Sex With Cousin At My Uncles Place

Hi friends. This is my 1st story to iss. I keep on reading stories here nd i like them very much. Let me tell you about myself. I am Monu, age 24. This story is about 3 years back when i used to live at my uncles place in ggn.

My uncle and aunt both are working so the stay out the whole day. I used to work there in a call center and i had most of the evening shifts. So at the morning time i was alone at home with my cousin.

I am a slim tall 6ft guy with a tool size of 6inch while my cousin is 510 with an 8inch dick. We both were very good together enjoying, going out, and watching girls. I am not a gay neither he is. We both are bisexual. Being alone at home we used to watch porn movies a lot but never did something till that day.

The day came when we were alone at home. We were getting bore so we decided to watch a porn movie. I love anal porn so be got online and played a nice xxx porn. It was winters time so we both were in a same blanket. He was there in front of me and we both were watching porn. I was getting very hard and horny. And my hand was on his buttocks (ass). I got a bit curious and as i was getting very horny i dropped my hand in his underwear. And i touched his cock and i found it hard and big. Bigger than mine. He didn’t said anything to me and continued watching. I was shaking his big dick and he was enjoying that. So i took off his underwear and he was nude from bottom now. My dick was touching his ass from behind but i was still in my underwear.

His big dick was very attractive to me so i was getting very curious to see that. So i started to go down to his dick just to look how big it was. When i saw it was big and thick 8 inch dick, which was very close to my mouth. Then my cousin put his hands on my head nd started to push it towards his dick. I understood what he wants. Even i wanted to suck that cock. So i opened my mouth nd started sucking that cock. It was yum nd i was sucking it full. This was my 1st time that i sucked a cock. He now put his hands on my ass nd was massaging it. So he removed my underwear nd made me nude. I was sucking his cock nd he was rubbing my ass and also was doing a bit fingering.

He removed the blanket then nd kept doing same. I was playing with his balls sucking his dick nd he was playing with my ass. He said ‘ache se choos (suck it nice). He was rubbing my ass nd was slapping it. After 15min of sucking he asked me to step aside and lay down. He wanted to fuck me now. I laid down with my ass up. He tried to put his cock inside my ass hole but it was very hard nd painful. He said ‘ghus nahi raha h gaand me, tail lagana padega (it’s not going in your ass i need to put some oil on it). And i said ‘bathroom se tail utha la or jaldi se chod de mujhe, maza aa raha h (bring oil from bathroom nd fuck me, i am enjoying) he ran to the bathroom nd picked the bottle of oil.

He rubbed the oil all over his dick nd my ass. Then he started again. He put his dick on my asshole nd forced it inside nd i screamed aaaaaaa aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. But it was just the half in. Then he grabbed my ass again nd forced 2-3 times nd his dick was in my ass and i was screaming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. Ghus gaya kya, dard ho raha h, aaram se kar (is it in, its paining, be slow). He said ‘mast gaand h, bahut tight h, maza aa raha h (nice ass, its tight, m having fun). Now he was fucking me nd enjoying but it was a bit painful for me. But i was enjoying that too.

He fucked me for next 15min. After that he said ‘m jhadne wala hu (m gonna cum). And i said ‘gaand me hi daal de (cum in my ass). Then he loaded his cum in my ass. I felt real good. Then he get off me and laid beside me. His hot cum was coming out of my ass. I touched my asshole nd rubbed it a bit with his cum. My ass was paining but i enjoyed every moment. I asked him to bring a towel to clean it. My dick was still hard. I asked him to suck but he denied. So i asked him to get fucked. He got ready, nd i put that oil on my dick and his ass. Even my 6inch cock was big for his virgin ass.

I fucked his for 10min nd then i cum in his ass. After that we took bath together. He was getting hard again so i asked him ‘fir se chodna h kya (you wanna fuck again). He said ‘abhi time kam h muh me lund leke choos de bas (we don’t have time to fuck just put my dick in ur mouth nd suck it). I sucked him again for more 10 min hard and he was moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh aaaaaahhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh yes ache se choos (suck it full). After that he loaded his cum all over me and also made me cum by shaking my dick nd rubbing my ass. My ass was paining for next 2 days. After it we used to fuck each other every second day and i used to suck him too. Then i left that job and came back to delhi.

How was my story guys? This was a real incident. Next time I’ll share how he fucked me between four people without knowing them.