My First Gay Romance In Park

Hey guys this is Salman from Hyderabad. I have been a regular ISS reader for quite a long time now. I have read almost every story in Desi and Gay category. Basically I am also inclined towards gay sex and that is what led me to write something. I wanted to share one of my experiences. So I am here with one of the incident in my life. This incident happened a few years back when I was in 1st year of college. I am 5’6” with slim body. I have good smile and the best part about me is; I can get the attention f people easily while in communication. And this quality only helped me having my first gay experience in the park. Friend’s let’s jump to the story now.

I used to bunk my college classes and used to go for browsing and I started chatting on Redif account and I got interested in gay sex. Then I want to know about gay sex so I searched on Google about gay sex and watched some porn gay movies and I got more interested for gay sex. I used to read the stories involving one person putting his dick in another one’s ass. For that matter even heterosexual anal stories and porn videos gave me pleasure.

I started to search on Facebook for gay partners and I have searched for the person for one year and I met with a boy on Facebook. His name was Imran  5’ 7” in height, slim body same as me. He told me he was 19 years of age. We chatted for some days then we exchanged our numbers and met one day in the morning hours. We went to park as we didn’t have any place for having sex. And until that moment we never thought that we will end up having gay encounter in the park itself.

When we found we were alone in some area of park we came near and he kept his hand on my hand and started rubbing. I was enjoying that and after few seconds he took my hand and pulled me near him. As it was my first time I was little bit shy. He took my hand and kiss on it and hugged me. My heart was beating as if it was in a lot of hurry. I also started to have perspiration on my forehead as well. After that he kissed me on my lips and I was replying him my tongue was in his mouth he was licking my lips and me too then he kissed me on my neck and face, lick me on neck I was enjoying. At that time I and he both were very horny. He laid me on the ground and came on top of me and started kissing hardly and pinching on my chest nipples. He was treating my male breast a if they were female boobs and he was pressing them in that manner only.

He slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I stopped him after 2 buttons as we were in park and someone could be trouble us if we were found in nude position. He pressed my nipples and sucked the nipples harder I was moaning with pleasures. Then he bit on the nipples and again kissed me, as it was my turn I did the same to him I sucked his nipples very hard while sucking his nipples he unzipped my paint and my underwear started to show up. He unbuttoned my paint to and took the dick in his hand I was still sucking his nipples as he took out the dick from my pants. I was shocked what he is doing if anyone see us, I was stopping him; to not take out but it was all in vain. He started kissing me on lips very hardly and licking around neck, I forget that and started to enjoy the moments. We both were enjoying and not bothered of someone could watch us. He took my hand and guided it to his dick. It was first time; that I was catching someone’s dick. I started rubbing his dick after few mins. I took his dick from pant and I saw his dick it was 7” long I loved it seeing this long dick. He kissed me again while kissing I was rubbing his cock then instructed with his eyes to suck his dick. I was feeling shy though I always wanted to taste the dick. As it was my dream to suck the dick, and it was dream coming true. Without hesitation I went down to suck his hot and pulsating dick.

I started kissing on head of the dick and inserted the head of the dick in my mouth. I felt very good as the hotness of the dick felt in m mouth. I  began to suck his cock and continued sucking cock for at least 10 more mins. He was going to blow but he stopped me there sucking his dick. Again we started kissing each other, then he came down to my dick and kissed on head and sucked just for 2-3 mints. As he did not like sucking but he sucked in respect of my request. Again I sucked his dick and this time I was also stroking it with my hands. After sometime he blew in my mouth all the sperms came in my mouth. It was like a warm sticky thing in my mouth; I drank all his cum it was little salty. Some of the cum started to come out near my chin area. He cleaned that and again kissed and give me a blow job with his hand and I unloaded after few mins. We cleaned our dicks and laid for ten minutes there and went back to home. After that incident we were close now and whenever we get chance we have oral sex and we don’t have place so till now we did not go for anal.But soon we are planning to enjoy the real gay thing.

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