How I Started Off Having Fun In The Hostel

This is the story about an incident which happened with me two years back. I got admission in a college and had to live in a hostel. The start was good because i easily made friends with many guys. Amongst them was a guy named Sam, he was good looking but was shorter than me. We became close friends within no time and started going everywhere together. I kinda developed a soft corner for him very soon. I couldn’t stay without talking to him even for a day. We were besties. We used to sleep in each other’s room quite often.

He also at times gave me signs that he is fond of me. At times when we used to fight he used to cm and hug me tight n would sort out things i liked d way he hugged me. One day when we had a fight, he called me to a jungle behind our hostel to sort out things. We were all alone der, i was a bit scared but we had to sort out things so i went der. We i reached i saw him standing in his t-shirt and shorts, he looked awesome. We started talking and he began clarifying things. All of a sudden he came near me and hugged me tight, this really was a tight hug. At first i dint respond but automatically my hands embraced him. We hugged for about 10 min. Den all of a sudden like a magic he looked into my eyes and kissed my lips. I was shocked and i pushed him back and left d place. I ran to my room and sat on my bed thinking about what just happened because dis was the first time.

That night i received a text from him saying he was sorry for what happened. I replied that it was ok. He asked me to come to his room; i hesitated at first a bit, but then decided to go. Wen i went to his room he was alone as his roomies had left for home. We sat on the bed and within no time we were laughing and giggling like before. Suddenly he came near me and hugged me n said that he never wants to lose a frnd like me. I hugged him back. We decided that it was time to sleep so we turned off the lights and started to sleep. While we were lying he held my hand under the blanket. I cud feel the warmth of his hand it felt good to b near him.

He said that he was cold and asked whether he could hug me and sleep.

I agreed and without wasting a minute, he hugged me. We continued talking and i don’t know when i dozed off to sleep. In d middle of the night i could feel warm breaths on my neck. It was him breathing heavily and kissing my neck softly. He dint realize that i was awake. I was enjoying his breathe on my neck. Suddenly he moved his hands over my body and started licking my ears. I gave out a moan and he saw that i was awake and said “your so tempting i can’t resist u, plz let dis happen today” i shook my head in agreement.

We looked in each other’s eyes and he placed his lips on mine locking them. I cooperated and in minutes we were kissing passionately and wildly our tongues entwined. We both were hot.

He started to remover my t-shirt and i let him. I removed his t-shirt and we both could feel the body warmth. Both of us were smooth. He reached my neck and kissed it badly and den he moved to my chest caressed it and kissed my entire chest, licking my nipples.

I rolled over him and did the same. We both were horny i thought we were going to cuddle but dint knew things would go farther. He started biting my neck and gave me a love bite. I felt embarrassed, he looked at me and said “i love you” i smiled and i pulled him towards me and kissed him again. His hands now reached my lower and he started caressing my rock hard dick. I was shocked but he continued doing it while we were kissing. I cud feel his bulge on my thighs from his shorts. Suddenly i felt my hand moving towards his shorts n we both started massaging each others tools.

I bit on his neck and as if it was a trigger for him he removed my lower and my undies in a flash and i laid der naked in front of him. He asked me to remove his and i did the same. Now both of us were lying naked, he over me. Our bodies’ were warm and were rubbing against each other.

He slowly went down my chest kissing it n reached my cock and suddenly started stroking it…. Aaahhhhh i moaned and he took my cock in his warm mouth. I could feel his warm tongue licking and exploring my 7″ cock. I was so hot i started fucking his mouth. He enjoyed it and so did i.

I held his hair and trusted my entire cock in his mouth. Den i moved him up and kissed him bad. I wanted him badly so i asked him to lie on his back and lift his legs. Smiling he did it for me and he said dese words “i want u inside me” i took some Vaseline from the bear by drawer applied it on my cock and his cute ass. And den started the real thing. I started to enter my cock in his ass. He started to scream but i kissed him on his lips and continued entering inside him. He bit me while kissing. In a second i entered my entire cock in his ass and started fucking him. He was enjoying it because he was moaning softly….Aahhhhh hhmmmm uhhmm oh yeahhh come on u r soooooo guuddd, cum inside me……… I began to increase my pace and after 5-6 minutes of d act i knew i was about to cum….. I fucked him badly and i shot my entire load in inside him…….N lay lax over him……He was still horny so he gave me a second round of blowjob and asked me to give him a blowjob…. We lay down in 69 position and sucked each other badly….. In a few minutes we shot loads in each others mouth… He drank my entire load and i swapped his load in his own mouth………..Again he said” i love you, can v do it again” i nodded my head and smiled and we slept hugging each other.