Fucked By Beast

My 10th board exams had finished and it was hot summer in Hyderabad and three months for colleges to start. I would be alone most of the time as my parents were working and I was their only son. My dad bought me a pc (apple I mac yellow colour costing 85k) with an internet connection. Also I had joined myself in a nearby Gym. On the pc I would watch porn everyday. Also i would search for bodybuilding exercises and diet. The models fascinated me lot.
Though I was very fair and handsome, llike a normal teenager with athletic body, I always yearned for a good physique. It was during this time that Salman had bared all in Pyar kiya to darna kya and then Hrithik in Kaho na.

On a particular website related to bodybuilding, I saw an indian origin model. I searched his name and got many results. I clicked on one link and was horrified to see him in nude posing with other male models. I was in shock as I was not aware of gay sex. I only knew in school that a man had sex with women to reproduce babies and also I masturbated while seeing nude photos of girls on internet. But slowly I also started enjoying watching gay sex. Therefore I am a Bi. In two months (after my exams), my pecs, shoulders arms had nicely developed. I would wear body hugging tees that revealed my worked out body.

My class mates also complimented on my body development, also beacuse of regular jogging my height also had increased by 4 inches in last 6 months. Young girls and guys in my colony would stare me whenever I was out. My gym instructor advised me to come twice a day till my college starts and also advised me a protein rich diet. I started going in the mornings at 5.30. There were many professional bodybuilders who came in the morning for workouts.This motivated me a lot. Among them was a man 10 years older than me with an awsome physique 5'11 inches with whom I did workout sessions.

He was a personal bodyguard of a big businessman. In three months we only exchanged a smile and hi hello thing. One day, in changing room, by coincidence we met. He was only in his jocks preparing to wear the clothes, when i entered. He had a big round ass. I too started removing my clothes (I wanted his attention and to see my body) and he saw me. He appreciated my physique said i was improving, he came near me and started touching my ass and phatttt gave a big slap on my but. I was thrilled. This gave me instant hard on and it showed in my shorts. He glanced at me, gave a cunning smile and proceeded to the workout. During the workout for the first time he spoke to me about my goals (for bodybuilding) I learnt his name was Dominic. He was wheatish or copper color and very attractive, he always had a stubble and handle bar moustache (like most of the bikers keep)

He advised that steam bath and massage was equally important as it helps in faster muscle recovery. He offered to take me to his home as a masseur would come to his house for massage. I could not say no so I agreed. He had a Bullet bike suitable for his body, I sat on the back seat.The thumping noise and vibrations of the bike was like adrenalin rush. I still had the hard on and a urge to jack. I thought to go to toilet in his home and would jerk quickly.

We reached his room. It was 1 bhk home on 3rd floor of the businessman's home.It was a palatial bungalow with nice garden and huge trees. His boss was away on a family trip to Australia and so he was free for 3 weeks. Dominic s home was full of body builders posters, bikini female models. He told me to be comfortable and feel free and offered me energy drink from his fridge. He lied on his sofa and said not to disturb him for 30 min till the masseur comes.

I nodded and went to his bedroom where there was TV in 10 min I noticed he was deep asleep so checked his almari for his stuff. He had a huge wardrobe. They were full with some books, magazines. There was another shelf in it that was locked with a number lock. I somehoe decoded and managed it to open. I was thrilled to see it. The wardrobe consist all leather stuff that mostly fascinated me. It leather jackets, pants, whip, huge boots, variety of gloves, handcuffs. The smell itself made me cum in my jocks and there was a big bulge in my shorts.

I had seen this kind of stuff only on American websites. There was another room inside that was locked (maybe store room I thought. The door bell rang I quickly colsed all the doors of the wardrobe. He opened the door. It was 50 yr old Bantu the masseur. The massage session started. He was only in his red thongs. The oil on his body made his muscles look spectacular. I only kept staring. When he finished, he asked Bantu to massage me also.

I readily agreed and stripped in a minute. Till then Dominic sat in a Steam Bag for 10 min and left for bath. I too sat in the steam bath. Dominic came out from the batch room, draped only in towel and still wet. He smelled wonderful. He too asked me to take bath and opened his wardrobe to give me an extra towel. He was a bit angry I supposed as he came to know that i had opened his wardrobe without his knowledge.

I ignored and gave a simile and went to take a shower.Dominic put an English movie on TV with loud volume. I shamelessly removed all my clothes and turned the shower on without realising that I have no towel to dry off and no spare clothes for changing. I was completely wet, and called out for Dominic from bathroom, there was no response. I found a napkin inside the bathroom, and covered my front part and came out.

I searched for Dominic, he was in the kitchen making some shake. I hide behind the wall, and called, him and he turned and saw me clothless laughed and asked "what happened" I said I did not have a towel to dry off and want a spare towel. He was all smiling on my condition, he noticed that I was not wearing any clothes and was covered only in napkin. He went to his room, staring at me, and saw my butts, he licked his lips and said" hmmm delicious" I was shy.

He gave me a white towel and asked me to come to kicthen for breakfast. I accepted and said that I want to make a call to my parents. I wrapped the towel around me and went to the hall to make a call, which was exactly opposite to the kicthen. While talking, my towel dropped accidently, Dominic staring at me laughed and came out to wrap the towel. He took the towel and started to wipe me. We came very closer, first he wiped my chest then my abs, then my hips, legs, till then my cock was growing big.

He turned me around and wiped my back butts etc. There was a huge mirror in the hall where i caould see everything that going on, it was making me very horny. He too remeoved all his clothes ande hugged me very tightly from behind. His cock was monsterous that was touching my butts. He caught my cock from benind very tightly which gave a current inside me, then with his strong hands was fondling with balls, and with other hands he was pinching my nipples. My nips were completely tight and sore.

He took my hand behind and kept his cock in my hands. It was huge, warm as if a pipe was having hot water. I turned around and now I had a complete glimpse of his body. He was a beast, with hairs all over his chest and trimmed hair around his cock. It was 8 inches cock, while mine was 6.5 inches. We both started kissing each other. He was more aggressive he carried me over his shoulders and put me on his bed and started kissing again. This went on for 10 min.

Then he was about to have oral sex, he started kissing my cock but I was reluctant. I stopped him and said I am straight. This made him angry and gave a slap on my cheeks. He said if I was not gay then why I allowed him to kiss in the start. I still asserted now he was hellbent to fuck me. He tied my hands and legs to the back of his bed, put a tape on my mouth , now he started to tickle me on my abs etc , he took out a massager and stated to put it on my abs, it was very sensational and I was moaning.

He then bends my legs back. Now my ass, balls and cock was ll in his control, he started licking my asshole and then entered a finger inside. My ass hole was very tight as this was my first fuck. He then bought some lotion which made his three fingers enter me. He kissed me on my lips after removing the tape. He said" be cool buddy this will the best workout u ever had. Now he opened a condom packet and rolled on a condom on his cock. I said "no no please dont do it please mmmmm again he put a tape on my mouth.

He poured the lotion on his cock. He slowly started inserting his cock, first he entered only one inch, and I was moaning and moaning. After few minutes, he gave a big jerk and inserted completely in me. It was very painful. Now he was started moving his cock in and out while doing this he was kissing my nipples abs and my balls. This went on for 15 min, when suddenly he removed his cock out side and removed the condom also. He came near my face, opened my mouth and forced his cock inside my mouth.

He was moaning "oh yeah aaah fuck aaah you are an angel my boy ooooh boy there were tears in my eyes beacuse it was hurting my throat. He removed his cock and jacked vigorously his cock with hands and shot a huge load on my body. It was like fountain of milk. I thought it was over but no. Now it was my turn. I was still tied and now he was sucking my cock and my balls. This was the best part of the whole sex.

He sucked me for 10 min, and I was about to cum. He jacked my cock stronlgy with his hands and I too shot a huge load on my body itself, the cum flew on my face. Haaaa, I came he untied me, and lay beside me on the bed. For 10 min we had conversation about sex etc, he said me not to worry, its common for a man to be a bi. He is also a Bi sexual and had sex with many men and women. He asked me to get clean and get dressed, we had breakfast (in the afternoon) then he dropped me near my home. For feedback you can mail me. Thanks