Roommate Or Soulmate

Hi! I got chance to write one of my other experience after long time. This
story is about my engineering life. I joined engineering college in Pune. As my
family was from Mumbai, I had to stay in hostel. The room allotted me was having
two beds, means I was going to share with some one else. I met Mahesh next day
and he was going to be my room partner. Mahesh was from Nashik. He was very
smart and handsome.

We were enjoying of college and hostel life. Initial day’s seniors had not made
any problem. But, after 2 weeks, seniors started teasing us. Earlier the
ragging was tolerable, like they used to force us to do dance or we had to wash
their clothes, etc. It continued for few days. I won’t forget that day, when
few of my seniors came to our room after dinner. They asked us we have to calculate
Ejaculation Factor of each other. We did not know that term.

We asked them about it. One of them told, we have to measure penis length in
normal position, then we have to do masturbate till our penis get erected, then
again measure length. After that we have to continue playing with our penis
till we ejaculated. And we have to collect that cum inside one of burette that
theyll provide to us. And measure that cum in terms of ml. Ejaculation factor
was Penis length in erect position minus penis length in normal position
divided by cum. Total multiplied by 10^3.

We were shocked by even thinking that we had to see each other in naked
position. And they were asking us to touch each others penis. They told us if
we do so, after this they would not rag us further. Reluctantly we started removing
our clothes. I saw first time a naked boy. I was stunned by his body. He was
fair, having good built. If I were a girl, I would have definitely flattered on
him. And I was slim, very fair and had body like teenager girl, off course
without boobs and pussy.

He measured my penis in normal position and i did same with him. Then we
started playing with our penis till it got erected. I saw his penis, it was
huge. Comparatively my penis it was very small. I measured his penis in erect
position and he measured mine. Then we continued jerking oue penis. Within few
minutes I came off, I saw at my cum inside burette. He was still jerking. He
came off after almost 10 minutes. It was quite embarrassing for me, one my
penis was quite small and I came off quickly.

We calculated our Ejaculation Factors and submitted it to seniors. They give us
mischievous look. And one of them smiled at me. I was again embarrassed feeling
that he might be thinking of my small Ejaculation Factor. That night I could
not sleep thinking of that ragging and Mahesh (of course his huge cock) I did
not know what Mahesh was thinking about me. Well, after that we were quite free
from ragging. I and Mahesh came quite closer, closer in the sense he used to be
on his undies, whenever we were in room.

I used to see his big bulge, I was feeling something. But, I
did not know what exactly it was, and even I tried to control myself thinking I
could not go for gay sex. We also talked about sex; we used to see blue-films
together. So overall our life was going fine, we became good friends. The Encounter day came after second year first semester. Our exams were
finished and we had two weeks vacation. He asked if we stay here instead of
going back to home, we could go for site seeing or some sort of trekking.

I accepted the invitation. It was December; we went to
Mahabaleshwar on his bike. We reached in afternoon, booked a flat for three
days. The Flat was very specious and having balcony which were having view of
valley. It was very beautiful. We dumped our luggage in the bedroom and went
for sight seeing. We roamed around for an hour, thinking it was getting dark,
we started moving back. He bought some wine for us. We had our dinner and then
we went to flat directly.

After reaching to flat, we changed. He took bath first then I went for bath.
There was a tub, I laid in it. While in water, I started playing with my
pinkish nipples. Also, I was thinking about my friendship with Mahesh. I did
not know how I started thinking about that, but I was actually looking for what
kind of a friendship we were having. After almost half an hour, I suddenly
realized that I am in a tub. Water became quite colder. I came out of tub,
dried myself and wore my undy.

I reached bedroom and wow, Mahesh changed the ambiance of
entire room. He used room-freshener slightly, to make mood, romantic music was
going in background, wine glasses were on the table arranged quite beautifully.
He was in his boxer shorts and sleeveless tee.

He welcomed me, Hey, Jaan you took time.

I said “I am sorry dear, making myself beautiful for you.

I said with elegance. I thought he was saying because of this ambiance and
atmosphere. He might be expecting a girl instead of me.

He poured wine for us. We raised a toast, and sipped our wine.

We talked little bit. After finishing two pegs, he started to wave slightly on
the tune. I poured another glass for me. He asked me to join. I replied that I
did not know how to.

He said, come on Jaan.

I said,”I cant dear, I dont know dancing.

He said, dont worry, Ill teach you.”

I said no in expression.

He pulled me to empty space, we started waving. He took my hand in his hand,
then he slowly started to touch my vest. We were soon in each others arm. Then
he asked me to put my both arms on his shoulders and he kept his hand on my
vest. We were so closed, our bodies were touching.

I was shivering, as I never been so close to anybody in such atmosphere. I had
not courage to have direct eye-contact with him. But, I observed that he was
continuously looking at me. He finally asked me “why you are so blushing?”

I replied “Nothing.

He was continuously caressing my vest and later slowly moved his hands on my
buttocks and suddenly he pressed my buttocks, I like that but still I asked what
are you doing?

He said, if you were girl, I would have loved to be your boyfriend!”

Listening this heart started pounding at very fast rate, still I replied, if I
were girl, I would have loved to be your girlfriend!

He said, really and kissed on my cheek.

I said “Hey, What are you doing?

He said you look so gorgeous cold not resist myself.

He added be my girlfriend.

I smiled and replied I am your girl.

I did not know what happened but, I found out that I was blushing again.

He refilled his wine glass; meanwhile I said to myself “Hey whats happening to
you? Why you were blushing?

He came back and offered me wine; I took sip and replaced glass on table. We
again started waving. He again kissed me this time on other cheek. I did not
say anything. I did not know why i had not said anything, may be I liked that.
I stopped thinking and came back to rhythm. He came closer to me as I could
feel his heavy, warm and fast breathing. Before I could think anything my lips
touched his lips. We started kissing each other.

He started slowly and gently, he was kissing my upper lip
then my tongue. My eyes were closed, I was deeply enjoying. We were kissing
like we used to kiss. We were in lip-lock. I did not know when we came out of
it. I still could not open my eyes. He kissed on my forehead and then on my
both eyes. Hes a great kisser.

He said “Jaanu, open your eyes.

I opened my eyes and started blushing. He again kissed on my lips.

He made me comfortable on bed. I still did not know why I was really blushing
like a girl, why I had not refused him kissing me and why I am behaving like
his girlfriend. I just laid on bed and he laid next to me, he removed his sleeveless.
He kissed on my cheek. Then on my neck. I knew what he was doing but I did not
stopped him neither I wanted him to stop whatever he was doing.

He kissed on my breast (I am so womanized so I am using breast instead of
chest). He took my nipple in his lips started kissing it, biting it. I started
moaning. He played with it till my pink nipple became red and had his teeth
marks around it. He kissed my belly, I was feeling his tongue and saliva. Ohhhh!
I can still feel it.

He removed my underwear; I saw my small erected penis. He started jerking it
and sucking it, within little moment I came off, he took that in his mouth. He
intentionally gave me a lip kiss, so I could taste my own cum. But I like taste
of my cum. I made him naked by taking off his boxer shorts and started licking
his penis, also I licked his balls. I also rubbed his cock on my face, my

Taking his huge cock inside my mouth was really a big deal,
but I somehow managed and after some long time I felt he was about to cum, I
could not drink his cum completely, some cum was on my face. He kissed me
again. I was tired giving him blow-job. We rested for a while, and then he was
between my legs, and could feel his breathing around my asshole.

I said to myself “If he kisses my asshole then he loves me else he just want to
have sex with me.
And next moment his tongue was inside my asshole. He licked my ass without any

I said to myself “Yesssssssss, He loves me!

He licked it for next few moment and asked me to made his penis erect. I did
it. Then I realized he was going to fuck my ass,

I said “Hey, are you going to put your cock inside me”.

He nodded.

I said “Nooooooooh”.

He said “Come on, it wont hurt you, I will take care of that”.

I said “No”.

He kissed me and then said “Please Jaan”.

I nodded and said “But please carefully”.

I spread my legs apart. He first rubbed his penis around my asshole. I liked

He slowly pushed his penis inside; it was tip of penis inside me. Then he gave
again a push, this time it hurt me, I moaned. He gave me a look, but did not
stop. He gave one more push and now I could not bear it. I moaned loudly aahhhh.

He did not push but he also not removed his penis from my asshole. I said,
Please, don’t and but he gave one more push and I thought that pain is really impossible.
I cried moan loudly. He did not stop, but him gently pushing. Few moments’
later pain turned into fun. Though pain was there but it was overcomed by fun. Then
he started pushing heavily and no wonder I was responding him like a bitch.

Then suddenly he took out his penis. I said why? He was seducing me. I begged
him, please fuck me. I pushed him and got on top of him. I took his penis in my
asshole. I was forcing his penis inside me, in starting trials I could then
even he could not resist himself and pushed his penis inside me. I was taking
him in and out, even he was also forcing. We were deeply enjoying it. I was
moaning loudly aaaaah.

Even he was moaning too. It made me crazy. After around half
an hour he came inside me. He was tired so was I looked at clock it was 3 am. He
gave me one more kiss and said “Jaan, I Love You, Three words that I was
expecting. I was so happy. I nodded and said “I Love you too” and kissed him
deeply. I slept in his arms. Next morning I woke up, he was still sleeping. I
gently kissed his lip and then his penis (I love his penis a lot).

I went to bathroom, my ass was still hurting. It was difficult to pee even. I
thought I could have used any cream for lubricating my hole. I filled tub bath
with hot water. I entered in tub, and started recollecting whatever happened
last night, and thinking. Its Love or Sex”. But I was assured of one thing
that I was not interested in straight relationship. In fact I was gay. Sissy, I
was thinking why I am not a girl. I should have breast, pussy.

I wanted to be a girl. I was thinking of Mahesh. Was I in
love with Mahesh? Was he in love with me? I hoped he should love me and because
he made me realize my true existence. He made me girl. Please reply me what you think of our
relationship. Mail me at [email protected]