First Time With Old Man In Kerala Bus

Hi everyone, this is Krishnan, 23 years old narrating my first gay experience here. I am a regular reader in ISS please give your valuable feedback to / /

I am from Kochi, Kerala. This is the story about my first gay experience with one old stranger. I am not completely gay but I have supported and enjoyed some gay activities after this incident.

When i was in my college I went to Trivandrum to attend an exam. I was alone at that time. After the exam I went to KSRTC stand by bus. Because of high traffic block I reached bus stand at 6. I waited for 2 hours and got one bus. But surprisingly there was no crowd in that bus. I enter into the bus and sat on middle side of the bus as it is comfortable for the journey.

I sat in the window seat. The bus has been started. One man enters into the bus from outside the bus stand. He occupied my nearby seat. He was an old man about 55, fair with hairy hands and had a thick moustache.

Bus was started its journey but I was bored because I cant able to sleep. I took my mobile and started playing games. The old man started sleeping. His head was slowly falling into my shoulder. As he was an old man I did not care that.

His hairy hand was touching my hand and that give a tickle to me. Sometime later I felt its hand taking rest on my lap. I did not feel unusual. But the hand started moving on my lap slowly. Now I come to know that what was happening. It was the first time a man had touched me with such a bad intention. But I got some pleasure after that rub. So I did not resist him. My penis started getting erect. I just looked straight and did not tell anything. This was an encouragement for him. He slowly moved his fingers and touched on my erected penis.

This was my first time and I was getting really excited. I could feel his fingers through my pants. He rubbed my penis over the pant. As there was no reaction from my side he took my rock over the pant. I saw a big bulge over his pants with the help of dim light inside the bus. He started to unzip my pants. I resisted that. I was afraid at that time as it was a bus.

The bus was half empty and there was no peoples sitting in back seats. He asked that ‘Come to back seat. He got up and went to the back seat. After waiting for some time I also went there .I sat near him I could feel the heat. His bag was kept away. He put his hand over my pant and was rubbing it vigorously. I could feel his fingers over my zip. He was trying to open it. This time I did not stop him.

Now his hand was inside my underwear and was feeling my penis. He slowly took out my erected penis. I could feel the wind on it. He slowly pulled the foreskin back. Precum was coming on it. He caught tip of it with his hand and began to pinch it with his thumb. It continued for some time. He slowly put my erected penis in his mouth and started sucking. The old stranger sucks my cock hardly and plays with his tongues and I could feel my semen getting ready to come outside. He understood that so he stopped sucking

He opened his zip and places my hand over that. He placed my hand over his under wear and I slowly moved into it. I did not take the penis out, inside the underwear I could feel heat was coming from it. I slowly pulled back the foreskin my fingers got wet. I pulled apart his underwear and took his penis out. Oh its a large one. First time I am touching other mans naked penis. I loved that moment. It was dark brown with veins all over it the foreskin almost completely covered the head even though it was erect. I pulled the foreskin to back of that six inch penis. It was covered with precum.

I started moving my hand to and fro then increased the speed. He was enjoying badly. He took my face towards him and put his lips into my lips. He started kissing me and slowly bites on my lips for 5 minutes. He sucked my tongue. Then he opens my shirt and pinched my nipples with his hard hairy hand. I was on heaven at that time. He forcibly put my head towards his penis. I resist that because of some bad smell. But he did not allow me to take back my head.

After some time I swallowed his penis and started sucking. I licked his big balls. He put pressure on my head to eat his penis completely. He had cummed inside my mouth and I drinker it. It was not at all tasty but I lick his penis and cleaned it using my tongue.

My cock was still in hardon state. He saw that and takes it into his mouth. He masturbates it with one hand and suck it like a bitch. He put down my pants up to knee and inserted one finger into my ass. Oh that gave me some pain. I hesitate to do that. So he stopped that.

His next step was he put down his pants. His cock again got erected. He placed me above his laps. Started fucking on my thighs for some time. As it was difficult he stopped that act. He took my hand and places it on his ass hole. I inserted my figure in it and gave him a fuck using my finger. He wants to eat my ass hole. So he started that. I loved the way of sucking my ass with his mouth. It continued for some time and I also about to cum. He sucked my cock vigorously. I had cummed inside his mouth. He drank all my sweet juice.

After this play I went back to my seat and slept. Morning I say goodbye to him with thankful smile.

This is my first gay experience. Please support me if u like this. Please ignore if any mistakes are there. Feel free to contact me for feedback.
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