Post Shower Sex With Dad

I just came out from shower and was wiping the water from my body when my dad came behind me and hugged me. He started kissing my neck and my back and caressing my butt. I was completely naked and water was still dripping from my body.

“You are so hot son. Your naked body is so smooth and loving”. He kept on kissing my back and moved his lips to my butt and started licking the water and taking it in his mouth. The movements of his tongue on my ass made my cock get an erection immediately and I started moaning.

“Ohhhhh. Dad that is so good.” He licked all the water from my ass and made me bend and show him my ass hole. He started rimming it with his tongue in and out and at the same time pressing my balls with his hands. He slowly pulled them and pressed them. It was so fun. I lost total control and was completely enjoying it.

My dad is 45 years old, chubby and hairy. I am 19 years old. At my age lots of boys had already fucked or got fucked with other boys or men. However, this was my first time and that too with my dad.

The moment he started kissing my back, I felt a warm feeling and could not let it go so I gave in. I never knew that my dad was bisexual and had always an eye on me. He had been looking out for chances to have sex with me and this was the moment he was waiting for when there was no one at home except him and me.

My dad was in his underwear and tried to spread my ass cheeks as wide as possible so that he can insert his finger. He pushed one, then two fingers and made my ass wide enough. I was moaning with pain and pleasure.

“Your ass is so soft son”. He pushed his tongue inside and tried to taste my inside.

I turned around and seeing my erect cock he started sucking it. “Slowly dad… I do not want to cum fast.”

He pushed and pulled my foreskin with him mouth, cleaned my dick with his tongue and started to swallow the pre-cum that started to drip from my dick. He took it in his mouth completely and was doing it for continuously.

“I am going to cum now, dad.”

“Shoot it son I am ready”.

I shot 4-5 times and he took it entirely in his mouth and down his throat. And with that he started to take my balls and suck them. He stood up, kissed my lips and we started French kiss all the while pressing each other’s nipples with our hands. I was pressing dads and he was pressing mine. After about 5 minutes, he broke the kiss and started to suck my nipples.

He was like trying to drink milk which he might have missed sucking his mom. He was good at sucking and kept on sucking them, making love. He pushed his hands on my hands and pulled me nearer deeply.

“Dad I want to suck you.” I bent on my knees, removed his underwear and started sucking his cock. It was so huge. I took it completely in my mouth and into my throat. My moist mouth made his cock hard and he began mouth fucking me. He pushed it more and more and his hip was getting more and more near me.

He should two loads of pre-cum which was really good. I sucked up his balls that were hanging.

“Turn around son”. I want to unload cum in your ass”.

I stood up against the wall and bent so that he can get a straight angle to push his dick inside my ass. He pushed the head of his cock in my ass. I felt a great amount of pain and started crying. “Relax son. I will be pushing my dick slowly and steadily in your ass so that you can get used to the pain and later feel the pleasure.”

He pushed a little further and then removed with just the tip inside me. He then started pushing it slowly inside my ass and fucking me.

“Ohhhhhh. Ummmmmmmm….dad that pains but it is so good.”

He kept on fucking me and I started to get an erection second time which I started to jack off with my hands.

“I am going to cum now son”. And with this he unloaded his entire semen in me. I felt as if I was in heaven and there were angels playing with me.

With that I and my dad went to shower once again and that was the time when we had sex again.

This time dad said “Let me apply soap on your body son”. I said “OK”. With that dad applied soap on my entire body. He inserted his soapy hands in my ass and finger fucked me again with one hand and with the other hand he was applying soap on my nipples which was so good.

I got another erection and said “dad please suck me”. He sucked me entirely and I cummed in his mouth.

Later dad told me that he wants to fuck me again. I went in the missionary position in the shower and dad started to fuck me.

His cock went deep inside me and I was enjoying the fuck the second time. He kept on fucking me and my ass cheeks went loose.

I am going to make sure that your ass gets at least 10 fucks today son.

He kept on fucking me and I was like his wife getting his shit in my ass.

Ohhhh dad please makes me your bitch. I want to take all of your cock. Please fuck me more and more. With this he cummed in my ass and kept on fucking me more than twice in the shower.

We lasted having sex more than 3 times in the shower which i will never forget.