First Sex Adventure

Hello ISS readers. My name is Ajit and I am an avid follower of ISS. This is the first time I am submitting a real life adventure of mine to ISS. Hope you all enjoy reading it.

First let me tell you about myself. I am 19, fair, 5 feet 8 inches tall and slightly chubby. I am always in search of thrilling sex escapades. Just sex has never interested me; I want s sense of thrill to go with it. And this led me to search on ‘Google as to which places are generally swarming with gays/cross-dressers in Hyd(where Im from). The top result was “Parade grounds” and the best time to go there was around the evening time when it starts to get dark.

I took a bus to parade ground and entered its gates, it was quite dark and a lot of people were walking around. Now I didnt know how to recognize gay guys from straight guys so I kept walking. A lot of uncles were started paying a lot of attention to me and I kind of enjoyed it. A few of them actually passed by saying something but I couldnt hear what they said so I kept on walking. All of them were really excited to see a young guy like me in their midst. Its fair to say I was the piece of ass everyone wanted over there.

I must mention that I was wearing shorts and a t shirt just to flaunt my completely hairless/girly legs and it was working. I decided I had troubled them enough and it was time to catch hold of one of them. Just then this middle aged guy started walking towards me. He was a heavyset uncle of about 40, wheatish skin and not very tall. Seeing him come I slowed down and that was a signal that I had decided my man for that night. He came up to me and asked whats the time. I told him what time it was and then he asked me what my name is and where Im from.

We were talking causally when he happened to see the bulge inside my shorts. He smiled and said “Come lets go somewhere quiet”. We were walking towards one of the dark corners of the maidaan. While we were walking he continued talking to me in a friendly way and I became quite comfortable wit him. Then he caught my hand for sometime and softly rubbed it against his crotch area, while continuing to talk. I could tell that his was one of those shortish but really fat cocks (just the kind I wanted).

Finally we reached the spot. It was very dark, I could hardly see his face. But it was a quiet corner with a tree and nothing else far away from the road. Then we stood facing each other. This guy who was being so gentle and courteous all this while suddenly started looking at me up and down with a wolfish grin. I was trembling because though I was excited I was also nervous. He stood there for about two minutes just eying me. Then he slowly moved his hand towards my crotch and fondled my genitals. I wasnt wearing any underwear so I couldnt hide my erection. He looked around and after making sure we were alone he slid his hands inside my shorts.

It was a cold evening and the warm touch of his hands on my cock felt like heaven. He was gentle and loving while caressing my cock and balls. I gathered courage and went for his crotch and fondled his crotch till he was erect. Then I unzipped his pants and took his cock out, I was wrong his cock was black, huge and fat. As soon as I took his cock out he went into a frenzy and pulled me towards him. We hugged tightly, our cocks mingled and he kissed me hard while kneading my buttocks. I had submitted to him and he was pounding my chubby body. His tongue entered my mouth and fought with mine. He bit my tongue softly.

That went on for five minutes and then the real action began. He stripped me naked and lowered his pants. Then he put a hand over my head and pressed downwards. I knew what he meant. I got down and took his fat juicy cock in my mouth. It was not a regular cock, it was quite thick and it filled my mouth completely. He was moaning softly and then he caught the back of my head and pushed his cock further down my throat and the moaning got louder. His cock was in mouth till the hilt touched my lips and the I began to choke. He took it out to let me breathe and then the cock went in again. Now he was moving it in and out alternatively.

After a while he asked to get up and this time he went down and swallowed my cock. I must say he was a pro. He sucked it like a baby suckles the pacifier, with great love and softly. While sucking my cock he played with my balls and his hands went up to tweak my nipples. I forgot all the nervousness and started moaning like a whore. I was about to climax when he said “No, No hold it in. We have a lot of things to do” I could hold back with great difficulty. Then he hugged me again and our cocks squished together as we slowly humped like lovers. This guy knew how to make love.

Then he looked lovingly into my eyes and said “Its time” and smiled. I didnt know what it meant. He understood my confusion and kissed me again and our tongues and cocks met again. Then he turned me around and said “This might sting a little but dont worry after sometime you will start enjoying it”. I trusted him. He made me bend over and got down on his knees parted my butt cheeks and started licking my asshole. I cant describe the ecstasy as his tongue went in and out of my asshole. While doing that he kept on fondling my cock.

This went on for a while when I suddenly realized that he was parting my cheeks wider and then something else penetrated my asshole. It was his juicy fat cock. I almost let out a scream but he covered my mouth with his hands and continued humping me hard while jerking my cock. It hurt in the beginning but as he said it eventually became as enjoyable as anything we had done. Seeing that I was enjoying it he started ramming my ass harder and the ecstasy just got wild, I couldnt control myself to turned my head back and he planted another long kiss on my mouth.

I was half kissing, half moaning as he continued to destroy my virgin ass and then it happened. We both came at once. He came inside my ass and I in his hands, his big manly hands. It was the best orgasm I had ever had. We remained in that position for some more time and then he took his cock out, it was still stiff so I got down and licked off all the cum on it while he lovingly ruffled my hair. I got up and we kissed passionately till we were both exhausted. Then we both got dressed and exchanged our numbers and bade each other good bye. Since then we have made love many times in similarly adventurous ways.

I have many more such sex adventures up my sleeve waiting to be told. Mail me at / / to share your views.