Mumbai Train Experience

For a pretty long time I have been reading other people stories, adventures and experiences so I thought of penning down my own experience, well a compilation of experiences actually. It doesn’t have much of fucking in it or even kissing but just experiences a common Indian guy would actually be in and to be more specific a common everyday day local commuter who has been using Mumbais local train a “Mumbaikar”. I am pretty sure guys in Mumbai would be able to relate to me.

So here I go. First let me describe myself right now I am 25 yrs old, 5’8 ht, and athletic built and wheatish colour, Guju boy. My very first experience in train goes way back when I had just started travelling in train I must be 18 years old then, I was quite innocent looking and I was pretty fair looking back then.

Once me and mom had gone to visit my sister who stays at lower parel we stayed at her place entire day and late at night me and mom caught a train for our return journey towards malad mom got into ladies compartment and I got into one of the last coaches of gents compartment train was pretty packed and I had to struggle to get into the middle of compartment stepping onto foot of people. I was in second class compartment so most of the people were from labor and middle class returning back from their work. The air was filled with smell of sweat and light stench of cheap liquor to be precise “desi tadi”.

The train started moving and I started to make my peace in this jam packed train, my body was hard pressed against other people and had a very little room to adjust after sometime I started to feel that someone’s hand was touching my back at first I assumed it was normal as the guy must be holding the bar with the one hand and his other hand must be resting down but within a minute my assumptions came crashing ;) he started moving his back of his hand on my back to my lower back again up and down back again every time increasing the pressure. my eyes had widened by now and heart beats had increased by every passing second there was a notch in my throat and I felt my throat had choked and was unable to say anything till now it was just the back of his hand now knowing that he wasn’t getting any resistant from me.

He got more confident and got a little bolder there was a pause for a second and I felt him release gush of hot breath on my neck and he turned his hand and his front of the hand came into action now he was caressing my back trying to feel me more, fear had gripped me not knowing how much further this was going to be my whole body had turned stiff as if I had been stuck by lightning. Although not much my body was in action but one thing that started stirring up was in front of me involuntarily my dick started to enjoy it and was reacting to it I was feeling the rush and anxiety of the moment. My feelings were mixed with fear and pleasure.

The next thing this guy did was moved his hand from my lower back to my ass he was trying to feel the mound of my ass I could hear him breath faster his hands went from one butt cheek to another. I had started to leak by then I was giving out pre cum this kept going on. next he stopped between my cheeks lowered his hands further down between my legs and moved further his hands were down under my balls and he grabbed them very gently I was screaming from inside I didn’t how to react here I was afraid that this has gone too far to handle I brought myself to my senses got some courage and tried to move away from me I pushed myself here and there making space to move farther away from him.

The crowd was pretty annoyed by my movements but I guess being a kid they didn’t yell at me I had even lost the track of station some station was approaching the crowd moved towards the door and the guy also got ahead with them as his station was approaching I somehow felt relived. There was this uncle who saw me move here and there so he offered me place next to him to stand, the next station came a chunk of the crowd got down and equal amount of crowd got in, in my mind I was thanking this uncle next to me that he offered me the place. Yup u people are totally right. From the frying pan to the fire, I was a prey who had just walked exactly where my predator wanted me to be as the train started moving and people had settled in their places.

This uncle wasted no time in foreplay he was hell of interested in my dick and balls his hands were rough nothing like the previous one he cupped my balls and was crushing my dick to which my stupid dick was showing quite an interest this went on for few minutes. I was enjoying it but in my mind I knew I had to stop this before it goes any further it was too much for me to handle it was enough for the day. I mustered all the courage stood str8 pushed away his hand angrily made my distance away from him stood away and waited for my station to come and this day to come to an end. I stood silently and was waiting for my station in my head I was just saying “hey bhaguu no more lund play for today I am done with all the new adventure”.

This was my earliest experience in Mumbai train had few more after that. I still remember that day vividly it was scary for sure but was worth of an experience. Now I don’t let any random guy to fondle with in fact very few now dare to lay hands on me owing to my looks which has changed over the years for good. This is sort of adventure which we have usually it gives us quite a rush but please be aware it could be dangerous too. Be picky about the guys.

“It’s better to repent in a sin than regret the loss of pleasure”-Oscar Wilde

This is my first attempt in writing down a story so please excuse me if I have created mistakes.

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Have safe sex, always use condoms.