My Lovers Monster

Hi…all I am kumar from Bangalore like to share one of my nice experiences with a co-passenger named veera. Daily Morning I used to travel by VOLVO bus to office. I used to see a person who travels in the same bus daily but we never introduced our self except a small smile. He is tall handsome and used to wear formals every day. I looks little fatty with hip size 36 and 5.8 feet ht. the bus will be always tightly packed and we have to travel at least 1 hour to reach my stop.

One fine Wednesday I stood near facing him due to more crowds our body was touching each other and I can feel his breath. I kept my left hand hear to his waist and hold the supporting rod in I was struggling to stand he moved little back and gave me some free space but in vain. In next stop I came to the same position. While applying break I almost fall on him and made him to touch my hip and pressed it. I was socked but never told anything. He changed his position by facing his shoulder to me. By the time he creased my ass lightly but not continuously. His crouch area is near to my hand where I hold the supporting rod. Every time the bus jerks he used to rub my hand with his crouch. I dont know how to react.

Slowly he place one hand on my hip and stood silent. In five minites he creased it slightly. His other hand were touching my right hand fingers. I really felt good but was in dilama. Same kind of thing happened to me a few months ago but I escaped from that guy but this time I am not feeling like that.

At one stage without my knowledge I creased his hand with my little finger. But my stop will reach in 2 min. he grabbed my hand by merging our fingers and stood. I was in no mood to get down but have to. I slipped my hand from his hand and stepped down. The whole day I thought about that young man. I thing I am in love with a guy. I felt shy but I cant control. While night I creased my big ass thinking of him and pinched it and even gave few slaps. i cursed myself for not taking his details at least his mobile number. I slept nude dreaming about our love making session. Next day morning I was eagerly waiting for the bus.

Finally my bus came in no time I jumped into the bus and searched for him. He was standing in a corner. Our eyes met and we smiled. After lots of struggle I reached near to him but not facing him. I dont want to miss today. I went very close to him. I dont know how to start but a small jerk of the bus helped us. I intentionally creased his crouch region with my wrist. It was a clear signal to him. I positioned my hand and slowly creased his inner thy with my little finger and rose to the ZIP region of his pant. I twisted my finger in that region. He was in nice mode but the crowds stopped him. But he managed to cover my hand over her zip.

I moved my finger over the line of his zip and found his bulge over his pant. My got he got a very thick tool might be more that 3 inched. I want to measure the length, so I moved my finger through the length of the tool which made me may be nearly 7 inches. He was standing very close to me. he pushed me along with the waist when one stop came and made me to stand to the corner. I can see his bulge over his pant. Nearly 30 min gone.

He stood in front of me in the way no one can see me beyond him and pinned me to the corner of the bus. I casually moved my hand and grabbed his dick for a second. When the bus jerks he intentionally place his lips over my neck and gave few kisses. His crouch touching my stomach when the bus jerks. I was resting my ass on a steel rod. He touched my ass in the way while he grab it for support. Sometimes he creased it too. Immediately I took my mobile and typed my number and showed it to him. He took his phone and noted. I want his number badly but dont know how to ask. We never shared a single word.

As my stop will reach in 5 min I prepared to step down. I reached near the door by looking him. By the time I received a message. I love u r ass dear. Want to enjoy it. I replied its yours take it honey. We shared our names and profession and native. We both are Tamil. He asked shall we meet this evening. i was waiting for that I immediately ok but where. he told in his house as he is staying alone. He mentioned the area which is two stops away from my room.i started around 6:30PM.I reached the place at 8PM and messaged him. He directed me to reach his apartment. It was a nice apartment.

As soon as he closed the door I hugged him. He moved me towards the wall and pinned me and started to kiss me hardly and bitten my lips. His tool was rubbing against me very hard as he is wearing only a shorts. He creased my ass…pinched it over my pant very hard and it pained a lot. I removed my shoes. He carried me to his bedroom with my hip around his waist and thrown me on the bed. He came over me and started to taste my lips and also raised my tucked in shirt above my stomach and creased my hip. He teased me like his girl. I was co-operating him well for his rude movement. I like u da… he moaned… my darling… come on eat me…I moaned…

He got up removed his t-shirt. He took forward and removed my dress also by kissing all parts of the body. He became mad on seeing my plumy body covered with a small undi.wawww… u looks sexy like a girl… He made me to stand facing my back towards him and kissed my back from my neck to ass…I started to moan hmmm…he even licked my spine fully and reached my undi elastic around my waist and kissed the butt crack below the undi.

He came behind and hugged me . I can feel his long thick rod pounding my ass and trying to tear my that position he kissed my neck creased my nipple and navel with each hand. My tool also got erect. He creased my tool over the undi. Its 6′ but not thicker than him.he crushed my balls and massaged my jonnie which made me more Horny. He was playing with every part of my body very slowly and gently. He is an expert in making foreplay. He went down and kissed my ass ,with his one hand on my cock and another on my ass. He slightly lowered my last cloth from my back and licked my ass with some bites.

Now my undi went below my knees and he is massaging my bare cock. I am not able to control. He started to stroke my toolby licking and tasting my ass.he pushed me on the bed thrown my undi . I was lying on my side … he came behind me and kissed me from back. While kissing he searched my tool and started to stroke. This time he did it fast… I moaned…plz…do slowly… I cant control…. He gave a slap on my ass and continued to stroke my cock. He did as fast as possible… I was moaning…hmmm. Ummmmm…plzzzzzz…..veeera…. ohhhhhh… with that moan I cummed on the bed… he squeezed the last drop of my cum out… I became weak with that shot.. 10 min he kissed all my body and explored me from head to toe. He told I want u r tool to be limb when I fuck u… I smiled at him… he was lying on me… I can feel his monster on my stomach. He stood on his knees and lowered his shorts.

As soon as he lowered his shorts I became speech less. Its looks like a monster. Its a clean cut cock… nearly 8 inch length and more than 3 inch width standing erect at 45 degree like canon with two big balls. I became afraid on seeing that monster. His cock head is wider than his shaft. Once the head enters my ass will tear and if he push the whole length thats it I will die… he watched my reaction …. Hmm come on dear play with it… its not bus… do not afraid u r free to use it… and placed it on my lips. I gave a lick on the head… I opened my mouth little and took the elevation of the monster… I can see his hard veins .. I tasted the tip hole…hmmm…lovely slowly I took the snakes head and sucked it hard… I started to take the tool inch by inch… nearly half went in…I cannot take more that…I pushed him down came over him ., I started to suck from tip to half length..

He never forced me to take more I gave my best to calm down the snake…but failed… I looks more furious than before. Nearly 15 mins I tried to calm down even I jerked his lower shaft and sucked the upper one… I licked the whole length by its side.Sucked as hard as I can. I was really amazed of his stamina. He pulled me near to him and tasted my lips… I made me to lie by facing the bed… came over me kissed my back and went to my ass…. I can feel my ass cheeks were speeded.

I raised my head and watched his action… he was enjoying the view of my tiny ass hole… he took one lubricant bottle from the nearby draw and poured few drops and asked me to stay in the same position… he left the room nude and came with few items and back to the position on me… I took one English cucumber and placed on my ass hole… I shivered…its very cold…. I started to jerk… he might have kept it in freezer… its was free zed hard… I gave a cry….hmmmm…. cant bear the ice cold big cucumber penetrating me… ahhhh..ayyyooo…its paining da… he never bothered… slapped my ass… widen my ass cheeks as wide as possible and pushed in… almost I cried and jumped…. He grabbed me and made some in and out movement… I can feel my hole is getting bigger…ahhh….plz…stop….maaaaaaa….vendam…plz…..dont tear my ass…. On hearing my cry he took it out and thrown it away… he took one syrup bottle and pored some into the hole and started to lick and emptied my hole…while he lick my hole I got another erection…. Which he found when I turn little…

We lied on side by side with my back facing him… he took one condom …its was really tight for his tool. I know he will tear my ass… he added more lube to both in my hole and on his tool. He entered two fingers into my canal which went easy. Now he positioned his tool correctly and gave a hard push… hmmmm..i moaned…. Another push..ahhhhh….noooooo…. his big head entered… I felt I was tarred… its a killing pain… I insisted him to take it out but he turned and came over me and pushed more…. Nearly 10 min…. he entered fully with great care and took out , again pushed in… this time I felt comfortable… he stood on his feet on either side of my tht grabbed my ass hard and took his tool out and pushed in with great force and started to pump me….hmm..ahhhh… come on dear… he is a fucking machine…. He is pumping me hard… I was enjoying the painful fuck….

We changed our position on side by side ….without taking his monster and pumped me from back…. He caught my tool and jerked it fast and made me to cry on double pleasure… again I cummed with a big moan… oce I cummed he grabbed my hip and pumped me more hard… he made me in doggy and screwed me like hell… nearly more than 20 min he is screwing me… he made me to lie on my back with my hip at the edge of the bed with my legs on his shoulder and started to pump me…. I can see his monster getting in and out….in few min he lied on me and pumper me hard and sucked my nipples…

I also cooperated him well. Nearly after 10 min of pumping he kissed me badly bitten my nipples hard and reached his climax. We were sweating badly by his strong action.. he took his tool out and thrown the condom to the dustbin and kissed my ass… he told u r perfect for me… he asked me to stay that night… he fucked me horribly two more times that night. Again at morning he screwed me and made me more tired. i left him with a great kiss but not stayed away for long time… that day evening itself we met again and made him to screw me till night 10 pm. I thought of leaving to my room but became tired and slept with him nude.

Again at early mng I sucked him and made him to use me and left the place after a nude bath with him. For another 3 months I enjoyed every weekend with him and he shifted to Chennai.Now I am waiting for another hunk . contact me at / /