Fun In Peshawer University

I got the admission in the university of Peshawer Pakistan…I complete my Inter from one of the college in Multan….by the way my name is Musaveer….I am 18 years of age….and is first time I am away from my home…and living in University hostel..I am 6′ tall with white complexion and slim sporty body….and I forget to mention that I like boys…though I am not virgin anymore….I break my seal with some Barber…when I went to cut my hair…I was in 9th class at that time……daily I used to go to meet that Barber…

When I was in first year in the college….few of our class mates played and also learn …how to masturbate…that was the first time….I flooded my juice from my Cock….so now I am not virgin…. The incident narrating occurred on my 18th birthday… I was in my first year B.A. and was residing in the college hostel…. Each room in the hostel had two beds. I shared my room with Amjad Khan… a third year BA student…he is 64inches tall and muscular…he is always very friendly to me and patted my bums…by saying

“Buddy you have a nice soft bums”

I do like when he patted me….never said anything…finally one night ….when it was heavy raining and stated very cold…and it was completely dark…no lights…Amjad told me

“Are you okay…I am already feeling very cold…my blanket is very thin…I am shivering…oh oh oh”

I told him

“Amjad why dont we slept together and double our blankets… otherwise is really cold now…might we get sick”

Amjad agreed my idea and said

“Its a good idea….its very cold and dark around here”

Then Amjad brought his pillow and blanket on my bed….then joined our blankets and I was shivering with cold……Amjad sleeping very closly to me….I can feel his big soft cock on my Ass ….I get excited and go pressingmy bums on his cock…by doing this Amjad Cock getting harder…and I can feel that Amjad is awake….he patted me to see I am awake or not…but I pretend to be sleep….

He then firstly put his hand on my waist…then start to grind his Cock on my clothed Ass….now I am feeling the hardness of his big Cock….after some time Amjad getting bold and holding my now hard Cock….now by this he now sure that …I am also enjoying… then he boldly…turn me and stated French kissing…. Now I open my eyes…and also response him in french kissing….

He then open my the zip of my half pant and take it out…..I was shy….but he told me

“Musaveer …you are very good boy…I like to make love with you…now we are room partners also…you dont mind?”

I said

“Amjad…you are very good to me…I like you to be my room mates….we are here for few years anyway….I need your love….I can feel your big Cock…..kool”

Then Amjad get undress too …and we are nude now….Amjad start kissing me all over….finally he started to suck my 6 incher….soon I Cum in his mouth….he then he said

“Musaveer …you like that Cum…its a nice tasty juice… you also suck mine….I love your nice lips…please”

I then started to play his Cock…his cock must be 10 ten inches long and very thick…I sucked him…and finally take his juice in my mouth…..

After few hours….Amjad asked me

“Musaveer…I like to fuck you….I like your soft cute bums….can I”

I said

“Amjad you Lund-Cock is too ling big and fat….my Ass will damage it….I might have lot of pain…”

Amjad said

“dont worry…I will go slow…slow in….first you might get hurt …but get controlled….it will be okay….when I fu8ck you all the way….you are so happy to have more…okay my darling”
I said

“Okay…but easy …please”

Finally Amjad start fucking me deeply….I love his fucking……I told Amjad

“Amjad fuck me hard….you are very good…from now you are my husband…..treat my Ass as you Pussy…from now”

Amjad fucking me very forcebly…and finally he shoot all his Cum in my Ass….what a feeling !!!!

After that day….We were having a gay relationship since our early days….. Since I joined the hostel…. about one month back…. we used to have sex regularly…. at least three times a week….. In the evening Amjad Khan had gone to the town and returned to the hostel at about 8.00.PM.

In order to celebrate my birthday….We went to the nearby bar… had some hot drinks and then took our dinner…. While returning to our room…. Amjad Khan told me

“That I brought a surprise gift for you from the town and he would give it to me in the night”.

By the time we reached our room in the hostel…. it was 10.30 PM. I was feeling tipsy and lay down on my bed….. Amjad Khan bolted the door and sat on my bed…. his hand pressing my cock from outside the pants….. I started getting an erection.

At that moment there was a knock on the door….. Amjad Khan opened the door and to my surprise Mohsin…. who was studying in my class…. entered the room….

Mohsin was handsome white and tall with black curly hair and was very popular with the girls of the class…. He was always seen on the campus moving around with one girl or another.
I thought that Mohsin must have come for some books or other help….. I sat up on my bed and asked him

“Mohsin sit down”

He sat down on Amjad Khan bed…. looking at me in an awkward manner…. without saying anything….. Amjad Khan bolted the door and as usual came and sat by me…. all the time looking at Mohsin with a mischievous smile..

He placed his hands on my pants pressing and squeezing my hard Cock…. I was embarrassed that he was doing this in front of a class mate of mine…. with whom I was not yet fully familiar….

I tried to push Amjad Khan hand away but he said

“It was okay…. as Mohsin had come to have sex with us”

He reminded me

“I told you and promised that I have a surprise gift…. and he explained that the gift was Mohsin”

He then told me

“The circumstances in which I came to know about the gay sexual inclination of Mohsin….In the evening I had gone to the town and while returning…. at the bus stop I met Mohsin who was also returning to the hostel…. The town bus into which the two of them had got into was crowded….. Mohsins body was pressed against mine…. Mohsin hand pressing against my cock…. which became hard and erect with the pressure….. Mohsin from the corner of his eyes looked at me and smiled…..I smiled back… giving the green signal….. Mohsin then boldly from the outside of the pants tightly gripped my cock and the movement of the bus automatically made the hand move to and fro….

After reaching the campus bus stand…. they both got down and walked to the hostel room….. At a dark spot I allowed Mohsin to touch his cock again and invited Mohsin to come to the room in the night…. Mohsin was reluctant to have gay sex before a class fellow… but when I told him about his relationship with Musaveer he had reluctantly agreed….”

Amjad got up and sat on one side of Mohsin and asked me

“Musaveer you sit on the other side”

As I sat Mohsins side I could see that he was a bit embarrassed… From the corner of his eyes he used to look at me and smile slyly… Amjad kissed the soft clean shaved cheeks of Mohsin slowly moving his mouth to his lips and thrust his tongue into the Mohsins mouth.

I unbuttoned Mohsins shirt and Mohsin moved his hand backwards allowing me to remove it…. He had a smooth white and hairless chest with pink nipples…. The armpits had a light growth of curly hair

I sucked the nipples which had become hard and then licked his armpits which emitted an enchanting smell of deodorant…. While Amjad moved his mouth from Mohsins mouth downwards touching his neck chest and then nipples…. I put my hands on Mohsin s pants to unzip it.

He made a half hearted attempt to push my hand away…. but when I continued…. Mohsin removed his hand and allowed me to do so….. I unzipped the pants and pulled it down his legs…. Mohsin raised his legs enabling me to pull the pant away.

Mohsin was only in his briefs and his cock was erect….. He was feeling more comfortable with me now and said:

“First I will make you naked and then allow you to remove my briefs”

Mohsin undressed Amjad first and then me…. We were standing naked in front of him….. He looked at our shaved pubic region and seemed to like it…. He started licking Amjad hairless armpits and pubic region and then with his mouth started sucking Amjad Khans dick….. I asked him

“Whether he wanted a shave”
He consented….. I asked him
“To lie down on the bed”

Amjad Khan Knelt down with his two legs on either side of Mohsins neck so that his cock and balls were right in front of Mohsins face. Mohsin hungrily licked the balls and then took the cock into his mouth….. I asked Mohsin

“Raise your hands now”

One by one I shaved the two armpits….. Then I shaved the visible navel portion up to the briefs….. I then pulled his briefs down his legs… exposing his cock and curly few black pubic hair…. Mohsin wanted to raise his head and look down to what I was doing but the pressure of Amjad Khans cock in his mouth did not allow him to do so….

His cock was about six inches long and thin…. I shaved the pubic region and the balls….. Then I put two pillows below the hips of Mohsin and spread out his legs so that his ass could be seen…. The Ass hole was so tight and there was no hair to remove ….I licked the shaved armpits…. pubic region and the Ass hole…. so that my saliva could act as an after shave lotion….. After the shaving was over I told Amjad Khan

“We must give Mohsin the pleasure of Ass fucking”

We made Mohsin kneel down and take a dog like position on the bed….. Amjad Khan put two pillows below the face of Mohsin and sat on them….. Mohsin hips were raised and Amjad cock was touching the face of Mohsin….. The latter licked the pubic region and the balls of Amjad Khan and then started sucking the tip of his cock…. In the meantime I held the cock of Mohsin with my hand while I licked his balls and ass wetting and loosening the hole with my saliva…..

I then poured some oil on the palm of my left hand and dipping one finger of the right hand in the oil started pushing it slowly into Mohsins virgin ass hole….. lubricating and loosening it… Then I put my cock near at the edge of Mohsin ass hole pressing it in slowly….. Mohsin raised his head and said:

“Musaveer… dont do that it hurts…I am still virgin”.
I assured him
“I will not shove the whole thing inside…..”

Mohsin continued to suck the cock of Amjad Khan while the latter placed his hand on Mohsins head. Amjad Khan signaled me

“Musaveer what you are waiting for…go on …its your birthday present”

I slowly moved my cock to and fro…. and with every forward movement the cock used to enter deeper and deeper…. Whenever Mohsin wanted to raise his head in pain Amjad Khan used to press it down so that he could only moan….. After a little bit of playful to and fro movements…. while Amjad Khan was pressing Mohsins head down over his cock…. I gave a forceful forward movement and the whole length of my cock entered into Mohsins virgin ass…..

Mohsin moaned…. first with pain and then with pleasure…. He now enjoyed the ass fucking and he started to move his ass to and fro in rhythm to the movement of my cock…. When I was at the peak of my enjoyment and felt I would ejaculate very soon I pulled my cock out of the hole of Mohsin and asked Amjad Khan to continue the ass fucking activity……

I sat for some time allowing my cock to relax…. and then I sat on the pillows in front of Mohsins face allowing him to suck my cock….. In the meantime Amjad Khan was slowly inching his cock into Mohsins ass….. Even though it hurt Mohsin did not object…. Once the whole cock was inside the Ass hole Amjad Khan started fucking faster and faster…..

Mohsin grunted and groaned as he kept on sucking my cock moving his hips back and forth….. After some time Amjad Khan removed his cock from Mohsins hole….. We wanted Mohsin to enjoy his first gay experience and to cum first…..

Then in turn I and Amjad Khan took up dog like positions allowing Mohsin to ass fuck both of us alternatively….. When he was at the peak of his excitement and was about to cum…. I took Mohsins cock in my mouth and sucked it…. while Amjad Khan pushed his cock into the mouth of Mohsin….. He moaned with pleasure….. His body stiffened as a huge mass of warm cream burst into my mouth which I hungily swallowed….

After that I and Amjad Khan ass fucked Mohsin one by one and ejaculated into his ass….. We were all tired…. Mohsin did not go to his room in the night but slept with me on my bed…. while Amjad Khan slept on his bed….

I immediately fell off to sleep….. At about 4 AM… I was suddenly awakened by Mohsins hand fondling my erect cock and Mohsin kissing me on my lips….. I understood that he wanted to have sex with me again…..

I licked his cock and then allowed him to ass fuck me….. He was already at the peak of his excitement and very quickly ejaculated into my ass….. He then licked my cock….and told me
“Now please fuck me again Musaveer….please”

I fucked him for about 15 minutes then…. I ejaculated into his Ass hole…and also Mohsin clean the rest of juice at my Cock in his mouth and he swallowed it…..All this while Amjad Khan was comfortably asleep and we did not want to wake him.

Early in the morning….Mohsin kissed me and said:

“I like you ….we are the same class mate…and we will having fun every day”

Mean time Amjad woke up…..he said

“You guys already woke up….let me fuck Mohsin one more time….you both are my brides now”

How is my story ….

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