Night With Restaurant Owner

This is a true story and one day I decided to take out my family to dinner at this nice Indian restaurant. I love treating my family and we end up arriving at the restaurant. The gentleman greeted me and my family and took us to our table. He turned out to be the owner from the first moment he captured my eyes my heart was melted.

He was such a handsome man with salt and pepper beard and very friendly. While we were having our meal he came to our table couple of times just wanted to make sure if we needed anything. Whenever he came to our table he gently tapped on my back or while talking to my dad he rubbed my back.

I could not help myself thinking about him for several days or I should say weeks or months and till I decided to take my best friend there for dinner. Im out to my best friend as soon as he saw John out of respect I wont mention his real name and the restaurant owner he told me Dari you were right hes so hot looking for his age. By the way John seemed around early to mid 50s.

I knew he was married and had grown up kids but somehow my heart was telling me he had some mutual feelings for me and every day after work I kept thinking to myself how am I going to express my feelings towards him. My family loved the restaurant so we decided to visit there once a fortnight, it was getting difficult for me as I wanted to tell him how much I like him but since I was with my family it was hard.

Im not out to anyone except few of my best friends. Even if I went there to pick up some takeaways some asshole ruined my chance from talking to John. One night I was driving home from town, I decided to stop at the restaurant as I was starving. As I parked my car I saw john about to close the restaurant. I went to say hello to him, he hugged me and told me he had to close bit early that night since we were expecting some storm.

I was just about to say good bye when he asked me if I could gave him hand with some cartons he had to carry upstairs. I realised there was a small apartment above the restaurant. John told me he sleeps there some nights if they get busy at the restaurant. I asked him where was his family and staff. He told me they left early. I end up finished helping him out with the cartons.

He insisted I should join him for late dinner and he will make me something since I helped him out. We finished our dinner, It was absolutely beautiful. John started to complain about his back pain because he had a long day. I offered him a massage but not sure how I did it I was so nervous I almost pissed myself he looked at me and told me only if its ok with me.

He went to the bathroom for a quick shower and once he came out of the bathroom with his towel I was shaking when I saw his sexy fury grey chest. I started to rub his back gently he told me I have soft hands. While I was massaging his back he asked me to go lower and then turned around. When he turned around I pulled down the towel from his waist deliberately. I dont know how.

I did this but took the risk started to rub his balls and cock. He didnt react so I gently bent down and start licking his balls and started to suck him. He was really enjoying till he suddenly got up and stopped me. He felt so embarrassed. He told me he knows my family and he feels bad because hes also married. I promised him I will be discreet.

He told me the first moment he saw me at his restaurant he had his eyes on me but did not wanted to get himself and or myself in trouble. I start sucking him again till he got hard, then I put my tongue inside his ass. He smelled so nice and fresh. He kept moaning while he was rimming his arse. I went back to sucking his cock then made my way upper his body and start sucking his nipples and kissing his chest.

I tried to kiss him thought he might push me away but for a first timer he was a great kisser while kissing his sweet lips my cock started to touch his arse cheeks. I said to myself I will keep rub his arse with my cock if he stops me that means he does not want me to fuck him. I went down and start sucking him again this time I spat on my cock. His arse hole was all wet and ready for my 7″ thick cut cock.

He gently shoved my cock inside him I realised it was hurting him. he kept whispering in my ears keep going. I saw tears in his eyes I wanted to stop but he kept insisting to keep fucking him. I could not help myself from coming. I warned him that Im getting close. He kept saying thats my boy cum inside me.

I end up coming inside his arse, I hugged him and we kissed for a while. He told me I could spend the night with him if its ok with me. to me that was one of my biggest dream. I end up spending the night with him. As I got hard again he crawled down and start sucking me again, Im very sensitive. It was just amazing.

I said john Im getting very close he didnt said anything so I end up coming in his mouth. I could tell that it was his first sexual experience with a man. I had to return the favour by sucking him off. He had a nice cut thick 8″ cock. I could never forget that night, It was just sensational and I visit John once in a while as we dont get enough opportunity to have sex anymore.

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