Seducing A Teenager

Hi guys here I’m narrating my first gay experience, I’m not a gay but the circumstances forced to make love with a teenager when I was at 25 years I was working a in middle east in a oil project, my company was big with more than 7000 man power, I was in staff category all our accommodation provided in camps because we are working in a remote area city is very far about 250 km truly we are working in the desert.

Company provided bachelor accommodation for me accompanied by a mechanical supervisor he almost works in the night shift so I’m alone in my room during night which is very comfortable for me to masturbate daily so I can do it regularly inside my room. I had a vast collection of porno movies includes bisexual and I regularly search on internet for new stuffs and I read so many gay sex stories in my office there is an office boy from Nepal his name is Nawraj he is about 18 years of age but in his passport shows his age is 20.

He is very cute his face is so innocent and his body is very plum, his hands are so soft he is looking very childish in nature so everybody like him. He is very close to me because all others are aged people so he very much likes me and I also help him to learn English and computer when he came to near my cabin I use to press his belly and breast which is so nice like girls, first he hesitated then later he also enjoying my acts I did all this secretly so other people don’t have any doubt.

He regularly asks doubts about sex once he confessed that he never masturbate in his life, so I tell him to how to do it. He never seen a porno movie so I tell him to buy a mobile phone with multimedia player, on next salary he buy a mobile and give to me and I give some mobile clips he was very happy one day during the lunch break I call him and tell him to come to my room so that I can show you some beautiful movies in my lap top he agreed and promised he will never tell to anybody else.

He is staying in labor camp with 7 other persons I’m in staff camp these two camps are adjoining people use to go each other camps. He came on 7.30 pm after finishing his lunch and he was wearing red Tshirt and blue boxers he was looking like school girl with his long hairs and milky white thighs, I got an errection when I see him he smiled and came inside I locked the door there was no chair in my room so I ask him to sit on my bed.

I take one Pepsi bottle from the refrigerator and offered him and I also sit beside him and opened some video clips and showed to him he was watching very curiously and there was a big silence I saw his eyes widening by erotic seen. I decided to take this advantage I gently put my hands around his shoulders and bring him close to me and ask on his ears about the video.

He said nothing and also he trying to hide his irrection from me. I put my hands on his thighs, damn his thighs where so smooth and hairless I stated to cares the thighs I knew he also enjoying my acts his breathing becoming faster I can feel his breaths on my shoulders. I did another move slightly lifted his T-shirt and run my hand all over his stomach which is also very smooth my dick also started to wake up, both my hands where busy one on his thighs and other on belly

He started moaning so I knew that he also ready for ultimate re-union so I removed his T-shirt and let him lie on bed; I came over him and looked into his eyes, he also looking deep into my eyes. I kissed on his fore head then on his cheeks finally on his lips then I slowly take his lower lip into my mouth and started to chew and my tongue went inside he also responded with my kisses our tongues crossed and fighting with each other same time.

I started to fondle his breast which is likely to a girl’s breast our kiss lasted about 10 minutes. We separated and start to breath heavily I ask him did you enjoyed the kiss he nodded his head I tell him to remove the boxers and he obeyed and removed the boxers there was a dark inner wear also, I observed his body which is white and hairless and also have little shy on his face

He noticed my erection on my shorts; my dick has made a tent on my shorts because I didnt wear anything inside, so he gently places his hand on the tent. I lie beside him and take his hand and kept inside the boxers when he touches my thick rode with his soft had a current passed inside my body this is the first time any other person touching my cock. He also amazed with its size I knew this from his facial expression. I removed his inner wear and let his tool to free which was very small about 2.5inches.

I start to fondle his cock soon it start to leak pre cum, I start to move my hands up and down he was very much enjoying this suddenly I stop my act because I know he will eject soon so I don’t want to stop this pleasure. I place my hands on his breast and gently start to fondle it and take one nipple into my mouth and start to chew it I heard his moaning which stimulated me to move further. My one hand fondling his breast and my mouth is busy with his one nipple.

His body starts shivering I knew he is at his peak so I kissed all over his stomach and slightly press on his waist. I moved to his belly button kissed and licked there and then moved to his thighs I run my hands on his inner thighs and take his tool in my hands and pull down it’s fore skin it’s tip came out with pink colour I came close to it and slowly take his tool inside my mouth I start to csuck his dick like a lollipop. I run my tongue.

All over the dick his stimulation become higher I heard his moaning and he put his hands on my head. I increase the speed of sucking, suddenly he discharged his semen inside my mouth again and again his dick discharged as it was his first orgasm there was a load of cum inside my mouth. I removed the dick and spit all cum inside the waste basket and take some tissue and cleaned his tool. His eyes were closed and breathing heavily as the immense orgasm gave him so much pleasure and satisfaction

I can seen in his face, I asked him about the blowjob he nodded his head and tightly hugged me so I know he enjoyed it as well. We entered in a passionate kiss which lasted for 5 minutes then I moved to his chest it was like girl’s breast I took his left nipple in my mouth and start sucking it was little salty then turned to his right nipple his body started to shivering. I started to kiss all over his body, his body is so smooth and little bulky I enjoyed his each and every part of body.

His body shivering and murmuring showed that he also enjoying my acts. I removed my boxers and he took my tool in his hand and start to move his hand up and down it was a heavenly feeling his hands also were so smooth, I was busy with his soft butts I put my index finger inside his small ass hole which was very tight I put my second finger he moaned slightly, I started fingering on his ass hole then I removed my fingers mean time he is playing with my tool.

My dick start to leak pre cum so I ask him to stop and tell him to give a blow job to me first he hesitated then he obeyed and take my dick in his mouth and start sucking it was a tremendous feeling first time in my life I’m enjoying a blowjob that also from a cute boy his mouth is very warm, I place my hands on his head and start mouth fucking. The pleasure is increased and I felt my balls will shoot any time so I stopped mouth fucking him.

He was breathing heavily I kissed on his lips and I took Vaseline from the cupboard and apply little on my dick and raise his legs and apply on his ass hole, he said nothing only watching my acts. I spread his thighs and guided my dick tip to his small ass hole and slowly pushed but it was very tight and very hard to get inside him, I removed my tool and applied more Vaseline on my tool and his ass hole again.I try to push my dick to his ass hole this time it went inside

He screamed loudly with pain I kept my tool there for some time and slowly started to move and slowly increased pace, his screaming become moaning I enjoyed a lot with his tight ass hole, mean while I took his tool and start masturbation he enjoyed the double fun. My speed become higher my masturbation gives him his second orgasm he ejaculates on his own stomach. I’m also reaching my end points so I removed my tool from his ass hole and discharge all on his stomach.

His stomach full with my and his semen I started to breath heavily and lied near to him. He took some tissues and cleans his stomach and he also cleaned my dick with tissues. We lied there for some time by hugging and kissing each other, my dick become hardening and ready for another session but it was time for him to go back to his room. He took his all dresses and said good night and leaves to his room. Next day I asked him about yesterday’s play he smiled.

He enjoyed each and every moment. There we started a new relationship, I call him when my roommate is on night duty or out of station and we try some new experiments in gay sex, whenever we got opportunities we utilized it even inside our office. I use to give him money and gift which make him happy our relationship continued more than one year when I got transfer to another location. Still we are maintaining this relation through telephone calls. The pleasure which he give is fabulous please send your feedback to / /