Wild Gay Experience In Train

I had to travel to Chennai for attending some training. I caught a train from Tanjore, and since I had not reserved any tickets, I planned to travel by general class. I always dreamt of having wild sex with a man with lot of rough and abusing actions. I believe it adds some masala to the fun. As expected the general compartment was full. I saw a man, who was about 48-55 yrs old. He was not very tall. He was not fair. He wore shorts and folded his lungi above that. The buttons of his shirt were misplaced. He was standing near the door. I asked him to move and saw a heavy luggage behind him. As I went inside, the entry was blocked by the luggage and so I decided to stand near the toilet. Maybe after some time, I could sit near that area. Somebody inside told me- “Hey, the man there is a drunkard. You come here or else he will disturb you.” Then I realized that was the reason why nobody was standing near that area.

I told “he might get down at near place”. But they said that the man was going to Chennai. I told them it was ok and stood there itself. I knew no one would come to that area till Chennai. And something about him and the thought of having sex with him aroused me. I decided to give it a try. I doubted whether he was gay. I asked his name and he said it was Palani. When the train started to move, he was literally dancing. So I asked him to sit. He nodded and I sat down. He sat down very near to me and took a brandy bottle. He asked me whether I would join, but I said no. I was thinking of wild sex with this man. He sat in front of me. The smell of alcohol and his body made me very horny.

I slowly started moving my hands towards him when he suddenly turned to me. I was surprised and he asked me to scratch his chest. I was happy that he gave the lead for me. I scratched it for some time and started to rub it and then slowly to the stomach. He had a flat belly. I was making sexy moves with a man for the first time and it was fucking nice. My sex hormones were aroused very largely. I took my hands and kept it on his legs and started caressing his legs and slowly thighs. He did not say anything. I took my hands inside his shorts (what we call in Tamil Nadu as Pattapatti).

Suddenly he caught my hands and looked at me. I was afraid. Have something gone wrong? He tapped my cheeks and said “I want to piss.” I was looking not knowing what to do. He raised his voice. “Didn’t you hear what I said? I want to piss. Take me to the bathroom.” I helped him stand up, opened the doors and led him inside it. He asked me to come and help him piss. I grinned and went inside. It was a western toilet. Quickly, he locked the door. He asked me to remove his lungi and shorts. I obeyed him and saw he was wearing underwear also. “Now take my sunni (Tamil for penis) and make me piss.” I put my hands in his underwear and caught hold of his cock. It was nice and I realized that he had shaved penis area. I felt the warmth of a cock for the first time. I knew if the cock became hard, it would be difficult to piss. I held his cock above the toilet and he pissed.

After that I made him wear his clothes and came back and sat in our place. “You want to go to Chennai tomorrow itself?” “I have training after two days.” “I have a small place in the next stop. You wanna come in?” I understood the meaning for come in. Finally, my fantasy was going to be true. I rubbed his shorts and said “he can’t wait right?” Palani smiled. The trains stopped and we got off with his luggage. “You don’t want to go to Chennai?”- I asked him. “I told them a lie because they wont let me sit. Those big luggages are not mine.” He told me. “Where is the place?” “It is an abandoned train coach. That’s not my place but a safe area for our fun.” I was surprised. I said-“It seems like u have experience”. When we entered the coach, there was a beggar woman of age 38-40. Palani said-“It seems we are lucky.” We went and asked her whether she would have fun with us for Rs. 100/-. She readily agreed.

Without thinking, I caught hold of her boobs. Palani suddenly shouted-“Stop it bitch. First get down on your knees and eat my lollipop.” It was nice. He was actually abusing me. I got on my knees. He quickly removed his shorts and lungi. He rubbed his penis on my face without removing underwear. He caught me and said “you whore pussy, eat it” He  removed his undies and shoved his cock into my mouth. In that sexy mood, even his piss smelling cock was tasty and I started to suck him madly. “You like that bitch? Do it faster, lick it and suck it” I was very aroused. He suddenly called the beggar woman who was laughing at me and said to her. “You beggar bitch, what are you laughing at? Come here” Thus he started to kiss her madly and squeeze her boobs. I was sucking his cock harder and licked his balls. I drank his pre-cum.

Along with that; I started to rub the beggar woman’s legs and thighs. Palani once again slapped me and said “touch her after you finish with me, slut”. I was completely aroused and started fingering his ass. “Seems like you like my ass, lick it then bitch”. I licked his ass madly. “Enough now back to my cock you fucker.” I started with his cock again. Palani suddenly said “I want to piss on you.” Thus saying he pissed on me. It was like bathing in warm water. I started moving my hands over my manly boobs and stomach, sexily like a woman. “Now stand up bitch and lick my armpits.” I was wildly licking his armpits now. He was moaning in pleasure as was I. “You are good bitch, as a reward, I am going to fuck your ass now, gently.”

He put his cock in my ass and started with gentle strokes. He was squeezing my boobs. He told the beggar woman. “He is as good as you, bitch”. He slowly increased his speed and I was moaning little louder now. After some 15 minutes, he said “You dirty cunt, I am gonna cum now.” He came on my face. I took some of it and ate it, it was tasty. He was tired by now, and said. “Hey beggar bitch, let us have fun next time. Now I wanna sleep.” I slept on his thighs, my head kissing his penis and smelling it, while the woman, came near me and said “I will be for you tomorrow”. She kissed me and slept on his chest.

The next part is my fun encounter with the beggar woman. Mail me if anyone wants to have fun. Mail id is / /

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