My Dear Babu

Hi…all I am kumar from Bangalore like to share one of my nice experiences with my friends cousin bapu b4 2 years. I got a job in Chennai in an MNC and I was sent to Bangalore for training. I was new to Bangalore and I felt the chillness of Bangalore when I stepped out from the bus at Madiwala stop. Since I was new to Blr my friend gave babus contact who staying in blr for past 4 years. He came to receive me and took me to his flat. Its a single bedroom flat with all essential things. We chatted about some common things.

He asked whether I have any girlfriend. I said no and he smiles back. Bapu is 26 year old, fair white color and little fatty and 5.7 ht. I am 22,6 feet tall… brownish color with average body. We got ready for office around 8:30 PM. He told he will show my office as he has to go through that way. We waited for bus and finally got into a crowded one. I saw a girl wearing low neck t-shirt. By seeing that my tool got erect. Bapu also notice that and told will show u more. He was constantly eying on my bulge. I felt something wrong but never bothered. As my stop came he showed my office and went.

Evening I returned to house around 7 PM. he was already there and prepared food. We had a discussion and frequently asked about the girl I saw in bus. He even told I got a nice erection and laughed.i smiled little and went to sleep. He insisted me to sleep on his bed as it is a double cot. I was in lungi and baniyan he was in his shorts and t-shirt. We were on bed next to each other. He told dont rape me thinking of that girl and we laughed. I went to sleep we shared a single bed sheet to cover s from cold. I felt his hands on my thighs and chest but due to tired I never bothered and slept well. Next day we traveled to office together but nothing happened. Evening he called me and we both planned to go for shopping. While returning I saw another sexy lady in the bus and got immediate erection. Bapu was watching me. I was not able to hide my erection but failed to notice bapu.

Suddenly I felt something creased on my tool over pant. It was bapu and gave a naughty smile. I dont know what to do. I felt bad for staying with a gay. But my tool responded his action and stood more strong. The bus was too much crowded. He used the situation and came close to me by facing me. but his full attention was on my erection. Whenever bus jerks he crease my tool. I am not ready to neither accept him nor reject him. When bus stopped in a stop more crowd entered and pushed him more close to me and he permanently pressed my tool by his wrist. I started to sweat as he is the first one who touched my tool. He gave more pressure.

I never made any eye contact with him but my tool is responding him by giving full erection . He took more advantage of my silence and grabbed my tool for 2..3 seconds and creased it. I was fully tempted by him. As our stop arrive we walked towards home. He gave me the key and told he is going to shop.i quickly reached the room and took a shower and changed to lungi and baniyan. He came and changed to shorts and t shirt. We ordered food and watched Tv by sitting on sofa. He started to chat. How is u r training going on. I know what he will ask. He told b4 u leave blr you will be trained well and gave a naughty smile.he keep on changing the channel and kept hot songs. By the time we came across a hot scene in a telugu channel and we started to watch. My tool started to rise and gave nice tent over lungi. He saw that and commented shall I help u.

I asked to what help? To get relived from pressure. By the time the food was delivered and we had dinner with coke. After finishing dinner I went to bed. He came after 10 min and lied near to me by facing me. We had only one blanket and we were close to each other. My heart beat raised. Even though I know he will try something wrong I am sleeping near to him. He came close to me with his palm on my left thy and whispered still its hard? Feeling his hand I got an erection. He moved his hand to my crouch area and felt my hard one. I was wearing only lungi with no underwear. I started to breath hard.

He grabbed my tool over my lungi , told easy da….. u got a nice one… plz allow me to use it…. I will make u happy. Saying that he massaged my thick rod… I moaned hmmm…. Shhhhhhhh …. I have no words… he immediately removed my lungi knot and touched my bare cock… hmm…so big…. Super… da… u r my dream… got my dream tool… I wont leave u… he moaned. He removed the bed sheet from me and enjoyed seeing my bare tool… wawwww… sexy…. Within a second I got a shock… he went down and licked my shaft… I cried bapuuu.. what r u doing… hmm.. he : stay calm and enjoy dear… he continues to lick my weatish.. uncut 7.5 inch stick like a sugarcane.

He tried to pull my for skin back… but it was tight… he tried to peal my foreskin… it pained a lot… only the tip came out which looked fresh red in color with some precum. Nice… he gave a lick on it… my body shivered.. oh… bapuuuu… hmmmm… he pulled the foreskin with teeth… I cried… noooo… dear… dont bite…haaaa…shhhhh… its paining.. umm…be gentle da…. Ayyo… hmm suck like that… yes… again he used his teeth on my fore skin… ahhhhhhh… babu,… no teeth… but his aim is to take my cock head out of foreskin… he told… first time I got a big virgin cock… dont want to miss it dear.. control u r pain… I will take care…. And started to suck….

He switched on the light and grabbed the oil bottle and poured it on the fresh red hole of my tool to make it easy and jerked it… hard… I heard the chap…chap… sound while jerking hard..due to oil…I felt pain less even he pulls my foreskin more down… but still its tight to take the whole fresh head out… I started to enjoy the pain and pleasure given by him and watched all his action and enjoyed it…. Now I allowed my virgin cock to take oil bath and saliva bath given by bapu and kept on moaning … my words changed from bapu to… dear.. Honey … sweety…ohhhh…. Dont hurt darling…. Dont bite… chellam…. I was totally seduced by him for his lust and I decided to enjoy everything with him….

In time he gave some fast jerk and pulled the foreskin powerfully..In one push.. I closed my eyes and screamed… ohhh my god… no dearrrrrrrrrr…. Ohhhhhhhh…he stopped doing more.. when I open my eyes I saw the whole head came out from fore skin and it looked like a fresh strawberry cone… melting… even I wanted to suck my own dick… my virgin dick is getting used by a guy … he moaned… hmmm… nice candy… in no time he took that 3 inch thick cock head into his mouth and tasted every point of it… each time he twist his tongue around the fresh head I shivered and jumped in pleasure… he slowly started to suck it fully and increased the pace… I too mouth fucked him…

He stopped me from fucking his mouth … dont hurry dear.. I want to taste it for long time… and sucked it hard with constant speed… I was continuously moaning… ummm..Dear… do deep.. He took my tool inch by inch and finally took more than 6 inches…. And sucked like an expert… I can feel my tip hitting his throat and come back to his lips… really he is an expert… he creased my hairy balls by tasting my tool. he started to blow fast and excellent by making in and out of his mouth Nearly he did for more than 20 min… I was about to burst… I pushed deep into his mouth … bapu I am reaching…. Ohhh…its coming…. Hmmmm. I am more near to climax….bapuuuuuuuuuu….. I can not hold any more even for a 2…3 seconds….

My expert lover pulled out my tool from his mouth and gave 2 jerks…thats it…I shot my first load which went up and landed on my stomach.. Second one on my chest… cant remember the 3rd…4th.. And 5th shot whr it landed…. Ahhhhhhhhhh…I closed my eyes and rested my head on pillow with full tired…he cleaned my dick with the bedsheet and came near to me. he hugged me with lots of love.. he whispered … I gave a smile at him… he told… its really u r first time? I asked y? No one can hold this much long time at first time…u has good control… I cleaned my tool in washroom and laid nude near to him. I dragged him and kissed him like my girl.

I removed his t-shirt and tasted his nipples… his body was smooth hairless and plumpy. I climbed on him with my hip between his thighs and tasted his nipples.. I planned to make him cry…. I gave some love bites on his nipples..and naval hmmmm.. his navel was big round and was very tasty. He moaned a lot…hmm…kumarrrr…. Taste it da….. Super…. He cried in pain when I pull his nipple with my teeth… payya da… kadikatha..plz…(soft ..dear…dont bite) take whatever u want… plz dont hurt me…dear… I rubbed my semi erect dick on his private area over his shorts. I felt his erection with my dick. But it is very tiny. Without wasting time I turned him around with his ass up and kissed all over his back I reached near his ass pushed the shorts down … wawwww its a clean shining plumpy ass.. place my lips on it kissed it and bitten it..

I decided to explore it. I opened his ass cheeks and saw the tiny ass hole… my tool was hard rock now. I climbed over him rubbed my tool between his ass cheeks my moving my hip. I was completely laying over him with my face behind his face, chest near his shoulder, stomach on his back ,my dick between his ass cheeks. He was soft like water bed. By moving my hip I tried to enter his ass hole.. When I positioned correctly and about to move inside his hole he stopped me… have safety dear.. I told I dont have. he stretched his hand to the nearby draw and took a new big condom box. He took one and opened it.i dont want to get up even to place the condom as my cock tip is already pressing his ass hole. I raised I stood on knees. I asked him to wear it on my tool. b4 he cover my dick I stopped him and pushed my dick towards his mouth…he smiled and gave a nice blowjob for 5 min…he place the condom in his mouth and slide it on my tool by giving blowjob…

He lied on bed with his ass up..saying its all yours give the bust first fuck… I went between his legs opened his ass and positioned correctly. i gave some pressure and inserted the tip.. I asked him to open his ass with his hand. He opened wide showing the hole clearly. Now I gave a hard push again not succeeded in fixing the pole. I took the oil bottle poured into his ass hole and tried again… yeahhhhh…he moaned ufffffff…by grabbing the pillow.. my cock head disappeared … I started push in slowly… I felt pressure on my dick… when I pushed 5 inch he started to moan in pain… ummmm…its so big… u r tearing my ass….. stop dear/…. I poured some more oil grabbed his ass cheeks and moved in and out for4 r 5 time…and made the move easy… still I have to push few inches in…hmm….ahhhh…. kumar….nice fuck da… I laid on him with my 5 inches inside his ass .

I hugged him around his neck from back and made slow in and out all of sudden I gave 3 strong strokes… ayyo…ahhhh….u tore me…ufffff… … ummmmmm…in a crying tone,… I was fully inside him and rested in that position for 2 min… I felt the heat of his ass on my dick… I asked him shall I start… he replies who ask u to stop… I want u in any condition… tear my ass…hearing that I started to pump him with hard strokes… he was continuously moaning…yeah… more hard…yes… thats good… In between I stopped few sec and start to fuck. We can hear the cot creeking sound and the sound of my balls slapping his ass. Nearly 35 min I rammed his ass in same position as both dont want to change the position. I hugged him tightly and reached my climax. i was totally tired.. And laid on him without taking my tool.

After 5 min I removed my tool and the condom. I can see his ass hole become bigger.. He too became tired of our hard sex. We slept in same condition

Morning around 7 AM he waked me to start to office. But he is also on the bed. I place my hand on his ass and touched his ass hole. He smiled and told not now… we may get late. I controlled myself till evening. I took two condoms and hidden it in purse. Evening we returned together from office and reached home around 7Pm. Once we reached the home as soon as I locked the door he pushed me against the door stood on his knees lowered my zip and tasted my monster. I grabbed his head and pushed deep.. it was a nice blow job… while sucking he removed my belt… lowered my pant and undi below my knees..

After 10 min I made him to stand and face the door, lowered his pant and undi below his ass… he remained me about the condom. I took one from purse and slide it, he already opened his ass wide with his chest resting on door… in one push I slided half and in another 2 push I was fully in and started to bang him hard by holding his hip in standing position. As I pump hard he started to bang the door so we moved to bed fast by removing only shoes and pant. he laid on stomach facing the bed I climbed on him and positioned immediately and fucked him hard. We moaned hard while fucking.

I increased my phase and fucked him nonstop for nearly 10 min… he moaned….um…super da…..wawwwwww….ohhhhhhhhh…. faster…da…. Do u r maximum…. Bang me….ayooooo… tear me…da,,,, I grabbed his ass… opened wide.. place my feet on both side of his hip and pumped hard in sitting position… we heard…chap…chap….. chap…chap….. chap…chap….. chap…chap….. chap…chap…..fucking sound mixed with creep…creep/… sound of cot. Added to that.. he moaned…ummm..haaaa.. my god…drill me dear…. Yar…. Kumarrrrrr… dont leave me…. s… my darling… wawwwww…u reached the deep….yesssss… I am feeling u…. man… hmmmmmmm….pump…dear…..another 5 min I pumped hard and collapsed on him…with heavy moan…ummmm.haaaaa… bapuuuuuu…. I hugged him like crushing his soft body.. my cock pulsated deep into his ass…it was 7:30 Pm when I finish. We were sweeting badly.

I removed condom and thrown as usual. Removed my shirt and baniyan and went nude into wash room to clean myself. When I return he kissed me on my lips and we tasted each other for another 10 min.

We went out to have dinner and watched TV till 10 pm. He went to sleep. After 5 min I went to bed found him nude. I too became nude laid on bed and hugged him from back and slept. Night around 2 Am I got a wonderful blow job with cold cream applied on my dick. for nearly 30 min he licked and sucked and made me to cry on pleasure at last he jerked my tool fast and pumped out my semen. I slept on tired.

That week end we had 7 times. He dressed like a woman and I enjoyed him like my bride. Now a days we are not fucking on cot as it started to make more creaking noise. We started to fuck on sofa or on floor. Once suddenly one of his college visited our house and found a used condom near sofa which I used to pump my darling 10 min b4. Bubu was shocked but to my luck he too joined us as bi-sexual to have fun. I fucked both the guys till I leave Bangalore. Some times he visit Chennai or I will visit Bangalore on week ends and we will fuck for 2 days till last hour . Once we booked in sleeper bus to pune and I fucked him in bus for whole night . we booked a hotel in pune and enjoyed. Again while returning we had fun in bus. Contact me at / / for real encounter.