Losing Virginity At 19 By Uncle

Hello ISS readers. This is my first story which is true and exciting. My name is Aakash 19 year old boy I am doing engineering in Delhi. I am 5.10 my waist size is 32 and have a fair and good round ass my weight is 65kg not so slim but can turn anyone on. I have very small boobs but a big soft ass. I felt embbarased because of my ass boys used to tell me that I look like a fair girl whom every man wanted to have.

This incident took place around 3 months back I went to my uncle’s place nearby to live for around 2 months. He lived with his wife who was a housewife now let me tell you about my uncle. My uncle is 42 years old who works in a Mnc in Delhi his name is Ravi he is 6 feet tall fair,with some tummy and some hair on his body and he has his flat and his wife is a doctor and so she had her night shifts sometimes due to which she was out sometimes.

They had one kid who was doin his11th from boarding school it was Sunday morning. I used to wake up late. I was working out in the balcony and uncle was reading his newspaper. I saw him and he was staring at my body which was drenched in sweat. My shirt was sticking to my body he came near me and said betacome ill dry you. I went to my room and he came with his towel and started rubbing it over my body. I was only standing in my underwear.

Aunty had gone to her hospital while rubbing he said your body is so soft that it reminds me of your aunt. I didn’t know what I had to say because I stood blank and smiled after drying him gently kissed me on my cheeks in afternoon he came to my room and asked me if I wanted to go out with him.I agreed and we went to a mall, he said that he had to buy some good saree for aunty and I must help him.We went to a store and purchased one black saree.

Then we went to a shop to buy some bra and panty. He looked at me and ordered something.Then we had our food and came back. Aunty called and said that she would come in the morning so we had whole night in evening we had a plan of watching a film together. It was an art film which had some bold scenes. The room was dark and frangnant. He made his drink and sat beside me on the bed. Slowly he was trying to come closer to me.

Then he put a hand around my shoulders and I was resting on his hairy chest I was feeling cold so I pulled a blanket. My uncle started pressing his body against me which gave me electric shocks. He moved his hand to my chest and started pressing it.I felt amazed. He instantly gave me a kiss on cheeks and said you look much sexier than your aunty. He again kissed me on my lips and I felt so good in his arms that I started responding.

As we finished kissing he said I got that saree for you wear it. I agreed with a shy look and went to take shower and remove some hair from my body as I did some make up I couldn’t blieve it was me. I saw a girl standing in black saree as I went to his bedroom I kept thinking about the night. I entered the room and he was in his shorts waiting for me. He had a full stare at me and said my god can I marry you? I smiled and said Ok.

He lended one more kiss on my lips and we kissed for some 10 mins.Then he removed my saree and kissed my cleavage.I was in some other world now. He pressed my boobs over the blouse.Then he started playin with my navel. I was surely turned on. He removed my petticoat and blouse and threw it away. I was enjoying every moment of it. He put his warm hand on my thigh and started rubbing it on thighs I moaned ummmmm.

I hugged him tightly I was feeling his body over me. He opened my black net bra and grabbed my small boobs in his hands he pressed and sucked them I moaned aaaahhh umm. He rolled his tongue over my nipples. He made both of my pinkish nipples go red n gave a bite. I moaned in a very soft voice oooouch your hurting me. He said Jaan but I know you loved it. I smiled and he removed my black lacy bra.

Then he asked me to come over and open his shorts I was feeling afraid when I saw his cock. It was 8 inches long rod which was black in color it was much bigger then mine. He said come on kiss it and dont be afraid jaan this belongs to you. I started kissing his cock I rolled my tongue over his tool and took it in my throat. I kissed and sucked his cock it had a salty taste but I couldnt resist it.

He started moaning ahhhh yes baby cone on ahhhhh I licked it like a lollipop. Then he made me lie on bed and opened my legs. He started playing with my asshole. Then he asked me to sit on my knees. I also did wat he said. He then started licking my asshole. I was enjoying it fully and moaned aaaaahhhhh ummmm please baby do it uuuumm aahhhhh. He was playing with his tongue around my hole. I could feel his warm breadth.

Then he slapped my ass and said baby, your ass is much bigger than Seema (his wife) I said forgetting her now I am your wife. He smiled and asked me if he could fuck me, now I was so turned on I answered you don’t need a permission to fuck me I just fuck me like a bitch. I want to feel you inside me; He kissed me and widened my legs. He moved his cock around my hole which made me feel great he applied some oil around it and slowly inserted the tip.

I moaned ooohhh then slowly he filled my hole with his dick. I shouted aaaahh maaaa ummmm. I asked him to take it out baby take it out, it’s paining. He didnt listen and continued giving me jerks, I felt no pain now rather I was enjoying it and he did in and out. I moaned aaahhh yeah do it umm maaaa aaaahh fuck me. Then he made me stand on my knees and fucked me from behind. I really started feeling like a bitch.

He kept doing it until he filled my hole with his cum something hot gushed into my hole and was driping out from my ass. He lied on me and we slept naked the whole night. He woke me up next morning and asked me to shift in my room as aunty was coming after that day he started treating me like his wife and fucked me whenever he got a chance I’m still in Noida searching for one night stands, interested guys contact:/ /