Real Love Story Of Two Friends And Our Craziness


Im A and my Bf is R. This is a real story which I cannot forget because I love him. My stats are Im 6.2′, bulky body wheatish active guy, bottom and my bf is 6.0′, bulky, ear stud, fair, no mole on his body (rare breed), brown eyes, manly looks, sexy and top. All gals are attracted to him. We were in relation for one year. I stay in New York and Im working for IT. R came to New York for his masters.

He got my contact somehow by other friends and added me on face book and requested me to give accommodation. I stay alone in single bedroom apartment. I told him that I will give him temporary accommodation for few days. He landed in JFK and called me and I told him to take the taxi and gave my address. I was in office at that time.

He came to my apartment around 4O clock and I came to home at 5.He was standing for one hour. I parked my car and met him. He introduced himself. He was looking shabby, tired because of flight journey. I told him to get inside first and freshen up so that he can go to bed. I have only one bed in my bedroom. I told him to sleep on it but he rejected and slept on floor. I guess he was kind of shy and respectful. He woke up at 9 and we had diner for first time together. He was bit ok now relaxed and happy that someone help me. He thanked me and we had diner. I made diner for him .We spoke for few minutes had deserted ice cream and slept together. I told him to sleep on my bed. He was kind of relaxed now. I gave my phone to talk to his family in India.

Next day I took half day break and took him to college for admission and told him the bus routes, how to buy tickets, did grocery shopping. We came back home had diner. He requested me can I stay here and I could not say no.OMG he talks amazing and I felt a glinch that he may be my love.

We became close in a month that we started sharing thoughts; hang around for malls, movies, restaurants. He made friends in College but never hang out much with them. We had endless liquor parties. I used to help him all needs. He was showing his love for me in many ways, hugs me once in a while. He always makes a situation and a movement so that he can hug me and I loved it. We used to sleep together in bed cuddled but nothing fishy happened.

Once I had to go to Miami for my friend’s party. He was there for three days alone in home. He did not go to his friend’s home either. He called me every few hours and talks with me. Even I used to chat very frequently. Even I used to chat with him. I dont wanna get into relation or getting close because I had bad experience before. After 3 days I was back home. My God he was mad happy to see. He hugged me and even I hugged him. He was there hugging me for a while I tried to move so that he came to conscious. We had diner. To be frank he was a bad chef. But I loved the food because he made it for me. Then we went onto bed, spoke what happened those three days.

He saw my pics in the Facebook and He told me that Y your friends are to putting hands on other shoulders while taking pictures. I said what’s wrongs if they keep. He was quite for a while and said naku nachaledu ( I did not like it ).He was possessive. I told him next time I would not allow anyone to touch me so as to make him happy. He felt happy and hugged me again and slept. We were like couple. I never said yes for his love though he was trying his best. We became more close in just few months, We had long drives, went to his cousins home and stayed there. He was so happy. We drank that day and after the party He kissed on my cheeks and said Im very happy that I got a friend like you. His cousins took care of me very well. Next day we left to home and were completely tired. Next day he cooked all food before I woke up. We had good time drinking whole day and chatting. For his talk I could figure out he was rich kid and a cousin for a Telugu celeb actor. I dont wanna release his name sorry guys.

Next days he started kissing me while sleep and sleeps whole night catching my hand. Man I loved it. During his holidays we planned for surprise picnic. I told him to pack few clothes. We left to airport and I told him we are going to Miami. He was shocked and happy. We went to Miami, Key west, took motel next to beach, quite expensive. We rented a Open top car, Went to Key west, did scuba diving for first time ­ Paragliding, kayaking and many more. We had best times. I saw his body for first time. Wow, huge biceps, big nipples, cut on his chest separating as two parts. Well build. I told him u have a great body. I said thanks. We were on shorts Whole day. He hugged me many number of times. He touched my ass many times. He was making ways to feel me and I was completely OK with it.

I thought of asking him for fun but I was afraid he might reject. We were on beach on our underwear. I could see his balls and dick shape clearly. We had fun in water and later went to room. It’s hot in Miami. So we just took shower and he was on boxer in room and we slept that night. He was kissing me once in a while and he asked me y dont you kiss me. I said nothing. He was pissed at that movement. We came back to New York and things getting more happier and hotter.

Now, it’s time for my birthday. He made cake for me and 12 he bought to my bed. I was surprised. He had cake and ice cream and I told him we are going tonight for dinner. I thought of kissing him that evening. But He rejected my invitation and told me that please give me a chance so that I can treat you. I said no initially but later he forced me much that I had to say yes. He told me to wear ink blue pant and tee of his choice. I had no other option. We went to Indian temple in flushing and later he told me please take me to New York City. We reached the city. We parked our car and started walking near Times Square. He took 2 tickets from his pocket and kept in my hand. Those were the tickets for the Helicopter Ride on New York City. I was shocked to see his love. I told why did u spend so much money. He said Please dont say no to this offer. I was mood off as he spent nearly thousand dollars and was quite happy that he loves me. We reached the helipad. Went onto the New York City; beautiful ride. It was amazing. We were in helicopter and he just took a piece of paper and handed it to me. I asked him what was that, he told me to open it. These conversations were made by our eyes only. I opened it and it stated.

“I Love You”.

We were unable to talk clearly due to the disturbances while flying in sky. It was a awesome view and best gift in my life. I felt like saying yes now. But I cannot communicate with him. He was pissed off because of no reaction. Mean time I was thinking how to respond. We were 4 people on the helicopter. I signaled him to come near. He wants to come but cannot since he has his belt tied. He just took his belt irrespective of the rules and bought his face near to my face. I just kissed his lips. He was completely shocked to my reaction sand started smiling. I hardly cared for other people around. As you know nobody cares these days. He was smiling throughout our journey. I was mad happy too. Best moments in my life.

We got down of the helicopter. I took his hand into mine and we walked New York streets had gyro food and went home back. It was night and I changed my dress and getting ready to watch TV and relax since I was off next morning. I wore boxers and a tank and relaxing on the stretchable sofa in a blanket. He changed his dress too same like mine and came to the hall where the TV is. I occupied most of the sofa. He was looking for space to sit next to me.

I stretched my hands to come near. He spread his hands and came near. I got up and told him to sit .He did the same and later I sat between in legs and covered with blanket. He was very happy. I kept my neck near to his face. We were taking about the movie, while talking his lips was touching my neck. We loved each other, he started kissing me. He asked me are you OK with it, I said its fine. He started using his hands on my body rubbing; amazing feeling for me. He told me that he was very happy when I kissed him on helicopter. I turned my face and kissed him again on his lips. I could see his eyes with tears. He started kissing me too. We turned off the TV and went to bed.

He thrown me on bed and started kissing me badly. I could feel his dick on my dick. We removed our tank tees and rubbing each other body. I removed his boxer too and removed mine. I asked him can I suck your dick. He said it’s all yours. I sucked his 9 inch tool. I was not going into my mouth. It was so thick also. I asked him how will you manage this stuff in your pants and he started laughing. I sucked him badly and he removed my boxer and slapped my ass. He asked me how did u get this ass so big. I said use it man dont talk. He slapped it and started rimming it. He was using his tongue to lose my ass hole. He used his lips to make a big swallow kiss which was making me crazier. He started biting my nipples. I was kissing his shaved armpits. What a feel. I want to fuck u my dear were his words. I said y not but we had no condom. He said its ok and even I was so that I said ok to his words.

He kissed me badly; bite my lips, ears, neck, nipples and my ass. He lifted my legs onto his shoulder, used body lotion on his dick and my ass crack and inserts his dick. It was very painful, I said please stop it I cannot take it anymore, he removed his dick but was mood out because I was not allowing to fuck. He requested me again and again. I cannot say no to him. Even he dont want me to get so much pain. He said we will try next time. I said u can start again but very cooperatively. It took 10 minutes for him to insert his dick into my ass. It was very painful. I spread my ass cheeks completely to get onto his dick. After a while he started thrusting me slowly. I asked him how is it. He said it’s warm inside and he was enjoying it, even I was enjoying his slow thrusts. He started making it faster. The room was filled with sex aroma. Sounds of his balls were slapping my ass for each push. I loved it. He has big balls.

He started banging me and he was sweating. We changed our position to doggy style. He was not comfortable, so we both got up. I sat on the table and again he inserted his dick into my big ass. He lifted me in air, to me to the wall and banged me against wall so bad. It was more than 20 minutes he started fucking. I was exhausted. He again moved to bed and fucked me in missionary position mad hard for 10 minutes and cummed inside my ass and I too cummed on my stomach. We were completely out of this world. We asked so badly again and cleaned ourself, wore our boxers and slept. This was the best feeling. Next morning I got up with my lips on his lips and we had good breakfast date. We went to ihop and started our breakfast. He asked me how was it yesterday night. I did not replied but messaged him in Whatsapp stating that it was mind-blowing and want it more. I changed my display pic to our selfie pic which we both took in New york City. He loved it and sent me a smiley. I asked him how was it yesterday to you. He replied me that he wants more and more and changed the same picture which I have kept in my whatsapp profile. We had our breakfast looking into each other eyes and smiling while rubbing our hands under the table.

Those feelings still role in my head always. He spanked my ass while getting into the car and I just hold his dick on a joke, but it was very long enough getting ready to drill. I was shocked and asked why is it so long now. He said lets go home I cannot wait any more. We are leaving a happy life and we still love each other. Hope you guys loved my story. I told my bf that Im writing our story online. He is graduating this summer. I wanna give him life time love experience. Im making my plans. Please let me know you guys have any ideas.


Bless that we should happily together love each other throughout our life.

Thanks much for reading the story.