One Freaking Night Turned Me Into A Gay

This is my first experience of writing a story so I might not be that good but trust me it’s one of my experiences I wanted to share with you so I am writing. Once I was browsing I went through this site and I thought it’s a good platform to share my personal experience about how I become attracted to one of my close friend. Before starting a story I will briefly narrate about me and my friend, I am tall well-built muscular guy while my friend is short 5ft 6 inch tall average built quite a cute looking chocolate kind of personality. You can mail me at / /

It all started in our college days in hostel we our rooms were nearby initially we were not very close friends just normal hi hello kind of meeting but gradually our friendship built and we became close to each other. He used to take care of my room very nicely. We use to take food together every time we were in hostel. We both use to roam around a lot; though both of us personality was very different but still we were very good friends. I being a very lazy and careless kind of guy, while my friend become very emotional and very up-to-date guy who will keep everything in room at the right place.

One fine morning one freak accident happened in his room and his room was totally burnt. Due to that incident as he was my close friend he shifted to my room till his room was restored back to normal. Till this time there was not even a signs of other he or me getting attracted physically to each other but that night changed everything in between us for forever. As his room was under repair he shifted to my room our hostel rooms were not very spacious. Our room had only one single bed cot with a limited space to accommodate other bed, so instead of making him sleep down on floor I told him that we will adjust on this single bed only for which he agreed. We both could barely sleep together on that single bed as me being a tall guy but we managed.

For initial two days everything went alright. one night when we both were sleeping in the middle of night I felt something’s touching my dick which I felt as If a am dreaming and somebody is fondling my dick but soon I realized that its no one other than my friend who somehow managed to put his hand in my shorts got hold of my dick in his hand.. and he was gently feeling my dick for the first time someone else is feeling my dick and my friend hands were very soft though he was a boy of 20 yrs old but he really had a soft hands the soft feel of his hands was exciting me but soon my excit4ement all vanished and I realized that its not right and I pushed his hand out of shorts and slept again as if I am sleeping after that my friend also slept.

Next day I could see there was some sort of happiness in my friend’s eyes as if he has won the first war. Second night we were again on the same bed sleeping this time at around 1 am he started feeling my ass over my shorts and I cud feel him breathing heavily around my neck. But I was quite and was acting like I am sleeping though I was enjoying it he slowly progressed his hand in front to push his hand inside my shorts and his fingers were rolling inside my pubic hairs which was turning me on and I was liking it a lot and dick was rock hard in no time slowly he moved his hand towards my dick hand was moving his fingers mover my dick which was making me feel turned on. Slowly he was getting courage and was moving more and closer to me.

For the first time he gently kissed over my neckline it was the most exciting moment for which felt like running a shock wave through my body ad I was getting erection very hard then I could feel he getting close to my ass from behind by now he got enough courage to make more moves and I was acting as if I am in deep sleep. I could feel something poking in between my ass cheeks by its feel I could say it was a small size dick not very much thick but average length. The feel of his dick rubbing over my ass was very exciting and it was making me crazy I was feeling like surrendering to him and asking him to fuck me hard. It was a very feeling to get excited my another guy but I was enjoying it suddenly he started stroking my dick which was very hard and long as compared to him dick mine was very long and thick fat dick. Suddenly I woke up and sat on bed to which he was absolutely shell shocked and was fearing from me as if I was gone bit him up now.

But as I didn’t wanted to ruin it n wanted more of it I didn’t say a word to him and slept again for some time we were sleeping facing opposite to each other then I thought of making a move I rolled over and was behind him close to his body. My dick was already rock-hard and was close to his ass. First time I realized for a boy he had an amazing ass just like a girl, very nice soft, round and seductive ass. before I could lay my hand on his ass he too changed his posture and now we were facing each other looking into each other’s eyes as if if like asking for each other’s permissions to move ahead and finish the unfinished things he gently planted a kiss on my lips to which I got very excited the very first feel of sum one kissing on lips made me go completely crazy and within a second I grabbed him tightly in my arms to which he also wrapped his hand around me we slowly started kissing each other our erect dicks were touching other inside our shorts.

In no time he removed my t-shirt and his also and he stated kissing my bare chest passionate in between biting gently which was making me go mad his feel of lips over my body was completely heavenly feeling slowly he was moving down to my groin area started rubbing my pubic area and with one jerk he removed my shorts n jockey and for a moment he was staring and my rock hard big dick for first time he said dear have a very long dick. I am gonna eat it which excited me further more by then I also started kissing him over his body I also removed his shorts. By now we both were completely naked he pulled me over him and I was rubbing my dick over his dick his dick was very small in front of me but I was liking the feel of my dick touching his when I was on the top of him he suddenly parted his thighs away which made me lie in between his thighs and my dick slide down below to his scrotum I was kissing his bare chest in excitement.

By this time we both were very excited and ready to shoot our semen then he lifted his thighs up as if inviting me to penetrating his ass to which I was shocked initial y I thought he wanted to fuck me but he was rather inviting me to fuck him to penetrate his virgin ass. Slowly I moved down to feel his dick in my hands I was rubbing his dick n was caressing his asshole with my index finger it was very cute looking ass was bit hairy I tried to put my finger in his as but I couldn’t after I made my finger wet with my saliva could penetrate his virgin ass for the first time with my finger to which he responded in one satisfying moaning sound. When I put my finger deep inside he was moaning louder ahhh ohhhh put asking me to put it deep inside then I inserted my another finger. I could feel he was very tight as if a tight ring then I he asked me to penetrates into his ass as he could no longer control. I too was very much excited he was lying down he then lifted his both thighs to show me his ass crack inviting me to ass fuck him.

Then I gently put rock hard dick over his asshole to which he contracted his ass crack I tried to push my dick inside but I couldn’t I was rubbing my dick over his ass hole as I was not able to go inside he was very eagerly making efforts to get my dick inside his as but it was not as it was first time for both of us my dick was big in size so it was not happening finally he made me lie down and h came over to me he took the bottle of hair oil kept on table a applied to my dick through and to his as also then he come on top of me and was trying to take my dick in his ass he was sitting on my dick pressing his asshole over my dick to me it was a heavenly feel to touch asshole with my dickhead and suddenly my dickhead got pushed inside his ass to which he stopped and came one loud voice from his mouth as if he felt very severe pain. I thought of pulling out to which he said just stay still after about a mi he started moving slowly and by this time he was enjoying my dick penetrating his ass and I was completely inside his ass and he was thrusting my dick in and out of his ass slowly.

It was very difficult to control before I cud assay anything he came ejaculated all over my chest face he came in lots of amount. I was all wet with his semen without even stroking his dick he ejaculated this shows how excited he was he rested briefly and again started moving slowly. I was very excited suddenly I made him lie down I came on top of him by now I was pumping his as vigorously within a min I ejaculated my all semen in his ass I completely filled his ass with my semen some of my semen was flowing out of his ass I could feel it we were completely exhausted my dick was inside his ass for about 20 min. Slowly I pulled my dick out of ass and as my dick came out with one gush all my semen was flowing out of his ass it was the most sexy sight to see my semen coming out of my friends ass. That night we slept naked hugging each other. After this it became regular for us to have sex in between us we tried every position and possible ways of exploring each other.
Will share experiences in next part!