’s breasts,
we both fell asleep. I hope you guys liked this part. Please do read the next
upcoming part titled “Mated with my room-mate The Suhagraat” Hoping
to hear from you guys soon. Please mail me at [email protected]