I Found My Sugar Daddy At Last

The story happened two years ago. I am Varun 23 now, I was 21 then. Slim, very fair, I was having some hair, albeit less on my chest and also pubes which I trimmed. My parents had died when I was young, so I was bought up till I was 18 by an uncle. After 18 I worked part time in a restaurant and managed studies completing a Commerce Degree. My cousin who left for abroad gave me his laptop when he was going abroad. Ever since I was young I adored men, I knew that women werent for me. I lost my virginity to a cook at the hotel I worked, but didnt enjoy it with him. I was looking for more, something more than a guy fucking me.

With this laptop and borrowed internet dongles from friends, I used to surf the net for friends/chat and later dared and entered for hookups. I found people very judgmental and younger gays demanding. But older men spoke soft, were calm and reassuring. I began shaving my chest and later waxing them. In this case I met Hemant a 38 year old man. He told me although he had a wife, but was looking for a nice boys. He took my number, and one evening called me. I went ahead, he told me wait for a car with a number, I was shocked to see it was a BMW. I thought the driver was the Hemant, but found out the driver had to drop me at this farm house.

It was far from the city and a lonely place. I was scared, but Hemant was calling me every 15 minutes to reassure. Once I reached the lonely farmhouse, I met Hemant, he was mustachioed man, wearing a kurta and jeans. He was big, with considerable built and a belly. He was not that attractive at once, but once he stated talking he was deep voiced, and almost hypnotized me. He asked to sit on the sofa, and bought some drink. He sat beside me and switched on the TV. I was shocked to see hardcore porn in HD. with huge sound. He talked to me, about me my life all this time, which was funny with the porn playing before us.

He asked me to come near and kissed me hard on my lips. Slowly he pulled me near firmly. I opened my mouth a little and found his tongue forcing itself into my mouth. Then he pulled open my t shirt, and kissed my neck. He sucked my small nipples, making a sweet sucking sound. I tried and began feeling his crotch. I felt hard cock, but I couldnt hold it. He then literally licked me all over my chest like a dog…biting my waist. The little fat on my waist was bitten hard, even though it’s almost flat he pressed boobs area. I tried to contain my moaning, suppressing pain and excitement.

He stopped and told me” Darling, you can scream as loud as you can. Dont worry!” then he literally bt my nipple so hard I let out a big scream. He looked at me and told me “you are the best looking boy bitch Ive had.” He then pushed me away, took out his kurta and pajama. He was wearing no undies, he cock was not totally erect but still looked hard. More than the length I was keen at the girth, it was like 2 inch i think. It was so clean shaven but was dark and the foreskin was not covering the total length. I have measured it later to be around 6 inch.
He was wondering why I was being so passive and asked me if i wasnt comfortable. I told him, ok now it’s my turn. I dropped my jeans and was removing my gray undies he asked me t keep it on for a while.

I said OK made him sit on the sofa…got to my knees and took his cock in hand. I felt the cock hardening like from a banana to an iron rod. I pulled his foreskin up and down. Looked into his eyes…and pushed my mouth towards it. After some sucking I began licking the shaft and biting the balls gently. He then asked me to stop, and picked me and carried me to the next room. The room was chilly with AC running. He dropped me onto a bed like rag, He came besides me and asked me to get on the top. I got onto him, still in my grey underwear. I began sucking his cock, he began moaning then he pulled me by my hair and pushed me. He then pulled my undies down and took my hard but small cock in mouth. He sucked a little, but I asked him to stop as I was not enjoying.

I pulled my undies back on and asked to lie on the bed. I got on top and lay on him. He was confused, i slowly began rocking my waist so that my cock in the undies began rubbing his cock. He loved it.. And began smiling…I was aggressively moaning. Our cocks we battling…even with even with the AC we were sweating. He gave a loud moan, and I felt wet and sticky cum through the undies. Feeling cum I cummed as well. Cum mixed and our cocks became soft. We kissed hard.

He was disappointed. He wanted to fuck my ass. I said lets go and bath. We went to this which was then the largest bathroom I had seen. He took out my underwear and rubbed my face on it. It was mixed with cum from both. Then after the bath where we rubbed each other, we were getting our cock hardening again.

He pushed me to the bed…On my stomach and put a big pillow to get a nice view of my ass. Then He bit my ass cheeks. He spread them and began riming my asshole with his tongue. I never had this experience. And this was magic. He spat in it and poured some water into it…the cold water was amazing. Then he put on some condom on his cock and pushed his cock hard. And shouted “I am gonna fuck you so hard, my whore boy”. His cock entering my as was a sensation of pain, excitement and joy. He began varying his pace, fast slow, I was moaning so hard, like a pig. He said “shout out my name”. “Tell me that you are my bitch”

I was shouting it. He stopped and pulled me.

He sat down and then asked me to sit on his cock. I did and began moving up and down.
Then he asked me to stop, again pushed me out. He took out his phone and asked me to put my face near his cock. I did and then came all over my face recording all over it.
He recorded me saying “I love you”

After a night of more sessions, he said he wanted me. He told me I could stay at his farmhouse and manage its upkeep. Of course I would be fucked. And I was free to study something and he would place me in his company. I didn’t even think. I just said “Yes” basically accepting to be his boy mistress.