Summer Pleasure With Tasty Sweat

Hi dear sexy and lovely readers, am Naveen from Bangalore and native of Andhra Pradesh, about me am 24 years old, 5.7 height and 70kg of dark skin average looking guy and i completed B.Tech and now searching for job in Bangalore.

Now i just tell u about my body, i have a nice hairy chest and brown lips, lovely little belly, and coming to the main hot spot i.e., my cock its sexy shaved 7” black cock. Ha ha ha

Coming to my sex partner his name is Kar (sorry i can’t reveal his name) he is little chubby than me but now he was maintaining 6 pack and nice body. He has an little thin lips and sexy ass am just dying for that ass it’s so smooth  because of some shoddiness he has as nice smooth body to smooch and lick all over his body and he has an lovely milky boobs to suck.

This incident happen when am in final year of B.Tech, we both r very close from starting day of college itself and because of that close ness we both always fight like an tom and jerry it’s like an funny fight and in first sem. hostel head allotted different room for us and in second sem. onwards we both get adjacent beds.

Coming to the main story, it’s an hot summer i think march, in our region it’s too hot place, we people like to place caroms and cards in room and our room is hot spot to fun so most of the people r stayed till 11pm in room after that this two games become too bored for us and after some long time we decided to play the cards nearly 15 peoples r gathered but only 10 r played after some long time this game going very nice with lots of fun and jokes in middle we r chatting about your college girls and funny incidents and rest of the guys i.e. Who doesn’t played game, those guys r decide to saw some blue films and one more thing is in our room we have some thousands of different porn clips including gay and bisexual clips.

They r playing those videos in loud speakers and he played different videos like anal, oral, mature, teen, desi mms, some college scandals we all r looking at that while playing cards i noticed all guys are watching with broad eyes and some guys r getting big tent in their pants and shorts .

Some guys are making jokes on their girl frnds with these clips it just move very hornier and room began getting too hot because of their heat coming from body and some guys r hiding their tent .

In middle one guy asked us can i play one gay clip, all r laughing and some guys accepted to play the video and am very happy to see an gay clip with this huge people and in middle am looking at “Kar” he too looking at me and we both smiled each other .This thing continued till 11pm one by one decided to move their room am thinking today i have to seduce “Kar” and am praying to god that that he must stay here itself. To my lucky he stayed here itself and he asked that can i share your bed.

I accepted his proposal with broad smile. Again same thing is happen that means funny fight with each other while fighting my cock came in attention and i pressing my cock towards his body and i too noticed that he too hard and i purposely touched his cock but he didn’t abject my act we decided to switch of the light.

The room is very calm and am just thinking about how to seduce him and after 30min i placed my hand on his stomach slowly moved my hand towards his milky boobs i just smooching that lovely boobs with lust and i noticed his breathing getting high and i moved my fingers on his hard brown lips and we should be careful that remaining guys r get sleep are not because we r sharing room with two more guys and they are in deep sleep and i got courage and i placed my lips on his honey lips with full of lust we kissed each other for 10min we shared our honeys often that i moved down to kiss his neck and more down to take his amazing boobs in mouth and i unbuttoned his shirt and he was trying to hold my hard cock on shorts and am hungrily tasting his lovely chest.

That too it’s an summer season we both r sweating a lot and am tasting that salty juices coming from body wow it’s so romancing and a dirty act was going between us, am just waiting for this dirty act for a long time it’s an dreaming pleasure for me, while am doing this he unzipped my shorts and with one pull he removed my short and brief at a time and he holds my cock with his soft hands, am very busy in sucking his chest and mean while i pinching his nipples with my hands and biting it very passion he was just controlling his moaning pleasure because our frndz r sleeping in room,

While am sucking hi chest he slowly moaning in my ears that “come on Naveen do it do it i need it more” am sucking those melons one by one very fast and sucking like an baby after sucking of 10min i moved down to lick his stomach button with that act he was just shivering in pleasure. Ha come on haaaaaaa ummmmmmmmmmm Naveeeeeeee wowwwwwwww he slowly moaning with pleasure.

After that i unzipped his pants and removed his briefs and i hold his 5.7” soft and hard cock in hands pre cum is oozing from his cock he has an lovely round cock head i licked his pre cum oozing from his cock he was shivering with pleasure and took his whole cock in mouth i suck his cock for a while and he told me to get in to 69 position and me took my 7” long cock in his mouth and he licked my pre cum and was just unable to took my cock my he gave an amazing blowjob and sucked like an hungry dog and gave an lovely pleasure.

We both r cummed at a time and we both drunk every bit of cum and again we came in to normal position and we exchanged cum with lip locks. After 5min my get its position again i sucked his chest for a while and i made him in doggy style and i put nearly some tens of kisses on his smooth round ass and its already wet with sweat i licked every bit of it and i parted his ass cheeks to lick his ass its very clean shaved without any smell and i licked it very well and he made my head more deeper to suck his cock with the help of his hands and he was pressing my head with pleasure.

After 5mins of ass licking and i put an condom and took some Vaseline applied on his ass and on my cock at first i want to make him comfort so i tried finger fucked with one finger and i gradually increased the amount of finger up to four it’s become lose to fuck.

We get into doggy style and at first with some push half of my cock went in and he doesn’t feel any pain again i pushed with more force now it went full in ass he moaned and shouted with pain to get him calm i kissed him after a while i get ready to fuck his ass.

At first i fucked him slowly and i increased speed he hold my ass for make me to fuck deeper he was pushing my ass deeper and mean while he masturbating his cock with other hand.

After fucking of ass 15min i told him that i ready to cum but he requested me to cum in his mouth; again he gave me a amazing blow job, for that i cum in his mouth and he took every bit of white honey and we both r tired i exhausted on him for some time with French kiss.