Onboard Azad Hind Express

This is an incident which happened when I was in First year of engineering. I was coming back home from college in the middle of second semester. Since we had taken a rash decision of visiting home, we were not lucky enough to get the reservations done. Two of my friends were with me. We had to board the Azad Hind Express from Nagpur, bound for Howrah. It was mid-May, so central and south central India was under intense heat waves. We had to board a general compartment in order to commence our journey.

The compartment was overcrowded; people thronged near the bathroom and gateway in such large numbers that it was difficult to get an inch of space even to stand peacefully. It was as if sardines were packed in a tin.

We somehow managed to climb the upper berth (if that can be called a berth!) and find a zone of comfort. We saw a girl among our co-passengers, though it was odd to strike a conversation all of a sudden, I took the onus to initiate one. I had seen that I would always shell in to my introversion while initiating conversations with guys, but in case of girls I was just the opposite! Her name was Sheela; she was getting down at Tatanagar. It was good entertainment for my friends to have started communicating with the girl. We were discussing our studies, and she was impressed when she came to know that we were studying in an REC. In fact she had completed her plus two the same year as we had done, but was unable to get admission into any good engineering college. She was preparing at home, and was in the process of appearing in those exams again this time.

It was around 9:00 PM (we boarded the train at 10:00 AM) that the crowd eased off, so that we couldn’t find many people breathing on our neck! I had to stretch my legs; so, I preferred to get down at Rourkela in order to look around a bit and also get some food for the night. The train stopped there for twenty minutes, enough time to get the water refilled and also take a stroll around on the platform.

It was hot and sultry anyways inside the train, so I called one of my friends along with me; the other had to stay back, just in order to take care of our belongings and also to ensure that our place was not encroached upon by some haughty passenger.

The train was running an hour or so late, it was near Tatanagar or something, when I decided to go and sit near the door, just in order to get some whip of fresh air. I was frustrated with the stench inside the compartment, as would be the scenario in most general compartments in long distance trains in India. I sat on the doorstep with myself facing outwards.

I was cursing myself all through about deciding to go home all of a sudden and that too without reservation. I was also thinking about my studies, as my study habits had dynamically changed while at college. During my school days I used to study at least ten – twelve hours a day and this shot up during board exams. But, here during my 1st semester, I had studied only a few hours before every exam and because of that my results were not good.

But I could find a solace as the highest marks achieved in that semester were not high enough, due to poor sessional marks awarded to the entire Computer Science batch. The separate Computer Science & IT department was coming up, and it seemed that since the CS & IT students were under the Electronics department as of now, the screwed up mentors of that department treated us as orphans and met us with step motherly attitude in terms of sessional marks. The Electronics guys had gotten better marks than us and their highest marks were at least a 100 mark better than ours! I was just running through all these when I felt a hand on my left thigh all of a sudden!

There was a man sleeping just near me, with his face very near to my waist. Since it was almost midnight, people were tired and they tried making place for a wink of sleep. This person was sleeping with his head towards the doorstep and his legs near about the passage which led to the toilet. It seemed to me that he was fast asleep, and his hand had just fallen from his head on my thigh. I didn’t react much to that, and even didn’t put his hand back at its proper place as I knew if I’d do that it would again fall back! A few moments later, I felt his hand crawling towards my crotch, very discreetly, so that neither I could detect it, nor the slumberous people near us. But it doesn’t happen that way, I was wide awake, and I could spot the finest of his movements, and was amused to think that this guy had underestimated me on a presumptuous ground.

He was a middle-aged person in his forties probably. The rarefied version of his apex was favorable enough to snick a peek of a glistening skin, which had seasoned due to the sun’s courtesy. He was wearing a half shirt, which was stripped off it’s soberness due to dirt, and a full pant whose color was supposed to be white, but looked like dark grey now, because of obvious reasons!

He continued exploring and reached my crotch eventually. Since I was curious about what he would do next, I feigned being unaware of his advances. Slowly and cautiously he touched my crotch, and started rubbing his hand on it, increasing the pressure on it differentially. I was a bit worried about people watching us; hence I positioned myself so that his exploration activities were well eclipsed by my hands. He picked up the cue, regarding my welcome help, and eased himself up and continued rubbing. He got hold of my semi-hard numb organ from over my jeans and started pumping it slowly, but steadily. Then he moved his hand towards the zip and tried unzipping me. All the while this was happening I was just being circumspect so that no one would ever get to see, and since I was sitting on the doorstep with my face outwards, my crotch would be hidden, from the environs as there was a single seat just beside the door which was guarding me from the rest of the compartment.

He opened my zip partially and slid his hand inside. He caught hold of my semi-erect mass and started pumping it, after that he put his hand inside my innerwear and pulled out my dick. He continued pumping it and watching it closely for a few moments; he initiated a foreskin exercise, he would pull the head out and again put it inside. I didn’t want inquisitive eyes staring at me, so I told him to behave and put my dick inside. He did that and then opined towards the toilet.

I was unsure as to what would be the course of actions inside the toilet, and was a bit hesitant going in with an aged man. I didn’t have a previous experience with a stranger in a similar condition, when the other party had initiated the process. I had one experience, back in standard ten, where I … Ooops I will uncover that in another story!!

Though, I had some initial hiccups, I just thought of trying out this man, with the idea that, I won’t entertain any request for pleasure by that man, unless it gives me some. I got to be the master in this whole act. This was because I made myself clear that I was not attracted to this man, as he was too old for me! Still in order to oblige my curious dint of mind I entered the toilet and then waited for him to enter. He was clever, and he entered after some time and locked the door. I re-checked the lock (as I didn’t want to be in the same situation as I was in, on my second day at college with Arjie)

Having done away with my skepticism, regarding my involvement with this man, it was finally time for some action! The man didn’t waste a single minute; he unzipped me instantly and took out my dick in a flash and hold it with both his hands. It was big enough for him. He took it completely in his mouth. He was not able to enjoy it with my pant and innerwear on, as he was not getting the feeling of it. He opened my jeans and slid it down a bit to my knees, and then he opened my innerwear and put it at the same level as he had done with the jeans.

He knelt down in front of me. The stage was set, and he started blowing me straight away. It seemed he was very hungry for a big dick, and he started enjoying it like a lollypop! He was full-throat with mine and wanted me to gag and run him out of breath completely. He started exploring the pubic hair around with his tongue; he took pains to completely wet the hair with his saliva. The next moment, he started fondling my balls with his tongue, he took the balls completely inside and sucked them like the way a baby does to its mother’s nipple. All the while, he was primarily concentrating on my dick.

He ran his tongue through the full length of it, the pink lollypop was more than whatever he had expected out of me, and he was really happy about that. He would try to insert his tongue inside my foreskin. He kissed the head of my dick again and again, and kept blowing me with full force. He would search for the G spot on my dick, and tickle that with his tongue, kiss it and then again restart sucking. I thought of thrusting my dick into him, as I knew he won’t mind that, and I followed suite. I started fucking his mouth, and he liked that, he adjusted his tongue movements as and when my dick was fully inside his mouth. He sometimes bit the tip of my dick, and I said “Ouch! Don’t do that!”

He laughed and continued his job. He was pretty good at it, at such an age he was experienced enough to give me the finest of pleasures. Not that I didn’t have someone doing this to me before, but I would rate this best so far. Again, I wouldn’t change context, as I would prefer to tell my dear readers about other experiences in separate stories.

It was quite a long time that he was sucking me, almost around twenty minutes and he was expecting me to ooze out any time, but I had a certain degree of control on myself, so I was able to prolong the process and have him at my service for a greater length. Seeing my tenacity he increased the speed of the in-out action. In between he also placed his tongue very near to my genuine nature’s outlet other than the one he was interested in. The entire portion of my body he was exploring was drenched with sweat as it was hot and hence whatever part he licked on my body would give him a salty taste, enough to serenade him out of his senses with my strong masculine smell (odour due to sweat!!). I guess he liked that.

He told me to remove one of my shoes/socks. I was obeying him as he was providing me such a good service so far. He started licking my feet, and sucked my toe fingers, he put his tongue in between the gap of my toe fingers and that tickled me a bit. He was doing this for a few minutes, as he’d come back to my dick, again and again. I felt scintillation throughout my body as he deep throated me repeatedly. It was finally time to shoot my payload, the one he was desirous for so long, and I’d keep him wanting for that. I knew he wouldn’t mind my juices inside his mouth. So, I came out, three four jerks, and I was done. His mouth was full of my sex juices, and he opened it to show me the amount I had blessed him with. It was a huge lot. He drank it slowly in order to relish every drop down his throat. He sucked me completely dry.

“Thank you, boss!” I said.
“Kuch der baad fir se karte hain,” he pleaded. (“Let’s do it once gain after some time”)
“Aap Howrah tak jaa rahe ho na?” he asked. (“I suppose you are going to Howrah”)

I nodded, and then started zipping myself, while he kissed my dick for the last time. I dressed up and came out and told him to come out after some time. I returned to my place along with my friends. They were sleeping corpses; I wouldn’t awaken them or disturb them at this hour of the night; I decided not to go back for a second round, as I wouldn’t want him to ask me to reciprocate the favor. I would never do that!