With The Duo In Train

Hello ISS readers this is a real incident that happened to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I was returning to my college in Allahabad. Due to planning at the eleventh hour I haven’t made reservation in any train. So I boarded a passenger train from Bareilly junction. The train seemed to be negative choice as it was deserted inside, only a fistful passengers could be seen. But since there was no other option I sat in the most occupied compartment. Believe me even the most occupied wagon had about ten people.

As the train drifted I grabbed my earphones and switched on the music, it was about 9:30 p.m. train stopped on its first station and to my surprise all my co-passengers descended from the train. Now I was left alone in the compartment, it was a mixed feeling of loneliness and fear. But thank god, suddenly two men appeared and adjusted themselves in my cabin. One of them was a robust man about 35 years old and was wearing narrow blue jeans with a casual checked shirt; the other seemed to be younger about 30 and was wearing skin fit black denim and navy blue t-shirt. I could clearly see his biceps and could draw a rough idea about his abs. All I can tell about them is that they were utterly handsome hunks.

I switched off the music, but kept earphones in my ear and started listening to their conversation. It was about the usual condition of train. “Where are you going?”, said the younger one to me. “Hmm. Faizabad”, I lied. And this triggered the conversation among us. I commented on the deserted train and they told me it is usually like this. They were nice, talking to me in a gentle way. I found their names were Manish Khanna the elder one, Mayank Khanna the younger. Our conversation changed to girls and then sex. Since the two guys were elder than me I asked them have they ever enjoyed sex, and the answer was, yes. Mayank asked me that if I have some porn movies, I nodded and handed my mobile phone to him after executing the porn movies folder. He opened a video file and asked Manish to come and enjoy it as well. We three were enjoying an American porn movie me being sandwiched between the two brothers and I was enjoying it.

We enjoyed 6 porn clips in a row and were totally aroused, then it came to the seventh and the last porn movie in my phone, I knew it was gay porn and not wanted them to see it. But then my mind took a turn and I decided to seduce them, so I told them that 6 porn videos are enough for me and I would now like to take a nap. I stood up stretched my arms and back, adjusted my jeans (below the waist line, so that if I bend my ass covered with underwear was exposed.) I took the seat opposite to them and lied down there in such a way that I exposed my back to them, lifting my t-shirt up so that my jockey underwear was clearly visible. The movie in my mobile started. I couldn’t check their expressions as I had my back to them. Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass and then Manish asked me if I liked gay porn. Yes, I replied. So why not watch it we too like it, he said and made a gesture on my hip. I sprang up and sat with them in the previous position.

While the gay men were undressing Mayank touched my one thigh in naughty way. And Manish kept on caressing his dick over the denim. I spotted Mayank staring at my tool and asked if they ever had gay sex. This question of mine was taken as a signal by them. They told me that they have done it before and asked me if I want to do it. I denied but there insisting turned me on. Mayank’s hand now reached my bulge and within a minute Manish kissed me. He was so intense that I fell on the seat with my legs wide stretched. When kiss ended I asked them if it is safe to do sex in the train. They assured me that no one will come and landed his face on my neck licking and kissing it thoroughly. Mayank to my surprise skipped my bulge and came to my abdomen and started feeling it. Manish let go my neck and asked Mayank to remove my clothes. He went down and unzipped my jeans in most dramatic manner touching my dick now and then. Manish removed my t-shirt and vest in a single stroke and I assisted him. Now I was lying only in my underwear on the seat with two fully dressed hunks. Manish came closer to me and said “today we’ll discover every single cell of your body”.

Saying this he landed his mouth on my nipples and sucked them. Mayank on the other hand was licking my pubic area without removing my underwear. The sucking session lasted for about ten minutes and I enjoyed it. Now my last cloth was removed, my six inch cock sprang up oozing precum. No drop of precum was wasted Manish and Mayank sucked my dick licked my testes one by one. It was then caressed so intensely that I cummed in Mayank’s face that he gulped. He kissed me with his cummed lips and Manish cleaned further cum that came out.

Then Mayank asked me to do the favour for him. I got on my feet kissed him passionately slide downwards to suck his nipples. My hand pressing his dick, then suddenly my hand went inside his denim and underwear and located the fully erected cock. I went down unzipped his pants and sucked his genitals over his blue underwear. He then undid his undies and oh my god a 7inch cock sprang up I sucked off his dick and licked off his ass and scrotum.
Now Manish came and rubbed my face over his private part over the jeans. I quickly un zipped and unbuttoned it and tried to remove his underwear but he resisted me doing so. He said I could only suck his cock once I completely make his jockey wet. I licked his underwear with all my thrust and then I realized he was a master of a monster cock. As I undid his underwear 8 inch cock sprang, it was so large that my mouth couldn’t accommodate it but I sucked it. Manish had cummed in my face.

Now Manish lifted me and put me on the seat in doggy position. I knew now the terrible part begins. Mayank pressed his dick against my asshole tried to insert it but the hole was small. Mayank then fingered me with one of his finger, then 2 then 3 the speed of jerks kept on increasing. He now moved towards my ass examined it and inserted his cock inside my hole, it went in there with pain but I enjoyed it once the whole thing was inside me he started jerking me. Aaaaaaahhhhahhhhhhhhaaaaa I shouted. I will crush your ass today Mayank muttered. Both his hands grabbed my hip cheeks. Manish came closer to my face, put his dick inside my mouth and grabbed my nipples paining me heavily. Suck my dick. The session went on for 20-25 minutes then Mayank cummed inside me and then Manish and Mayank swapped their positions and repeated the process. As if this was not enough Manish spanked me several time which I liked the most. After it was all over Manish asked me “how do you feel” and I replied “good, can we do it again” and it all started again. The whole episode was deeply brightened my abusive language of the duo.