The Secrets Of A Feminine Me

I am usually a fun guy to be around with. I have lot of hobbies like dancing and lots of outdoor games. I was introduced to Masturbation at an early age and have been masturbating since. All my friends used to watch porn and blue films but every time they made me watch it i used to go away. It used to make me feel dirty and stuff but i still masturbated. I had reached my class 12th but i still wasnt able to watch porn. My friend used to reply i react like girls do. I even had a gf but we also broke up because i wasnt manly enough to take her side or stand for even myself. I had lots of friends but no one actually knew me. So i got a little depressed. I used to browse the net a lot and started reading about gay people and stuff. I used to find it creepy so i wanted to know why do people become gay. By reading their stories i came to know they are actually people like me who got support and love from the same sex. This thing was a life changer for me and i started to think now to get a guy for me but still i was unsure.

I knew how guys are so i also didnt like them much but i had a good friend names Harsh. He was quite supportive of me but i rarely shared my feeling with him. One fine day i was a little disappointed with a friend so Harsh backed me, supported me and got me on track back. He had all good qualities, everybody liked him. He was a 6 ft tall well built gentleman. So we became good friends and i was on good track now. Harsh was quite cool, he was good in everything but after his breakup he never got in any relation again so we generally got along well. Till now i had no gay intentions.

Now, i had started to watch porn almost everyday, even gay porn. It was such then normal porn took me long to get a boner than gay porn could. So i started watching trannies, gay and stuff. I used to look up for boys around me, and at night i used to Jerk thinking they are fucking me.

I had small boobs and my dick was 5 inch only not very thick. i had less hair on my body and soon i founf myself in my moms room looking for stuff like her makeup, applying it when she isnt around and walking around like a girl at home. I even used to try on her inner garments and stuff.

So it was my dream to get fucked and have a cock in my mouth and ass. I used to look up for think like blow pens or tooth brush and used to try Anal sex but it wasnt satisfying me so out of frustration i opened up a little to Harsh and told him about my feminine part.

To my amazement harsh didnt blame me, he stood by me and supported me. he gave me good tips but still no help. Meanwhile Harsh himself confessed that he used to think of me sometimes as a girl and was ok with me like that. Now it was my dream to get laid over by Harsh. He even knew i used to cross-dress. So one fine day, with no gay intentions i was at Harshs place, his parents had left for 3 days because of some family emergency so i came to stay with him.

I was a good in cooking somethings so i used to cook for him and on the 1st day only I felt like his wife. I served him food later on we took a nap together where i tried coming close to him. I knew he had his eyes on me so i used to purposely wear women under garments and dress up, hoping for a miracle, which soon happened. His parents were delayed by another 5 days. 2 days were gone and he had seen me in panty.

On the second night we were chatting so he told me to that if i wanted to wear girly clothes i can, he had no problem. i took this as a sign. On that night i wore a bra and panty only and noticed him rubbing his cock several times. Next morning i got up early dressed up a little feminine, even applied a lil makeup. When he woke up he was amazed to see me, he commented on my beauty as a girl. i knew he felt good… later on that while cooking food since it was hot in the kitchen my makeup was a little out of touch but at that very moment Harsh came from back and kissed my bare neck.

Just like an animal i grabbed him and smooched him indefinitely, all my lipstick was gone, i took off now from his dick gave him a job. till the the time he could get hard on i sucked him all over his hairy body. His cum was so tasty that i still had its taste in me, i sucked his lips and now he went for my dick and gave it a clean job… he then got a lube and applied it all over and inside my asshole, i was afraid but he pressed my boobs sucked my lips and swept me off my feet, he was applying the condom when someone knocked on the door, he went to check and came back with a friend of ours names Yash. i was all naked , still having some makeup and my panty was half drawn down, yash couldnt control ans gave his dick in my mouth while Harsh tried to push in, i was refusing but in the meantime Yash smooched me hard and Harsh fucked my ass bang.

A lil blood did come out and i was groaning, they both poached me like a pet animal but Harsh didnt stop, soon my pain turned into pleasure and Harsh banged me for the next 15 mints. ,we took a break but Yash was still hungry he told me to sit on his lap, and i like a bitch went on gave him a lap dance and then he banged me too. i was on cloud 9, though my ass pained but it felt great.

The next day Harsh and Yash bought me a lingerie and made me wear harshs mom Saree, we chatted and talked for some time with me as a girl and soon it became into sex, we had it 5 times that day and i was like in a place i was never before, i had two boys playing with me, caressing me, and they kept me like a girl..

It was such a beautiful weekend , unfortunately Yash had to go back but Harsh and I still has 2 days left, we made each and every day memorable. On the last day Harsh took me to the highway, i gave him a blowjob in the car and he took me to bushes around, naked walking for half a mile and fucked me bad…..i was tired by then rally exhausted. to my surprise, Harsh lifted me up, took me back, dressed me and treated with courtesy. Later that night he confessed he was in love with me. We celebrated our !st anniversary with beer and some more rough all night sex…on the roof.

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