Getting Rough Rather Roughest

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well. It's been pretty long and I haven't been able to post any story here. I appologize for that well, here I am! For those who are reading my first story, I am Parth and my boyfriend is Nakul and we are 21 and 25 and as always, if you guys like my story, you can email me at / /

This story is of Febuary this year. Nakul and I were living in separate city after our Christmas adventure as he was posted to Jaipur and I was still in Delhi so I decided to go and visit him in Jaipur and give him a surprise. I reached Jaipur on the last working Friday of Febuary and went directly to his office. His secreatary informed him that he had a visitor and as soon as he saw me entering, he ran towards the gate.

As we saw each other, there was an enternal rush. It was months we had seen each other and all we wanted to do was look at each other. He hugged me tightly. I hug that was to reassure that I was still his. I manly hug, every man would like to reassure of himself of something that belonged to him. And that was how I liked it, to be manhandled. I touched him. His entire body had goose-bumps. His hair grew hard as my fingers touched his hairy hands.

I touched his lips with my thumb. He made me sit on his sit as he left the cabin for a while and I started looking at a picture we took in bed when he spent Christmas with me at my place last December. We were naked, I was lying on his chest and he was kissing my forehead. That picture made my eyes red and wet. I realized how much I missed him. I much I missed my love. He enters his cabin. I survived looking at this picture" he said.

He took my hand and we left his office. Since it was nearly 8PM, we bought dinner. Manchurian, noodles, apple juice and ice cream with brownie. We changed as we reached home, "just wear your boxers", Nakul said. I put a bed sheet on the floor since I didn't want to eat on the table. He served us and and we ate our and then I showed him all his presents I bought him from Delhi. My mom sent him some home made snacks for when he was alone and pickels.

I bought him some paintings and a leather bag. But then, there was a special gift for him. It was a basket, gift wrapped. In it were a collection of sex toys. Valvet hand cuffs, a set of 4 different sizes of dildos and 2 of them with vibration, one leather brush, lube and condoms and a leather throat cuff. I could see he was too turned on with all of them. Since always, he had a desire to handle me roughly, like a man, or more appropriately, like animal.

As he went in the bathroom to take a shower, I arranged everything inside the basket. I took of my clothes and went inside the bathroom. He didn't realise I came and I took his dick in my hand from behind. He was surprised. He turned back and gave me a wink. "Ready you slut, hun?" he asked, I replied "always for you my baby". He took my lower lip in his mouth and started bitting it. This time, it was less like a kiss and more like months of passion. The pain gave me immense pleasure. He kept bitting it and I kept moaning. I was pinching his nipples.

He lifted me suddenly and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he was still biting my chest. It was all red by now. He made me sit on the sink and I licked his entire arm pit. The salty taste of his sweat made me go mad for more. Now, I tied his hands with a dupatta and went on my knees. I licked his hairy leg. "fuck you liek a bitch slut, he shouted". I placed my tounge on his opening and he went mad. Then I took his balls in my mouth. They were all sweaty. I took his entire dick in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob.

He then stopped me and we both entered the bath tub. I went inside the water and began sucking his hard dick. He was completely turned on now. He took me with his hand and started tying the hand and throat cuffs on me. Now I was immobile. My hands were cuffed together and my throat was collared. He lifted me and bended me over the sink. Now he started spanking my ass aaaaah, spank that sluty ass" I moaned you want to get fucked, don't you aaaaaahhh.

I will fuck you like a whore he grinned. Then he took the leather whipper and started whipping me. Earlier he moved it very slowly so it felt very pleasurable but it became horrible. He increased the speed and I started shouting. My ass was already red and there were red marks all over. "You slut, you are in for a one wild night"!! Noww, he took the lube and applied a lot of it on my ass.

The lube hurt very badly on the scratches on my ass but the burning sensation felt very very pleasurable. I was crying and I was smiling. He started inserting his fingers up my ass. Since I was used to it, I was fine with that. But then he took out a dildo, a standard dildo, and I was afraid. He didn't lubricate the dildo and started fucking me. Within 5 minutes, he changed the dildo. He took out 8.5 inches vibrating dildo.

He applied some lube, and started inserting it in, and as it was all inside me, he turned on the vibrator. That just drew me wild. A feeling I never had before. It felt heavenly. By now, he couldn't control his dick and he made me lie on the floor, on my stomach with a ball under my belly, raised my ass and started fucking my ass. It was bleeding now. And the rubbing sensation was making it a hell lot of worse. I was already fucked for an hour now.

He then took me to the bath tub, made me sit with my legs on his shoulder and continued fucking. Don't think the night is over for you bitch," shouted at me. He was about to cum so he put my face in water and made me swallow it all. His dick smelled of my shit and ass. I jerked off too. Later, we went to bed and he was back to being my Nakul, my sweety. He showed me around Jaipur and we had the best time ever. If you guys liked my story, do write to me on / / I would love to hear all the possible feedback/suggestions. See you guys till next time.