Meeting Pradeep At The Airport

Hello and this is my first story and I am Rajesh from Bangalore. Im a bisexual 32 years old 5 feet 10 inch tall, decent looking man if not handsome.

This is an incident which happens to me when I was travelling from airport to my residence as airport in Bangalore has changed and it takes almost 1.5 hour to 2hours.

I was returning from Delhi and I was supposed to land in Bangalore at 10.45pm but due to some problem flight was delayed and landed around 12.40 in Bangalore as my wife was in her mothers place, so I had no one to inform and there was no one at home and after coming out of airport.

I headed for bus stand but was stopped by many taxi drivers there where so many at that time of night but as bus is convenient and it stops right opposite to my residence in j p Nagar and I prefer bus but there was one driver who asked where I wanted to go and on hearing j p nagar

He said he had an Innova and would take me to my residence at Rs.250. I was surprised and asked him if he will move immediately or will wait for someone to come along. He replied immediately and I followed him and reached a private Innova and I could see another man already in the car.

He was like me another passenger picked by this driver. Actually these drivers come to drop officially and while returning back to make some extra bucks they hire people for cheap rate.

The other person was little dark in complexion and looked short, may be 5feet 6 or 7 inch tall. I settled in the car and started to move. I was wearing a suit as I was coming from a meet from Delhi, clean shaved. He introduced himself as Pradeep and we shook hand.

This person while he shook hand with me, made a strange sign by scratching my palm with this finger as I was a bi, I got a small hint but dint bother to care as I was tired. Later I came to know he was coming from Dubai and was returning home.

He must have been in early 30s or so and was not married. He had booked a hotel on K.H.Road which was 8kms from my residence. It was late and dark. He asked me about myself and gave few details about himself after a small conversation.

I had nothing to tell him but he went on with things. Meanwhile he also kept coming closer to me, it was middle row of Innova car we were seated in and it could accommodate comfortably but this guy kept getting closer to me.

Oh half way down we were seated sticking to each other and in less than half seat were empty. His hand was on his thighs and knees. But his fingers where brushing my thighs too. Being in this trade I knew what he wanted from me, but I was tired and did not had energy to respond slowly.

He pushed his hand on my thighs and rested there to see my reaction. I was resting deep back in my seat with my eyes closed and slowly opened my eyes and gave a half wicked smile as a green signal slowly he pushed his hand on penis and rested over the pants.

He looked around and had a glance on driver, if he was seeing back through back view mirror and gave a squeeze to my penis. I kind of jumped in excitement and he pulled back his hand in horror then I looked towards him and he gave a sheepish look to me with dead smile.

I smiled back and he was kind of relaxed now. We now started to talk softly and slowly he pushed his hand towards my penis and I gave him full access.
Pradeep- I hope you dont mind this, actually I love this cock and in Dubai.

I have a friend who lives with me and we enjoy our life. I miss him now but you are more beautiful than him and he squeezed my penis once again. I understood he is desperate and is a gay. His English was really pathetic.

But I dont mind that. My wife being away for last 15 days, I was kind of desperate. But he was not my kind. Short, dark, little on healthier side although I am little fat too but I like soft guys, thin or may be little filling body, not fat and biggest problem was that me being a top.

I only admired bottom guys but I was not sure if he was a bottom.

Me- I am married but no a gay. I have a child. I like few men who has good clean hole and are good suckers.

I made my point clear that I am a top and require a bottom. Basically I cannot be called a bi to, as I just look for a hole in a guy which I can drill and someone who can suck me well. Yes me to suck sometimes but thats when I find a clean penis.

I dont have a huge penis 5 or 6 inch long and medium thick. Pradeep smilingly- oh dont worry beautiful I love sperms and am master in sucking. You will sperm at least 3 times when you fuck me.

Believe me your sperm look very tasty too and he kept fondling my cock and my cock was now completely erected.

Pradeep- you have good size, mine is small. I will have good time tonight. Lets go to my hotel, we can enjoy complete night and tomorrow morning I have my bus for Vellore. I have condom too, dont worry.

Me- ok, but I will decide after looking at your body.
I was thinking in mind that what a fucker I was, desperado who agreed to fuck a man in hotel room. I had never done that to some one of not my taste in an hour later.

We reached hotel and both got down, driver asked why I was getting down. I replied to him -I will have a drink with my new friend and then go home. Dont worry we both will pay you.

We got down and driver moved off. It was a small lodge kind of hotel by name sabarwal. We entered the hotel and Pradeep said he had reservation. Receptionist replied yes Mr. Pradeep but it was for one person.

Pradeep- yes he is my old friend and met him in airport. He will leave in some time after having few drinks receptionist gave the key and we went up. I told Pradeep and I wanted to take shower and I had a bath.

Pradeep also went and had a shower after me. I could not believe that after taking shower I did not put on my clothes and went nude to bed covering my bottom body only.

To my surprise Pradeep also came out nude from bathroom. My eyes straight went for his cock. Ohh god it was like a peanut. It was hardly 2 inch. He was decent looking guy and to my surprise he had shaved his complete body which he later said is waxed.

I asked him why to which he replied his friend in Vellore loves him that way. He also added that he paid 4000 to get complete body waxing in Dubai and especially in lower body it pains like hell.

Ohh I got some kind of hard on and he came straight to me and started to lick my nipples. He tried to kiss me which I let him do but when he tried opening my mouth with his tongue.

I told him I dont smooch men. He said no problem and pulled the spread over me and I was completely nude with semi erected cock.

Pradeep- wow beautiful I love your structure. You have large body and good size cock will love it my ass and he spread him over me and took my left nipple in mouth and sucked them softly.

It turned me on and a soft moan hmmm cried out of me. He gripped my cock and ran his finger on tip of my cock which was already wet with pre cum.

Pradeep- oh you are already wet beautiful. Let me taste you and he took that finger with my pre-cum in mouth and said oh its tasty and salty. He then went straight down to my feet and sucked my toe. It was a great feeling which I had never felt.

No one had done that to me. He sucked both the toes and then all fingers. Then he started to come up licking my feet, then lower legs and then inner thighs and slowly to bottom of my cock.

I was moaning hard and loud now. I had never felt same pleasure ever before in my 15 year sexual life. He was playing with his tongue so well and was truly a master. I was moaning as he was licking testis balls one by one and then he sucked them.

My penis was now fully erected and I felt as if it was as hard as iron, may be first time in many years. Pradeep was a pleasure giver. He ran his tongue on length of my cock and ran his tongue over the tip of my cock, holding skin back completely, tasting my pre-cum.

I was kind of shivering in pleasure holding pradeeps head tight and pushing it towards my cock. Then he took my cock in his warm mouth, ohhh aaahhhhh hmmmm yeah I was moaning and was in heaven of pleasure in few strokes I was already ready for shoot and I told him.

He said to go on and firmed his lips grips on my cock and took maximum cock inside his mouth. I felt that I was inside a pussy and within 1 minute of his suck I shot my load in his mouth and kept sucking. It was big in quantity

I was sperm after 15days or so but Pradeep did not take out the cock from mouth till I was easing back in bed. He knew last drop was in his mouth. In a single second he swallowed the complete load. I was amazed he did that as maximum men and women with whom.

I had sex only 20% of them took my sperms in mouth and spilled that out after I was done but this guy was first person I had met who swallowed my sperms. He then licked my cock completely and not evens a trace of sperm.

He then came up to my nipple and sucking them as he stroked my cock with hand. I was embarrassed as I could not hold for more than 15mins of session but this guy was genius.

I thought of giving him a blow job but was hesitant as I was not good at it. But I got up and moved towards his cock lying on my tummy and almost touching his cock when suddenly pulled up and reached for my ass.

He thought that I wanted him to play with my ass now. He bit me on my ass cheeks and then kissed them. My ass cheeks are little big and he said big ass you have, little difficult to reach hole. You have to come in position out your face on bed and try to raise your ass max in air and try spreading them.

I pushed my face on pillow, rose my ass up and on my knees and gave max possible access to him. He smelled my ass hole and said its clean with little hair. Why dont you shave them? Do I shave it now? I was little ashamed but dint say much and he opened his suitcase and took out a razor mach 3.

Fitted it with a new cartridge and was in same position all the time. He applied little cream my hole and shaved my ass hole even that was pleasurable. He then took out chocolate from his bag and rubbed on my hole.

I just did not say anything and let him do what he wanted to do. He then started to lick my hole. His first touch of tongue on my hole ran shiver down my heart oh my god and he was a maniac he just knew every trick of the trade. He kept on licking deeper and deeper mmm fuck I was shouting.

I was out of control his face was in my ass now and he was stroking my cock. I was erect again and I pushed his face as I was not able to take any more pleasure, I was over excited. I reached for his cock and started to suck, but he stopped me and said its of no use he has no power there and it will not even erect.

Saying this he reached for my cock and started to suck again. His fingers had chocolate over it and I sucked them. I loved what this guy was doing. He sucked for 5 to 10 minutes and then said would you like to fuck me?

I nodded and he reached for his bad and took out a small pack of chocolate condoms, he told he loves chocolates. He opened the pack and kept the condom in his mouth with his mouth and lips he inserted the condom on my erected cock.

He was really a genius. He sucked for 2 or 3 minutes and I was fully ready. I thought I will fuck him in doggy position but he came over me and kind of riding position slowly he bent forward and adjusted the hole on my cock and tried to insert.

It went in easily and I was surprised. He then started moving front and back, getting fucked in riding position. His eyes were closed and he was moaning as he fucked himself. His tight ass was better than my wifes pussy in a minutes time my complete cock was inside his ass hole.

He was making strange loud noises as he moaned in Tamil. I was in heaven. He was tired in 5 minutes and asked me to fuck him. I came around in doggy style and started to fuck him, in few minutes I was belting his ass hole.

Hard he was shouting and I was in heaven as I increased my pace. His ass was dirty looking and I had closed my eyes but pleasure of his hole was just too good in 15 minutes of hard fucking I was ready to shoot I told I am going to shoot.

He pulled out and took out the condom and started to stroke my cock sharply in his mouth. He wanted sperms again in his mouth. I was already ready and shoot a small load of sperms in his mouth. This time I could see my sperms coming out of my cock and reaching his mouth.

He again swallowed them and started to lick my cock for left over. I was dry and clean. But he kept sucking and cleaning my cock with his mouth. There was a small portion of sperms near his nose which he took on his finger and sucked his finger, he was crazy about sperms.

I took his number and have saved it in my mobile. He then cleaned my ass hole again by licking all the chocolate. He was really a maniac, a sex maniac.
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