Training In Delhi

During the Christmas celebrations last year suddenly my college wanted me to go to Delhi for a one week training programme called by UGC and everyone suggested I do not go, but then there was no one else in the college free. So I went. It must have been very cold last year as I felt numb after I got down from my train at Delhi.

At the station itself I received the hospitality of the UGC welcoming team who pushed me along with some other people into a big bus and drove through the city to some hostel in the hostel room we were given a twin sharing accommodation. I was to stay with another man Dr P Roshan from Andhra Pradesh when I reached my room and I saw it was already occupied by Dr Roshan after a brief introduction.

We settled things and we had the beginning of the programme in the afternoon so I took a quick nap and got ready to move in the training arena there were some 3 hundred people seated in one indoor stadium for the training and we were given pads, pens and booklets and the session ran through till six in the evening and then we all dispersed back in the hostel Dr Roshan suggested we go out and see Delhi and I agreed in the market.

I noticed Roshan buying Sex Digest Books amused and eager to know, I asked him and he said, these books are not available at his place and so he needs to pack some back home and I too packed some books for me. Back in the hotel after our dinner while we were returning to our rooms, I asked him about sex and sexuality, just out of curiosity since he invested so much money in buying these books and he said, he is very much interested in sex.

That sounds like me, I said and we both laughed and back in the room in my formal shorts and t-shirt, while watching TV, Roshan opened some books and started browsing them and I was watching the TV there were news about the legalizing of Gay sex in India and then Roshan came and sat by my side watching the news. After the news, I asked, as a Doctor what do you think about gay sex? He said it is another variety of sex, nothing else.

He informed that many people do homosex and do not inform others, but it happens everywhere and I looked into his eyes, and saw he was eternally very happy and his eyes were glowing and I asked did you ever do homosex ? He smiled and said yes my happiness knew no bounds because I wanted to have sex and here I was having a gay sex partner in my room for all six days but did not know what to say or do.

I said in my state it is forbidden and people look down up on it but I think it is one of the best ways to enjoy ones self without the fear of pregnancy or anything else. He turned towards me and asked do you like? I nodded my head. He smiled and coming close to me, put his hand on my head and combed my hair with his fingers and then lowered his chin and our lips met. We were kissing like passionate lovers. Let me tell something about Roshan.

He must be in his early thirties married, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, slim and whitish complexion a perfect sex partner for me after kissing each other for about ten minutes, we parted and then Roshan got up and switched off the light while the TV was running some music, he came back to me and undressed me as he did himself. We were both nude and he started kissing all over my body.

His tongue did wonders on my nipples and he teased me so much that my manhood rose to its full glory. I bent down and held his penis in my hands and started stroking, it must be about seven inches long and fat too. I liked the way it was, straight and hard. While I was stroking his dick he was also doing the same to mine and we were kissing each other.

After sometime, we bent down on the bed and in 69 positing started sucking each others cocks. I do not usually suck cock but tonight I was becoming very horny. We both were pleasuring each other and sucking dicks. For almost half an hour we sucked each other and then he asked me if I can fuck in his ass. I was little hesitant since there was chances of infection and AIDS too.

He pulled a packet of condoms from his bag and gave me. I pulled one condom on my dick and stood on the floor and then he was sleeping on his back on the bed with his legs raised and I pulled him to the border of the cot and applying a lot of cold creams on his anus pushed one finger which went in nicely and then two fingers. Then I pushed my dick in and it went in smoothly and I started fucking him slowly while stroking his penis.

I was slow and then bent on him and started biting his nipples, and squeezing his breasts. He had breasts like a newly matured girl. I bite them and sucked on them and then went on fucking till he started moaning and groaning. I was standing on the floor and it was cold in the room and the music on TV was giving sync to the motion and I was not feeling a bit of tiredness and then I started fiercely giving him strokes

And his moaning started becoming louder and louder and then suddenly he ejected semen from his dick and his dick became limp and I was still rumping him. He was getting pain and so he suggested we changed posture and so he gave me a doggy style and I fucked him from behind and then squeezed his breasts. I was in the verge of coming and then he suggested I cum outside.

I pulled my dick out and then he removed the condom from my dick and started sucking my dick hard and then I was fucking his mouth. It was more interesting and exciting than his ass as his tongue was giving me maximum pleasure and then I felt like I am going to cum and asked him to leave my dick but he smiled and kept sucking and then I released all my cum in his mouth.

We had spent a good couple of hours making fun and were both so happy. We stayed in the training hostel for another six days and enjoyed sex every night still there are more to be read and feel nice which I will add in my next part of this story about how we explored more friends in the same training session but before that I wish to request you to kindly tell me how the story was. I can be reached at / /

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