First Time Experience With Daddy

My name is John, age 22, unmarried. I have been watching porn since the age of 19. I have always been fascinated about men and the kind of muscle they have, their biceps, chest, and hunky. I masturbate thinking about men. My parents have been searching for a girl for me to get married. I was unable to let anyone know about my sexual preference. I never let my parents know about me. I masturbated once a week by sliding my foreskin back. At times it used to hurt while retracting the foreskin but felt nice when I jacked off.

Once it was a Saturday afternoon when I came home early from office. Due to heat outside, I was feeling tired and hence went straight to my room, removed my clothes and was sleeping on bed only with my underwear. Being tired I forgot to lock door and slept.

I was relaxing when I felt something sensational on my underwear. First it was just a touch and later it moved slowly up and down. I liked it and moaned a little. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying it. I kept my hands on my nipples and pinched them. I caressed my breasts and was moaning. I was like dreaming and having fun.

Suddenly I could feel a finger entering from the sides of my underwear and touching my balls. I got an erection immediately and my dick was pushing itself to be freed from underwear. “Feeling nice?” a voice said. “Yeah” I said. Suddenly I woke up.

It was not a dream. My dad was sitting next to me on bed. I was shocked and asked “Dad, what are you doing?”

“Just enjoying myself and give pleasure to you”.

I could not believe to what I heard.

“I always wanted to touch you, my son. Your mom is not in house and not expected till 5 pm.”

Saying this he kissed me. He got up, locked the door and undressed himself wearing only his underwear. He came near me and said “Lie on the bed son”.

I was on my back. He came over me and kissed me again. I gave in as this was the first kiss I ever had. I grabbed him near me with my both hands. We continued kissing for about 5 minutes sucking each other’s tongue. He broke the kiss and started with my cheeks, neck and started to suck my nipples.

“Feed me with your milk, son”. He pressed my nipples and kept on sucking them one after another vigorously. I was so aroused with this and I pressed my hand over his head. “Suck my nipples dad. Give me your love”. He kept on licking and sucking them for a long time. He started moving downwards licking every part of my body down to my pubic hair. He pulled my underwear a little and tasted my pubic hair. All the while my dick was getting harder and harder and pre-cum formed on my underwear. He licked them from top and started sucking me.

“Make me naked dad”. He removed my underwear and started sucking my cock. My dick went straight in his mouth to his throat. I moaned louder and louder. “Ohhhhhhhhh…ummmmmmmmm…..ahhhhhhhh. More dad suck me more.” all this time my hands were pressing against my nipples enjoying every moment of the action.

His moist mouth was taking my entire cock which made me go wild. He kissed my balls and took them in his mouth. “Damn son, your balls are full. Empty them in my mouth”. He kept on sucking my cock and at the same time inserted his finger in my ass. Gosh, that was so hot. In few minutes I loaded his mouth full of cum. He kept of sucking till my cock was soft. He later cleaned with his tongue. i was breathing heavily. After some time my dad walked to the door with his clothes in hand.

“Wait dad”. He stopped. “What’s it John?” “It’s my turn now. With that i gave my dad good French kiss. I made him sit on my bed and kissed his nipples and started to suck them. He moaned as his nipples became hard. I kept on sucking and pressing his dick over underwear. I removed them and started sucking his dick. It was bigger than mine. I kept on sucking his dick and pressing his nipples.

“Go on son. Make your daddy come. Take all that you want” I kept on kissing and sucking his dick up and down. I took his balls in my mouth. They were huge. So i had to take them one by one. Ohhhhh. How nice they were full of cum….i pulled the foreskin of my dads cock and gave a tongue wipe in his hole. I got up and kissed his lips. “Dad i want you to cum inside my ass”. I turned my back towards my dad and bent over. “Fuck me”. He pulled my ass towards him and started rimming it with his tongue. He pushed his tongue more and more inside till i kept saying more give me more. He asked me to do a doggy position on bed and with one shot he pushed his entire dick in my ass. I yelled in pain as my ass was tight and it was the first fuck of my life. I could not control the pain.

But dad did not let me go. He removed his dick slowly but not completely. The tip of his cock was still inside my ass. he pushed it again He did this way for almost 15 minutes and my ass became loose and started enjoying the fuck.

Shortly he came in my ass and i could feel the hot semen in my ass. With my dads dick inside me i fell on the bed and my dad on top of me. He kissed and caressed my back. It was two hot naked bodies on bed one on one. We rested for a while and he started to go back to his room. “Son we are going to enjoy every weekend”.